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Help Spread the Word! Join the PRINT Movement!


By Tristin Vaccaro

Did you know that an alarming 53% of consumers haven't printed a photo in more than 12 months, 70% don't have photo albums, and 42% no longer print photos at all? Forgotten photos often sit on various digital devices, rarely to be looked at again. These same devices are sure to be outdated and replaced in just a few short years, meaning those photos could be lost forever.  

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Let's change that!

PRINT. The Movement was created to bring consumers and professional photographers together in an effort to get photos off of digital devices and into homes and hands where they belong. By getting involved in the PRINT movement, professional photographers have the opportunity to learn how to advance their business through the sale of high quality prints. PRINT. The Movement will provide you with marketing tools and sales techniques so you can convey to your clients the importance of having their photos professionally printed.

This year at Imaging USA 2017 in San Antonio attendees and vendors alike were all abuzz about PRINT. The word has gotten out and it is clear that this year is going to be a banner year for printed products. PRINT. The Movement champions the idea that photos weren't meant to just sit on a computer or smartphone. They're meant to be looked at, remembered, and cherished.

Those who visited the PRINT For Success Theater at this year's Imaging USA left filled with tons of inspiration, ready to take the message home and spread it among their clients. Theater attendees were treated to 30-minute sessions featuring top photographers sharing their sales tips for printed products. The PRINT For Success Theater was a highlight for many and proved to be one of the most popular installations at the convention. There were always eager participants in the theater, soaking up the info and sales technique tips from respected leaders in the industry. 

If you want to get involved, check out PRINT. The Movement at

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