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Florida Tax Amnesty Program - PPA Today

Florida Tax Amnesty Program

Florida has a great opportunity that local photographers should consider taking part in: a three-month Tax Amnesty program, signed into law by Governor Charlie Crist. It started July 1, 2010, and will end on September 30. With this amnesty program, Florida taxpayers that owe back taxes can settle their debts with the state at a reduced interest payment...and with no imposed penalties. By participating, delinquent taxpayers can avoid interest, penalties and criminal prosecution.

Why is this of interest to Florida photographers? Well, the government has been targeting photographers (and other business owners) who have not been keeping up to date with their sales and use taxes. So if you are behind, now's the perfect chance to get caught up!

To participate in the program, Florida photographers must do the following:
  • File all requisite paperwork, including returns and amended returns.
  • Pay the full amount of taxes due.
  • Pay the discounted interest rate due.
  • Pay the administrative processing fee

Two discounted rates are available for the amnesty program. If you have received a notice, bill or demand for payment, or are under audit or an administrative or judicial proceeding, then you can save 25 percent of the interest due. If you have never received communication from the government, you can save 50 percent, paying only half of applicable interest!

Florida photographers will also have the option of a seven-month payment structure, provided a minimum down payment of 12.5 percent is paid by the end of the amnesty period. Keep in mind, that should you miss a scheduled payment, you will owe all original taxes, interest and penalties.

Again, the Florida Tax Amnesty program ends September 30, 2010, and it applies to sales tax, corporate income tax, use tax and fuel tax, among other. If you have any questions about how the program may affect you or your business, please contact PPA's Studio Management Services (, 888.851.0405).

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