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Develop a competitive edge in the industry


Develop a competitive edge in the industry
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Modernize and market your studio with your own blog. Blogs are an inexpensive way of getting your company’s name out there, as they allow you to reach a wider audience and maintain considerable web presence. In addition, blogs can help you gain a competitive edge in the industry by keeping your current and potential clients up-to-date with the latest trends. Try these four tips for bringing your blog to a new level:

1) Capitalize on your clients’ enthusiasm. There is a certain amount of lag time between shooting and posting an event. During that time, your clients are anxious and excited to see their images – so why not benefit from this enthusiasm? Use your blog to give your clients a sneak preview of their event! In your blog entry, post two to four images that will “wow” them, write about how much you enjoyed photographing their wedding, and post the log-in information for their event site to ensure that they remember to view the entire gallery. Your clients will love seeing a preview of their event and will undoubtedly send your blog’s link to their family and friends, giving your studio instant exposure and immediate referrals!

When deciding which images to post in your blog, choose wisely. Post the images you want your clients to buy as large-scale prints, images that illustrate your style, and images that others will find inspiring! The first images your clients see are usually the ones they will want. 

2) Make your studio searchable. Blogging is a vital part of search marketing. It creates quality content that search engines will easily find. Most photographers' current websites are heavily based on Flash technology. Flash creates beautiful websites, but it is very unfriendly to search engines. If potential clients are searching for a Las Vegas photographer and all of the words on your website are in Flash, chances are they are not going to find you.

But you can easily make your studio searchable by blogging. Write about the wedding you captured at the Springfield Country Club in Massachusetts or about how the stained glass in Saint Vincent’s made a stunning background. Write about how you photographed portraits at your clients’ homes in Florida. When clients use Google, Yahoo, or any other search engine to find photographers in these areas, they are more likely to find you now. Also include the stories that made the day memorable, how you enjoyed working with your clients, and the event site’s log-in information.

3) Include even more. In addition to sharing online gallery log-in information, use your blog to post stories, personal reflections, and your recent work. Allow your clients to get to know you. Show them how you capture beauty, tell them why you are so passionate about photography, and share your current thoughts. By recording this information and enabling your readers to get to know you, you market both yourself and your studio.

Take a few minutes each day, and follow these tips as you write in your blog. Watch your business grow in all directions as you turn your blog into one of your most effective business tools!

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