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7 Steps You Can Take Right Now for a Stronger Existing Client Relationship

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To stay in business, you need customers. Too often, though, people focus only on bringing in the new customer—marketing and communicating to those with whom they’ve never done business. While that’s essential, it is equally important to retain existing clients.

Acquisition of a new customer can cost you up to five times more than keeping your existing ones happy and coming back. Granted, if you’re in wedding photography, you might not have a returning customer…but a referral has much more weight than any number of full-page ads.

Consider the following steps you can take to strengthen existing client relationships (see the full article here):

  1. Calculate how much you spend to get a new customer and keep it in mind.
  2. Review your existing client list.
    Know and thank your most loyal customers—the ones who refer new clients to you and who continue to use your services. Then, start to reestablish contact with the others and update your contact information—so they will not miss any information.
  3. Establish a follow-up system.
    You want to ensure that they are fully satisfied with the service and make sure that any outstanding issues are resolved. That simple follow-up can please customers to the point that they mention your service to friends.
  4. Decide on a promotion or exclusive event that you will offer to your existing clients, like a return or referral program.
  5. Start an e-mail campaign.
    Once a month—or even once a quarter—is sufficient to keep your name and service in their minds, announce new products, open communication, etc.
  6. Examine your Web site with your existing customers in mind.
    If existing customers return to your site, they will likely be looking at your gallery or home page…trying to see what’s new and any special promotions.
  7. Schedule an event for your existing customers—a “customer appreciation party” or “gallery event.”

Notice how many of the above steps revolve around a form of communication? Remember, great photography is just one of the elements needed for a returning and referring client. And as always, PPA is here to help you fine tune every element of your business.

Al Hopper
Director of Membership, Copyright & Government Affairs

P.S. The full article, “7 Steps You Can Take Right Now for a Stronger Existing Client Relationship,” includes more details on these steps, so be sure to check it out. You might also want to ask your fellow photographers what has worked for their own customer retention/referral (post on


These were good helpful quick tips to boost revenue with existing customers.

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