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2008 Sweepstakes Marketing Co-op - PPA Today

2008 Sweepstakes Marketing Co-op


Want to give your customers even more? Try the 2008 Sweepstakes Marketing Co-op. The 2008 Co-op gives PPA and SEP members the ability to offer clients and potential clients expensive prizes…without shelling out a large sum.

Sweepstakes aren’t for everyone, but they do let you offer a prize few—if any—competitors could (a good draw in bridal shows, especially). And if you don’t use this to get new customers, offer it to existing customers! Think about it…would any of the families you photograph enjoy a trip to Disney? Would any high school seniors like a new car (or the cash equivalent)? Would couples like a cruise for two? Become known as one who gives even more than great photography to your clients.

  • Join the 2008 Co-op for only $100 per sweepstakes/studio location (the only fee paid to PPA and SEP).
  • Get the right to offer prospects a cruise, a car, and/or a Disney vacation (along with other prizes)…without buying the prizes outright.
  • Presto—you have created an event, giving you something to talk about in promotions!

Imagine the excitement and publicity your studio would get if one of your clients or prospects wins. Join at by January 31, 2008 to be eligible.

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