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Lisa Asp, CPP, owner of Tangerine House of Design in Edina, MN, was recently one of the first-ever winners of a Polaroid Prestige Award at the Northern Lights regional competition in St. Paul. Polaroid is supporting the professional photography industry with six new print competitions at PPA state and regional conventions. The Polaroid Prestige Awards are awarded to images that represent elite photographs and digital art in three categories: Portrait, Wedding and Illustrative.


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PPA member D. Brent Walton, Cr.Photog., CPP, recently wrote and published 25 Things Business Owners Do To Undermine Their Business and how to avoid and correct them. 

This is a common sense book for business owners and people planning to start their own business. If you already own a business, this book can help you remedy a myriad of common errors. It's a must-read for anyone who wants to avoid making big mistakes that can put them out of business in an alarmingly short time. 

The book is intended to be used as a workbook to help you establish business goals and to follow up on them. Each chapter has action items and it is recommended you use the space in the book to record your action items, target dates and completion dates. 
Walton wrote the book for all business owners, but his experiences as owner of photography by db walton comes through in many of the book's examples.

"This book is a wonderful guide for the small business owner, easy to understand, easy to follow and it provides specific details on how to use the Internet to establish your business as one that is honest, competent, committed and professional," said Elizabeth Walton. "It helps small business owners recognize several common mistakes early in the game, and hopefully avoid the consequences of many errors that inhibit business growth. It is written clearly, compactly, with numerous examples (some of them quite funny!) I highly recommend it!"

PPA member, Super Monday instructor and recent CPP recipient, Dave Goldman, has been named a CPP Liaison for the state of North Carolina.

"Becoming a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) was a huge accomplishment for me! Passing the CPP exam and image submission process was incredibly difficult. I now hold a designation that less than 8% of the photographers worldwide hold," stated Goldman. "I also now know that I have the necessary skill set to be professionally recognized by my peers as a Certified Professional Photographer. My clients always love my work, but it takes the recognition to a whole new level when it comes from the industry itself. Working towards the CPP has given me the ability and confidence to create strong images under any conditions and I can produce consistent, repeatable results each and every time."

Dave's passion for teaching inspired him to go above and beyond becoming a CPP to become the first and only state Liaison for North Carolina in Charlotte.

"I love to teach and I wanted to give back to the photography community. Most people have no idea where to turn for learning and they end up at local meet-up groups. These groups are okay when you are starting in the [photography] business," said Dave. "I get very motivated when I see beginners aspire to become certified and I can now help them achieve that. I hope to raise the bar and educate other photographers through workshops and hands-on classes."

Dave has a reason to be motivated--becoming a Certified Professional Photographer has made an significant difference in his business.

"Most photographers claim that certification means nothing to their clients; however in my case that is far from the truth. Would you use a first-year resident as a doctor because you can save a few dollars on an operation or use a specialist recognized by his peers in a particular profession? Certification shows that you took the time to learn about what you are doing and how you perform to a higher standard," said Dave. "Each client that comes to my studio asks me about the very visible certificate on the wall. I explain the difference between CPPs and every-day photographers with a camera and educate them on the investment they are about to make. Certification makes it a critical difference."

View some of Dave's Certification passing images below and if you are interested in pursuing the certification program, here are some easy steps to get started:

First, check out, then to look for a CPP liaison in your local area and get connected. Find other CPP's and speak with them about what the process, what it brought to them and to their business. They'll help you sort through what certification can do for you. Finally, pair up with a CPP (shadow or second shoot are great options) and see how they do things and learn from them. After all, they are trained to create beautiful images under any circumstances, so you are bound to learn something.

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PPA member and renowned nature photographer Rodney Lough Jr., M.Photog., will host a book signing and unveil his first major image of 2013 on Friday, May 24, at his gallery in San Francisco.

To RSVP, visit Rodney's website.

View some of Rodney's images from the PPA Loan Collection below.

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Congratulations to PPA member Anna Kim of Anna Kim Photography in Paia, Hawaii! She landed the May cover of Lemonade and Lenses, a monthly photographer magazine, with this beauty of an image.


guardiansofheadrickchapel.jpgPPA member Kathryn Rutherford, M.Artist.Cr., of Heirloom Art Studio in Sevierville, Tenn., received one of the East Tennessee Historical Society's 2012 Awards of Excellence on May 8. Judged by committee, these awards recognize outstanding accomplishments in programming, publications, preservation and other achievements in history.

In Rutherford's case, she was honored with an Award of Distinction in recognition of her research and creation of original "Spirit Paintings," which capture the cultural history of the Great Smoky Mountain area. Most notable to the award are a series of four unique oil paintings that were created to record the ancestral residents associated with the Headrick Chapel in Wears Valley, Tenn. She also donated a portion of each reproduction print sale to the Friends of Headrick Chapel Restoration Fund to support the chapel's preservation.

"I am incredibly surprised and deeply honored to be recognized for my fine art and efforts to raise funds to preserve East Tennessee history," commented Rutherford. "As a portrait and restoration artist at the Heirloom Art Studio, it is always my hope that my work will bring joy and fulfillment to my clients and create heirlooms for the future. The Headrick Chapel Spirit Paintings have not only allowed me to capture a moment in time, but often put the faces of Wears Valley ancestors into the hands of descendants throughout the United States who, only through the purchase of my paintings, were able to view their ancestors for the first time."

These Spirit Paintings are just one of Rutherford's many specialties, combining the stories and histories of ordinary lives into one-of-kind, original fine art. Family members, historical figures, and people long gone are depicted as transparent ghosts forever captured as unique heirlooms that "bring back memories of another time," as Rutherford's website says.

Rutherford has been a PPA member since about 1986 and has earned her Master Artist and Photographic Craftsman degrees. She specializes in providing high-end photographic and fine art restoration, original portraits and paintings in oil and watercolor, photographic retouching, and original digital fine art to other pro photographers and specialty clients in 17 countries throughout the world. Rutherford holds a long list of prestigious awards from PPA and others, including Eastman Kodak Co. She was also awarded the Fuji Masterpiece Award for the invention of a process that captures and restores the images on blackened tintypes.  

More of Rutherford's work can be viewed at


You never know what one photograph will lead to. Take PPA member Steve Schindler's experience as an example! On New Year's Night 2009, Steve (of Schindler Photography in Lake Charles, LA) noticed kids playing with sparklers--writing their names in the air and so on. He put his camera on a tripod to capture some long exposures of it. Later, he posted one of the pictures on National Geographic's "My Shot" website. In May 2011, he received an email asking to use the picture in the book, "Visions of Earth" and in October 2011 the book was released! Congratulations, Steve! (Image ©Steve Schindler, Schindler Photography)

Dahlia Lavender 726 200dpi.jpgPPA member Barry J. Taratoot of Atlanta, Ga., has been selected by the Artists in Exhibition program at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to exhibit his photographic works of fine art. His exhibit--"The Les Fleurs Collection" (French for "The Flowers")--is on display until May 16 in the airport's Atrium Gallery.

The exhibit consists of framed images ranging in size from 34" x 46" to just shy of 4ft. x 6ft. Given the fact that Barry's photographs are floral, the Atrium now bursts alive with subtle splashes of color that could not be more appropriate for an Atlanta spring showing.

Barry is one of eight Atlanta area artists invited each year to exhibit a photographic body of work at Hartsfield-Jackson. He does all of his own printing and finishing work in his home studio in Dunwoody, Ga. In fact, it's Barry's unusual way of photographing his floral subjects that makes them so very unique.

Although the images themselves are digitally captured and created, no special effects software is used to finish a photographic piece. According to Barry: "After the plants are photographed using a special lens and lighting technique, the images are imported to Adobe Photoshop to undergo color balancing, dust and dirt removal, and then positioned to create a perfectly beautiful photograph. The pictures are not digitally manipulated in Photoshop to any significant degree or any other professional application other than this."

tonsmeire_blog.JPGThe International Photographic Council (IPC), a non-governmental organization (NGO) of the United Nations, announced the eight recipients of its 2012 IPC Professional Photographer Leadership Awards. A good number of PPA members made the mark! The award recipients will be honored at the 14th Annual IPC Pro Award Luncheon, which will be held at the United Nations in New York City on May 17.

As it does each year, the IPC Awards Luncheon kicks off International Professional Photographers Month, saluting professionals around the globe. "The winners, nominated by professional photography organizations, are chosen for best representing the groups' criteria and ideals," says IPC President James Chung.

Congratulations to the 2012 IPC Professional Photographer Leadership Award recipients (especially our PPA members!):

  • Professional Photographers of America (PPA): Louis Tonsmeire
  • Professional School Photographers Association (PSPA): Ralph Romaguera (also a PPA member)
  • Wedding & Portrait Photographers International (WPPI): Jennifer Hudson (also a PPA member)
  • American Photographic Artists (APA):  Michael Grecco
  • American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP): James Cavanaugh
  • Federation of European Photographers (FEP): Bernd Gassner 
  • National Press Photographers Association (NPPA): Yunghi Kim
  • White House News Photographers Association (WHNPA): Chip Somodevilla

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