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Share the Value of Professional Photography with "See the Difference"

With the flood of amateur photographers in the market, it's increasingly important that consumers learn the difference a professional photographer can make. Often, it's on the pro to provide such education--and one of PPA's benefits can help! Our consumer-focused campaign, called "See the Difference," is targeted toward wedding couples, seniors and families to help you reinforce the value of pro photography.

PPA has been spreading this message on a broad front, via online advertising and social media. From the ads, potential clients are directed to specialized landing pages with articles, videos and quotes about the importance of pro photography. There, they are provided links to PPA's Find-a-Photographer database, where they can search for a PPA member in their area.

Tools You Can Use
Want to spread the message yourself? PPA provides the same marketing tools to members for use on their websites, in their studios and in their sales materials. For example, you can use the provided side-by-side image comparisons to help potential clients see the difference in quality (amateur vs. pro) right off the bat. (You could use them in brochures, online, etc.) The key here is showing some common mistakes that an amateur photographer might opposed to the techniques you've learned and skills you've acquired to overcome lighting and posing challenges.

You also have access to Facebook tabs, sample brochures and online videos about the importance of pro photography. These videos, for instance, strike an emotional chord in potential clients, and they can be easily shared. You could post them on Facebook, your blog or your website as an example of why you do what you do. Some PPA members even play the videos in their studios. It's one more way to express the value of your art in terms a consumer can understand.

How It Can Work
PPA member Marla Austin of Marla Austin Photography, LLC, says that marketing this difference is integral to the success of her business. "I plan to show the See the Difference family portrait video to prospective clients, and I will post it to several social media channels for additional exposure," she adds. Marla also finds the brochures especially useful--great takeaway material to reinforce the importance of selecting a pro photographer like her.  

That kind of awareness is critical to reinforce. As mentioned earlier, many consumers don't fully recognize the importance of selecting a pro photographer for life's most important moments--not until it's too late--but with PPA's help and yours, awareness can multiply.  

Take it from one wedding client who DID see the value of pro work--and shared her thoughts on one of the See the Difference landing pages. Anna Marie Huffman, client of Esquire Photography, says: "You can budget aspects of your wedding and still do phenomenal things, but don't cut the budget on professional photography. No one's going to say they had a bad time because the linens were cotton not silk, but you WILL look back at your photos."

Think of this education as protecting your clients from compromising their memories, and help them to "See the Difference"! For more information and to download materials, PPA members can click here

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