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Running a Better Business with SMS

Most photographers get into this industry because they love creating art. However, PPA understands that not many photographers have a deep passion for financial management, price lists, marketing research, business plans and other such tasks!  

Managing those parts of a business is a challenge for many photographers because it is not what comes naturally. That's why PPA established Studio Management Services (SMS):  to provide members the knowledge and tools necessary for operating a successful photography business.


Want to learn the ins and outs of running a successful photography business? PPA members can turn to SMS Business Workshops: Business Basics and Business Breakthroughs. The Business Basics workshop is designed to teach emerging studios the essentials of running a photography business, from legal financial requirements to pricing for profit and more.

The Business Breakthroughs workshop helps established studios take their business to the ever elusive "next level." This three-day workshop combines a small-group learning experience and a one-on-one consultation with a business mentor and a PPA accountant. It's an advanced course on mastering financial management, branding, marketing, pricing and sales strategies.

In addition, SMS provides members the support they need to keep their business on the path to success with consultation services. An SMS Consultation teams you with an experienced business mentor and a PPA staff accountant. They evaluate your business, work closely with you to develop a business plan, and provide valuable financial and marketing support. SMS also offers Ongoing Consultations as a routine guidance and support service to continually help you fine-tune financial management, marketing, pricing and sales strategies.

Benchmark Resources: Tools for Profitability
Along with these benefits, SMS is the "brains" behind PPA's Benchmark Survey, the first and only study providing a financial analysis of the photography industry. The Benchmark Survey reveals why some studios are so successful, why others fall short on profitability, and what pitfalls to avoid. Exclusively for PPA members, we've developed these Benchmark resources to help studios more easily understand critical insights and apply them to their businesses.

Read more about this PPA benefit (Studio Management Services) here.

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