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PPA's National Ad Campaign to Reach 8.2 Million Consumers in July - PPA Today

PPA's National Ad Campaign to Reach 8.2 Million Consumers in July


Professional Photographers of America (PPA) is thrilled to announce that it has partnered with EYE to run exclusive pro-bono advertisements in eight malls across the country promoting PPA and the use of professional photography. The ads will be running in the following malls during the month of July reaching nearly 8.2 million people at a media value of over $57,000 at no cost to PPA!

  • Arrowhead Towne Center (AZ)
  • Chandler Fashion Center (AZ)
  • FlatIron Crossing (CO)
  • Freehold Raceway Mall (NJ)
  • Oaks, The (CA)
  • Queens Center (NY)
  • Scottsdale Fashion Square (AZ)
  • Westside Pavillion (LA)

These ads will show mall shoppers the benefits of professional photography and will drive them to the Find-a-Photographer feature on the PPA website (

PPA members can also take advantage of mall display advertising with EYE (with preferred rates featuring discounts of up to 20% off the standard 4 weeks of advertising), and  they will also have experts coordinating all aspects of finding space, getting approvals, and creating advertising graphics. For details, log in to


$57000 ad campaign...not right.

Whats does this do for me in Kansas. What a waste of my money I pay in every year. Billboard advertising does not work for our industry unless you keep the signs up for 12 months or more.

You guys are completely off track. Which agency are you using?

Mall traffic is way down compared to last year. Have you not noticed were in a recession. We just has 17000 people laid off here in Wichita.

PPA needs to spend $57000 on Google ads or Facebook where you can target right down to the age, male/female. More adults are using these sites more than ever before. Plus is benifits every PPA studio not just the ones in AZ, NJ, CO, and LA.

Christopher Clark
3 Time AN-NE Award winner

I couldn't agree more with Christopher. We are in the middle of Nebraska! This doesn't even come close to helping us! Why would you put 3 in Arizona anyways? Common sense should have told you this was a bad idea?! What were you thinking?!

Chuck Bitker
PPA Member for 3 years.

I tried to post my comments on the ppa online community but it seems the censors don't want a dissenting view posted. Well here it is. PPA cannot call this a national ad campaign. It is a local campaign at best targeted a few local markets. Using the monies that photographers struggling in this economy hand over to PPA in such a manner is unforgivable. How does this in any way help my business in Georgia. I just got my membership renewal in the mail today. They want $335.00. Why should I fork the money over? Perhaps they have photographers in other states that need free advertising I could help them pay for it. Yes, the hell with my business lets help the needy photographers in AZ, CO. NJ, NY, CA, and LA I will just tell my kids not to eat so much.

PPA spent no money on this campaign. It is a pro-bono campaign in a test market that has been provided by EYE. The $57,000 is the media value, not the money spent. Hope this helps clarify.

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