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PPA's Indemnification Trust: We've Got Your Back

Power failure during a sunny day, broken-down cars, dogs eating the media cards...think it can't happen to you? Those are all events that did happen to PPA members. No one plans for catastrophes to happen, but they do. And we hate to say it, but sooner or later, something could go wrong with one of your client assignments. Here's the good news:

If you're ever accused of negligence, you'll be happy to know that PPA has your back with the Indemnification Trust, one of your exclusive benefits as a PPA member.*

The purpose of the Indemnification Trust is to protect you when allegations of negligence arise from an assignment, such as:

  • Digital image data loss (corrupt media card or hard drive failure) relating to a paid, contracted assignment
  • Failure of the photographer to be at the event or assignment at the specified time
  • Missed or missing images
  • Client dissatisfaction with services rendered during an assignment or as contracted

Three Steps to Remember...
While we hope that you never need to use the Indemnification Trust, filing a claim is easy. Just follow these steps:

  • Call PPA's Customer Service Center at 800-786-6277.
  • File an Indemnification Trust report with the Customer Service Center team member.
  • Wait to be contacted by the law firm that handles all Indemnification Trust issues. (You can expect to hear from that law firm within one business day, allowing you to address the issue as soon as possible.)

And here's another point that might make you sigh in relief: Your PPA membership rate will not change after filing a report! The Indemnification Trust is like a unique trust fund to help out in these situations. All PPA members pay the same participation fee, regardless of how many reports are filed.

Read more about the Indemnification Trust, how it can help you, and how it all works here.

*All PPA members who identify themselves as wedding or portrait photographers are automatically enrolled in the Trust. If you are not a wedding or portrait photographer, you may opt out of the program. Not sure if you are currently participating in the Trust? Contact the Customer Service Center at or at 800-786-6277

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