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PPAedu--online Now!

Imagine there was an educational program built just to you. It had everything you needed on both the skill and business of photography. It was completely online and available to you 24/7. There was no pressure involved--your personalized curriculum was there for you whenever you needed it, as many times as you wanted. And somehow, some way, it was free.

Does it sound too good to be true? It's not. That's PPAedu! And guess what? It's completely free for PPA members (Professional Active).

That's because PPAedu is PPA's newest membership benefit. 

With PPAedu, you get a personalized, online education platform that provides you with a full buffet of resources suited to your needs. Each program delivers great information clearly outlined with key takeaways to help you hone your craft and strengthen your business immediately.

PPAedu offers 8 categories (4 business + 4 creative) to tailor a program that suits your business growth. How do we do that? We provide these customized recommendations thanks to the self-assessment tool.  

Through a series of business and photo technique questions PPAedu first determines your skill levels in a variety of areas important to photographic and financial success (e.g. lighting, post capture, and business operations). Then, based on your answers, PPAedu pulls from its library of online courses to build your customized plan, available to you through online videos and webinars and available 24/7 to any PPA member. As you get better (and you will!) PPAedu will adjust this plan based on your learning progress, so after taking several courses, you can reassess any specific area of interest to get a new set of recommendations. With over 150+ HD videos, you won't run out of content any time soon!
PPAedu's Self-Assessment Tool is THE place to gauge your business and photographic skills at your own pace. The questions in the assessment span photographic and business topics and are designed to deliver personalized curriculum to fit your specific needs, skills, interests and business profile. After the initial assessment, you can choose to re-assess all or select topics, at any time, and receive a new set of recommendations.

And we didn't just throw these videos together with a random narrator or presenter. We've got some of the industry's finest dishing out their secrets to success. They volunteered their time to be PPAedu instructors and help you BE MORE! You'll learn lighting techniques, business strategies, marketing tactics and so much more. Again--whatever you need, we've got it!

PPAedu also includes live webinars. However, don't fret if you miss one, they'll all be available 24/7 with the rest of the videos after they air. It's like a built-in DVR! You can view the PPAedu live webinar schedule here

Last but not least, new videos will be added every month. This comes as part of your PPA membership (Professional Active). That's right! PPAedu puts a personalized education program (a $600/year value!) at members' fingertips, 24/7, at no extra cost. 

Need any more convincing to dive in? Just take a look at some of these early reviews:

"I am sending a big thanks to PPA for the new PPAedu.  PPAedu totally rocks with HD quality and great audio."
- Jerry Watson, CPP

"There is no service I've ever even heard of that gives you a survey, builds a list of your weaknesses and strengths and then delivers dynamic video training content. This is simple but unheard of in the photography industry. And it's free for PPA members. The survey and content has one goal in mind, making me a better professional photographer. WOW!"
- Mark Treen

"I know this sounds like a PPAEdu add but I am really just so excited that PPA has provided this for us just for being members.  You could almost go there knowing next to nothing except how to turn on the camera and PPAEdu will teach you the rest."
- Jason Grass

"PPAedu is an amazing resource. I have been watching videos in a bunch of the different categories and finding them very helpful. Even if it is something that I have learned before it's a great way to brush up on everything."
- Lauren Lambeth

And we're just getting started! The best photographers never stop learning, so give PPAedu a try and BE MORE!

*What's that you say? You're not a PPA Member? No problem! Try a three-month subscription to access all the PPAedu programming. A one-time fee of $150 puts all of PPAedu's online courses at the tip of your fingers!  

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