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PPA Announces New Member Benefit with Animoto - PPA Today

PPA Announces New Member Benefit with Animoto

Animoto Pro is the award-winning new tool for photographers that allows you to instantly combine your images and video clips into beautiful, custom videos. With plug-ins for Lightroom and Aperture, Animoto Pro is easily integrated into your workflow so that you can create the perfect video for every client.

"Animoto Pro is a beneficial tool for photographers because it actually generates profits, gets new leads in the door and is a simple solution for photographers interested in using the video capture option on their camera," explains Rebecca Brooks, Senior Marketing Associate at Animoto.

Get started with video styles designed for (and vetted by) professional photographers, and then use Animoto's spotlight, pace setting and text features to easily customize the video. Every Animoto video is completely unique and customized for your images and song selection. And to help you make the most of your time, Animoto analyzes and combines your images, video clips and music with the same sophisticated post-production skills used in television and film. What used to take hours, now only takes minutes!

"PPA members are a great fit for Animoto Pro because they are a group dedicated to enriching their craft and intent on keeping their passion for photography profitable," adds Brooks. "With PPA offering endless educational opportunities, their members continually stay ahead of the curve with leveraging social media, selling new products to clients and staying on top of trends and changes in the field of photography--including the recent convergence of photography with video. All of these educational takeaways can be employed with an Animoto Pro account."

PPA members receive a special offer on the Animoto Pro plan, which offers unbranded and commercially licensed videos for subscribers. Members can learn more about this new benefit at 

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