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Newest PPA Benefit: Protect Your Images with Digimarc - PPA Today

Newest PPA Benefit: Protect Your Images with Digimarc

digimarclogo.gifProtecting your copyrights is an important topic for many photographers...and PPA. That is why we're excited to announce Digimarc® as PPA's newest member benefit!

Through their Digimarc for Images solution, Digimarc provides digital watermarking services that help protect your images by communicating your ownership and copyright information. These imperceptible watermarks are designed to stay attached to your images or digital content as it is moved, copied, pasted, resized or reformatted.

"With Digimarc for Images, professional photographers can effectively engage the online marketplace without worrying about the unwanted use and misappropriation of their images," says Ben Bounketh, Digimarc for Images Product Manager.

Wherever your images are found on the Internet, Digimarc's digital watermarking allows others to determine not only who the image belongs to, but how to contact you as well. And depending on which Digimarc edition you implement, you can even track where your watermarked images are and who is using them through the Digimarc Search Service.

"The search service functions as a web crawler, scanning literally billions of images per year," explains Bounketh. When a watermarked image is found, the search database records its location, along with a thumbnail of the image and a time stamp. By generating a search report, search subscribers have the ability to see where their images are being used and if they are being displayed according to usage terms. "If illegal use is found, content owners can prove ownership, giving them the leverage to ensure appropriate remedial action is taken."

Since the Digimarc plug-in is pre-installed in Adobe® Photoshop®, all you need to utilize the technology is Adobe Photoshop CS3, CS4, CS5 or Elements 6, 7 or 8. As soon as you register for Digimarc for Images, you will be provided with a unique Digimarc ID and PIN. Once you put this information into the Adobe Photoshop plug-in, you're ready to start digitally watermarking your images!

"Watermarking an individual image takes mere seconds and can be easily automated within Adobe Photoshop by using action scripts," adds Bounketh. "All in all, Digimarc for Images is a quick process and is easily incorporated into any workflow."

To learn more about the new Digimarc benefit and how to take advantage of the PPA member discount, visit the Benefits section at If you have questions about the Digimarc for Images solution--including the available editions--you can get additional information at and through their video tutorials.

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