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New IPTLOCK Discount: Share Images Without Losing Control

iptlockLogo300.jpgWould you like to review images with clients and prospects, and never again fear you will see YOUR images used without your permission? That's what IPTLOCK can do for you. And PPA members will receive an exclusive 40% member-only discount!  

"I created IPTLOCK to protect artists' work from being compromised and to foster better communications. As a result, it helps reestablish a sense of trust between professional photographers and their clients," says Gary Blum, President of IPTLOCK.

This cloud-based application started out of need with a simple idea: to create a more secure way to share images while ensuring better communication with clients. Through IPTLOCK's easy-to-use virtual remote function, you can set who, what, where, when, and for how long someone will be able to access your images. With its Instant Collaboration function, you can instantly share comments back and forth, in real-time, on any images you send without affecting the originals.

Better than a PDF Lock, this technology uses state-of-the-art Internet Protocol Transfer Lock features. This technology allows users to send an email link right to the image or proposal file (especially useful for commercial and editorial photographers). Unlike other "secure" file sharing services, which convey ownership and rely on breakable password ID protection, IPTLOCK uses an IP address to guarantee greater security and doesn't allow direct access to your files.

Depending on your needs, PPA members can get a very special discount on all of IPTLOCK's plan options. We are excited to announce all members will receive 40% off their 10-pack, monthly and yearly plans in the first year and 30% off plans thereafter!

Standard Fees:
  • 10-Pack: $100 ($10 each)
  • Monthly: $33.00
  • Annual: $330.00
40% PPA Discount Fees (First Year of Use):
  • 10-Pack: $60 ($6 each)
  • Monthly: $19.80
  • Annual: $198.00
30% PPA Discount Fees (After First Year):
  • 10-Pack: $70 ($7 each)
  • Monthly: $23.10
  • Annual: $232.80

PPA members can start using this benefit now: get your discount code here.

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