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More Than a Magazine

564866_10150949582488234_360056649_n.jpgEach year, the Magazine Association of the Southeast (MAGS) presents its GAMMA Awards, which recognize and celebrate editorial and design excellence in more than a dozen categories. But why does that matter to you? Professional Photographer--the magazine PPA members get for free--brought home 17 of the awards earlier this May! (See a list of the awards.)

Those awards are just the tip of the iceberg. For over 100 years, Professional Photographer has been helping readers grow their businesses with practical, cutting-edge lessons on photo techniques, business management, sales and marketing. The magazine also showcases noteworthy photographers, trends in the industry and the latest products.

Yet the award-winning content of the magazine may not be the only benefit you receive from this PPA benefit. PPA member Tina Key of Key Essentials Photography in Texas recalls a time when the magazine itself proved to be a great resource. "I have struck gold just by carrying it around with me," she explains. "For instance, I was eating lunch and flipping through the magazine when I was approached by a lovely woman in need of a photographer. I gave her my card and took some of the most beautiful images of her daughter that weekend. I don't view it just as a magazine anymore; I see it as an asset."

Key finds Professional Photographer to be exceptionally well-designed and arranged, and she appreciates being able to pick it up at any time and find inspiration. As another PPA member, Wayne Eggleston of Wayne's View Photography in South Carolina, adds: "No matter what level of experience you have as a photographer, you can still learn more, still get inspiration."

Add in the website, digital edition, contests and Web Exclusives newsletter, and you'll be hard-pressed to find another magazine that offers a more complete resource for photographers. It's more than a magazine...even if it's been called the best business-to-business/association magazine in the Southeast!

Let's put it this way: Thousands of pro photographers pay to receive this magazine, but PPA members get it free with their membership. So, look for it in your mailboxes, access the digital version online ( and enjoy!

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