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Goals That Help You Grow

Improvements are good...wouldn't you agree? (The word "improve" is in it after all!) That's why PPA created PPA's Merit & Degree Program in 1937 to recognize photographers for their achievements in the industry, define industry standards and promote excellence. It's just one way we incentivize you to continue growing and developing your skills and know-how.

Have you heard about this program yet? I'm not talking about the kind of degrees you get after completing a university curriculum. A PPA professional degree is different. It's a way to track and promote your ongoing progress in the industry and commitment to your craft! It's a goal to help you grow, and if you're a PPA member, it's worth a second (and third) glance.

Let me explain in a bit more detail:

  • PPA's Merit & Degree Program is based on a "point" system of merits, which are earned by being active and excelling in the PPA photographic community. Depending on how you choose to participate, there are different types of merits (and degrees) that you can earn. For example, let's say you teach or attend an approved class, compete in the International Photographic Competition, or volunteer in your PPA Affiliate association. Such activities translate into the 4 different types of merits: Exhibition, Artist Exhibition (formerly called Electronic Imaging), Speaking and Service.

  • Once you have accumulated enough merits, you are eligible for certain PPA degrees, representations of our standards of excellence. Degrees show your dedication to growing in the photographic industry and can only be earned after you have accumulated 25 of those merits I mentioned earlier. And just like there are different types of merits, there are also different degrees that you can earn: Master of Photography, Photographic Craftsman and Master Artist (formerly called Master of Electronic Imaging). The 3 degrees represent different areas of expertise within the industry, much like their merit counterparts.
Kind of confusing, huh? It may be a tad complicated at first, but many PPA members say earning a degree is worth it. After all, your PPA degree can do more than just hang on your wall. It has the potential to improve your business and help make a name for yourself. How? The steps you take to earn PPA merits and degrees--from competition to continual education--strengthen your skills. (Plus, degrees are symbols of quality and improvement that your clients can recognize.)

Earning a PPA degree can be one more tool for telling the world (and all those potential clients) why they should call YOU, not the competitor down the street. Want to learn more? Walk through the details here: 

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