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Equipment Financing to Protect Your Pocketbook

You can't run your photography business without the right equipment (as is true for all businesses). But photographic equipment can get expensive quickly. That's why PPA worked out an equipment financing deal with United Funding, creating yet another PPA member benefit to protect your pocketbook.

United Funding offers PPA members a rebate (maximum of $1,000) on the equipment cost for all leases and loans.

That rebate is just the beginning of the benefit. Unlike financing equipment through a bank loan or credit card, United Funding does not report the debt to credit bureaus--so there's no worry about your credit score being adversely affected. As if that wasn't enough good news, leases and loans through United Funding may also qualify for IRS section 179. That means you could expense the entire cost of the equipment in the current year!

So, when you need a certain piece of equipment, don't forget to tap into this equipment financing benefit. It's one more reason why it's smart to be with PPA!

Insure the equipment you do get with PhotoCare--the latest PPA benefit where PPA pays the premium for $15,000 in equipment insurance for each U.S-based Professional Active and Life member who opts in! Read more about PhotoCare Equipment Insurance here.

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