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Data Loss Can Strike Anyone: Be More Protected! - PPA Today

Data Loss Can Strike Anyone: Be More Protected!


By Sarah Ackerman

Even with the most rigorous data backup routines, the best malware protection and general computer care, things can slip through the cracks. Drives will eventually go bad, data will one day be just gone. Poof!

Don't fret! With PPA's Indemnification Trust (PPA's Trust), you're protected from the massive expenses associated with data recovery. You just pay a small deductible. Listen to Amber's story of how she used PPA's Trust to pick up the pieces after her iMac started to experience issues... Data recovery is very stressful and can be costly. Be More Protected!



And that's just the recovery part...Think about adding the potential contractual implications if you actually end up losing your images.. Trust covers you for that and more! It protects you against anything that could be considered your responsibility - such as equipment malfunction or an unsatisfied client (have you met the infamous bridezilla?) Only photographers who belong to PPA can be covered by the Indemnification Trust, so join today! Most people do at some point run into a legal issue with a client in their business life, so don't risk it; you'll be thankful you joined. Learn more about PPA's Indemnification Trust here. 


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