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Be More...Visible: Build a Find-a-Photographer Profile on

As a professional photographer, you know that one of the biggest challenges in running a business is having clients find you. We've been discussing ways to make your business more visible through things like social media and mobile marketing, but did you know that PPA provides another great way for your business to be more visible included with your member benefits? 

The Find-a-Photographer search engine on allows consumers to find local photographers in their area by location, name or specialty. Potential clients can then contact you via email or phone with their requests for your work. 

Every week, hundreds of searches are done on Find-a-Photographer, and many of these queries lead to consumers directly contacting photographers. That's because having your business listed through Find-a-Photographer adds a level of credibility to your work by showing that you've dedicated yourself to learning all you can about professional photography, which can be a huge factor for consumers when choosing a photographer. It's a quick and easy way to help clients find you, and better yet, it's completely free to PPA members!

However, in order to be found on Find-a-Photographer, you'll need to make sure your profile is up to date. It's quick and easy to do and may help consumers pick you when searching for a photographer. 

To update your profile, all you need to do is visit the MyPPA page and log in with your email and password. Once you've logged in, look for the Find-a-Photographer heading towards the bottom of the page. Below the heading, you'll see your current status. Be sure that it says ENABLED. If it reads DISABLED, simply click the 'Enable your Find-a-Photographer Profile' link to be listed in queries for consumers trying to find photographers that fit your description. 


Once you're sure that your profile has been enabled, use the 'Update Your Find-a-Photographer Profile' link to double-check that all your contact information (website, email address, mailing address, phone number) is correct. In this section, you can also add sample images of your work and choose specialties that you'd like to be listed under. 

Uploading images to your Find-a-Photographer profile is a great idea, as it saves potential customers the extra step of having to visit your website to look at sample work. They're more likely to contact you through Find-a-Photographer when they can see your work right away! 

Likewise, listing your specialties can help consumers find you more quickly by narrowing down their search. There may be quite a few photographers within a 20-mile radius of you, but if you're the only one specializing in weddings that's definitely something a potential customer will take note of!

Another advantage you may not have considered is that the Find-a-Photographer search engine is yet another way to boost Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for your business' website. You'll be getting a highly authoritative link back to your site from, which can only help to increase the overall Google ranking of your website. So, even if a potential customer does not find you through Find-a-Photographer, being listed can still contribute to them finding your business when searching the web. (Want to learn more about SEO? Watch the "Pitfalls of SEO" PPAedu course).

So, take advantage of the Find-a-Photographer member benefit today to be more visible! Log-in to the MyPPA section to check on the status (and to update) your Find-a-Photographer profile. 

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