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Be More Profitable: PPA's Photography Business Guide: Starting from Square One! - PPA Today

Be More Profitable: PPA's Photography Business Guide: Starting from Square One!

PPA is dedicated to helping professional photographers be more. From techniques for photographers to better business practices, PPA and PPA's staff are here to help you take your photography business to that next level. 

Having great images is important, but as any photographer would agree, if you aren't managing your business properly, your path to success will most likely become an arduous one. That's why PPA created the Benchmark Survey. 

Periodically, we survey hundreds of photography studios to compile a comprehensive photography business guide that can help you increase your profitability and help you avoid some all-too-common (but also some not-so-evident) business pitfalls. These are the Benchmark Resources. At first that jargon-sounding name might sound a tad corporate, but those who use the Benchmark will tell you: this tool will make a difference in your business! And PPA members can access these Benchmark Resources at no extra cost. This comes with your membership!

To get started and see how the Benchmark can help make a significant difference for your business, let's look at it from square one. PPA recently added a new tool to the Benchmark Resources to help professional photographers plan for a profitable business by beginning with the end in mind. What do we mean by beginning with end? Just what it sounds like: the tool will start by asking you what you want your annual net income to be. Then from there, it will help you work backwards to help you realize how your cost of sales and overhead percentages affect your profitability (all as determined by the Benchmark Survey). You'll see a very clear picture of how many sessions, at what sales average, you'll need to reach the income goal you've set. 
It's really (really!) easy to go through this tool: you just answer a few simple questions and you'll be on the road to great profitability! If you're not sure about how to earn what you want, this is also the perfect place to start. Get started today! 

As a PPA member, you can also access other comparison tools for home and retail studios to help you compare your business numbers to other studios and the Benchmark Survey averages. Every studio operates differently, but knowing your numbers will help put all the odds on your side. 

And once you get started, you'll see why the Benchmark Survey is a great photography business guideline and why those who've started leveraging it are now fans. PPA Photographers can access the Benchmark Resources here. 

Not a member? Join PPA today to access the Benchmark Survey. 

We're also working on the next installment of the Benchmark Survey. Please consider being a part of it! It only takes a few minutes and you will be part of the on-going efforts to raise the bar in our photographic industry! Enter your business in the Benchmark now. 

See how to use the Square One tool in the videos below:

Part 1

Part 2: Sessions

Part 2: Sales

Part 3

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