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PPA Today: Benchmark Financial Survey: September 2011 Archives

Benchmark Financial Survey: September 2011 Archives

Have you read the "How We Did It" and "Ask the Experts" columns in Professional Photographer? Heard success stories from PPA's Studio Management Services clients? Many of those photographers' turnarounds happened in part because of information from the Benchmark Survey.

After all, the Benchmark Survey is what PPA and SMS base their financial and business guidelines for photographers on. It's helped hundreds of photographers! And we need YOUR help to make it even better this year.

Help others. Help yourself. Participate in the 2011 Benchmark Survey!
  1. Complete the Participant Demographic Questionnaire.
  2. Gather a few financial documents into a folder on your desktop.
  3. Upload those documents and file to PPA by October 31.

Participate by October 31 to Win:
  • Drawing for TWO all-inclusive trips for two to Imaging USA 2012 in New Orleans
  • Personalized financial analysis of your studio compared to the 2011 Benchmark results.
  • Benchmark webinar to guide you through the results (including a free download of the PowerPoint and other materials used during the webinar)
  • Advance copy of the survey report
You asked for more time, and we listened. We've extended the deadline for participating in PPA's Financial Benchmark Survey until October 31.

Many PPA members say that PPA's Financial Benchmark Survey results have helped them make smarter, more profitable business decisions. And as if that isn't enough of a reason to participate, you still have over a month to win prizes! Participate by October 31, and you'll be in the drawing for TWO all-inclusive trips for two to Imaging USA 2012 in New Orleans. Plus, everyone who takes part by that date will get a free, personalized financial analysis of their studio compared to the 2011 Benchmark Survey results, a webinar about the results, and an advance copy of the survey report.

As with any survey, the more who participate, the more accurate the results will be. It's good for both you AND the industry, so join in by October 31! Get started now...
"I believe it is important to know how our industry is doing," says Susan Hoermann, M.Photog., CPP, of Evergreen Studios in Texas. She believes in that so strongly that she has participated in every single Financial Benchmark Survey PPA has offered. And this time, she also received an additional the form of a free iPad!

But that wasn't really the reason she participated, although it's nothing to scoff at! Instead, she refers to how being a survey participant has helped her see how her studio compares to others nationally. (All participants receive a free analysis of their studios compared to the Benchmark Survey results, a webinar about the results, and an advance copy of the results.)

"Although different types of businesses in different locals vary, the Benchmark Survey has been a good way to measure our costs to an industry standard. It gives us an overview snapshot of where our industry is headed, what is an acceptable cost of goods sold and where other businesses are," Susan says about how she's used the PPA benchmarks in the past.

"It also lets me see how the market is changing," she adds. "I have a retail business and expenses have gone up while net profit has gone down; whereas, in home-based studios, the last Benchmark Survey showed just the opposite was occurring. I will remain a retail business, and it helps to see where the expenses changed so I can address those changes."

Receiving that kind of knowledge and guidance made it more than worthwhile for Susan to gather her financial documents for the 2011 survey.  She calls it a "great measuring stick" for her own business, and believes it's extremely important for more photographers to take part.

Want to see the Benchmark Survey results pay off for your own photography business? It's as easy as 1-2-3...and you have until October 31 to participate!

Participate by October 31, and you'll be in the running to win an all-inclusive trip for two to Imaging USA in New Orleans!

Dear PPA Member,

Would you ever take an extended trip to a foreign country not knowing how much money you'll need to bring, what to pack, where you'll stay, or what you'll do once you get there? Probably not. That would leave a lot up to guesswork and plain old luck. Hopefully, you have a plan in mind--or a travel agent who takes care of it for you.

Even more than a long vacation, your business requires careful planning (not spontaneity). You don't want to just guess and go with the flow when it comes to running your business! Luckily, PPA's Financial Benchmark Survey is like a vacation planner for your business, and today's Vital Signs article will show you why. For example, it can help you make decisions about where you want to go, what you want to do, and how much money you'll need to get there.

Start using the PPA Financial Benchmark tools today to make your business a success, and you might soon head off on a much-deserved vacation to celebrate...

Christel Aprigliano
Director of Member Value & Experience

P.S. We've got a new Extreme Deal from Animoto for our members: Buy 1 month of Animoto Pro, get 1 month free. Deal is valid through September 30.

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