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PPA Today: Benchmark Financial Survey: December 2009 Archives

Benchmark Financial Survey: December 2009 Archives

Set your studio on the path to financial success! Join us for two free webinars to share the latest PPA Benchmark Survey results. They're free and for PPA members only, but you'll need to sign up early because space is limited.

You'll get answers to questions like the following:

  • Why are some studios so much more profitable than others?
  • How much of every dollar your studio brings in should you be spending to grow your business?
  • How much should you expect to keep as bottom line profit?
  • Should you stay in a home studio, or venture out into a retail space?
  • What are the key financial strategies photographers should consider in a long-term plan?
  • How can you effectively utilize credit and manage debt?

It's free--click here to register now!

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This page is a archive of entries in the Benchmark Financial Survey category from December 2009.

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