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Attention Businesses That Accept Credit Cards - PPA Today

Attention Businesses That Accept Credit Cards

Is your credit card processing company charging you PCI Compliance fees?

PPA's isn't.

PPA's affiliated credit card processor, Midwest Transaction Group (MTG), will help you comply with the PCI Standard established by Visa, MasterCard and Discover...and it won't cost you anything but a little time.

About the PCI Standard
The credit card industry has been slowly initiating measures to safeguard credit card data. While a good step, it can cost business owners (like photographers) more money. The PCI Standard applies to anyone who accepts credit or debit card transactions, and it requires you to successfully complete and file an annual assessment of your ability to safeguard card data.

Most processors take a hands-off approach to the whole assessment process, sending you to a third-party provider who then sends you to a website for "assistance." This can typically cost anywhere from $119 to $199 a year and another $20 a month if you don't comply. But not so for PPA members!

Midwest Transaction Group's Helping Hand
MTG's licensed PCI compliance technology enables them to walk you through the whole process, helping you meet all of the related filing requirements. Most importantly, MTG is able to do so at no charge for you! 

PCI compliance doesn't have to be difficult, especially if you are dealing with a processing company like MTG, one that is more interested in helping you become compliant than in collecting non-compliant fees.

To learn more about PPA's credit card processing service through Midwest Transaction Group (a PPA member benefit), call them directly at 888.599.2209.

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