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Ask Steve Kozak and Doug Box Anything! - PPA Today

Ask Steve Kozak and Doug Box Anything!

By Aleighia Rouse 

If you weren't actively on theLoop last week then you missed a great conversation with Imaging USA 2016 speakers Steve Kozak, M.Photog. Cr., CPP, API and Doug Box, M.Photog. Cr., CPP. Steve and Doug will be teaching the pre-convention class "The Secrets to Success When Turning Pro." These gentlemen took on this great task of AMA (Ask Me Anything), where other photographers can write in questions and get them answered by the pros such as Doug and Steve, and they presented excellent advice for their fellow photographers. 
Here are some of our favorite highlights of Doug and Steve's discussion:

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On keeping it simple and relevant in the industry:

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Steve: Being the minimalist that I am, I do much of this type of work by simply bouncing my speedlight off of a wall or ceiling.  I also bring an umbrella stand adapter ($30) and use a 40in white umbrella with my speedlight.  Quick.  Simple.  Inexpensive.  VERY effective.  One could get two of these set ups and make a ton of money doing in-home portraits that look like studio lighting was used... One thing about it, studio lights may be the one piece of photographic equipment that can make you money.  Cameras and lenses don't really make you money...but studio lights open up a world of opportunity to take jobs that would otherwise be difficult or impossible to take.  They pay for themselves very quickly.

On giving advice to younger self when first was starting as a pro:

Doug: I would tell me (1.) Get a mentor, someone who knows what they are doing and listen to them! (2.) Realize everyone is not my client, let some clients go. (3.) Keep your costs under control, don't waste money. (4.) Learn to sell! A good sales program is as important as good photography. 5. This is not for my younger self, but for today's photographers - Don't spend too much time on Photoshop, unless you charge for your time on the computer!

We hope that was helpful. Did you like what you read from them? Read more about Doug and Steve and their Imaging USA 2016 classes here

Aleighia Rouse is known by her happy personality and bubbly voice. With over 6 years of the film and photography experience, Aleighia can relate to most of the issues that come along with being a photographer. A graduating senior at Spelman College and one of PPA's Marketing and Communications intern, Aleighia aspires to hold a position just like the amazing people she works around. 


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