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“Artist–Museum Partnership Act” Outlines the Donation of a Copyright - PPA Today

“Artist–Museum Partnership Act” Outlines the Donation of a Copyright


A bill that was introduced first in the Senate and later by the House has received ample support from both chambers. The legislation would allow creators to donate a completed work and/or its copyright to an eligible not-for-profit organization or U.S. Government agency to receive a tax deduction in the amount of the “fair market” value as determined by an independent appraiser. One high point of this legislation is that it addresses the tangible work and its copyright as separate items that can be deducted for tax purposes.

The “Artist – Museum Partnership Act” as titled in both the House and Senate aims to encourage writers, musicians, artists, scholars, and (of course) photographers, to contribute works to museums, archives and similar organizations for the purpose of public display. The language used in the bill values the tangible work and copyright separately, on the understanding that the creator may donate the manuscript, score, painting or photograph while retaining the rights afforded under U.S. Copyright Law.

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