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by James Yates

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It's the last weekend of April and things are really heating up! Enjoy the sunshine, grab your phone or tablet, and take in a little "porch-reading" with this week's top ten photography blog posts from around the web. 

H.R. 1695 Passes House with Overwhelming Support
GRASSROOTS: PPA's Grassroots Action Team scored a MAJOR victory this week with the House's passage of H.R. 1695. Now it needs to be approved by the Senate! Read up on what all happened in D.C. this week with our recaps and be sure to sign up at for the NEXT big fight! 

When is the right time to upgrade your gear?
DRONES: When Ty Polland started getting into gear, his love of photography increased exponentially. Now, he's written a piece for FStoppers about why you should upgrade your gear regularly and how it can benefit your photography. He uses examples from his own work to show why investing in a newer camera and/or drone can make your content the best it can possibly be. 

Are You Shadowbanned on Instagram? This Website Can Tell You
CENSORED: A lot of buzz has been made lately about Instagram's process of "shadowbanning", which is when the platform makes certain users' (mostly businesses) images no longer visible on a hashtag thread to viewers who do not follow their account. Now, there's an app that can help you find out if YOU'VE been shadowbanned. 

Communication Is Key For Higher Sales 
SALES: Yes, as much as a photographer like you may hate it, this business depends on sales. There are tons of ways to do it, but knowing your best and most effective communication style is key to creating a lasting relationship with clients...and key to making the sale! 

Drones for Real Estate Marketing: Are They Worth It?
DRONES: RISmedia with an in-depth look at drones and if they're "worth it" for your real estate business. Get the stats and learn more about drone pilots, FAA-regulations and insurance options (our guess: you'll check out what PPA has to offer!) 

Subject tracking: Why it matters to us and why it should matter to you
TECHNIQUE & FOCUS: As technology has improved, so has subject tracking: choosing your subject and letting the camera track as you hold your composition. This technique is often overlooked, but now that manufacturers have made it such a successful feature on their cameras, subject tracking can change the way you take photos forever. 

Photographic skill without marketing is just a hobby 
MARKETING: If you are going to make a business out of your passion for photography, you need to know who your customer base is. What is your market? Have a clear vision...make it all about the client...and more great marketing pro-tips are included in this article from Northlight Images. 

Large prints - The Photography Show 2017
PRINT: The PRINT movement is worldwide! This blog links to several articles on the need to print, coming from the NEC Photography Show in Birmingham, England. Get tons of info on photo workflows, large prints, software, test images, pixels and papers and more. 

9 Things Photographers Need To Know About Using Hashtags on Instagram
SOCIAL MEDIA: Targeting, vetting, appropriate use...there's actually a LOT of thought you need to be putting into your hashtags. Once you get it down, you'll be able to reach your target audience on social media with more efficiency. Read these nine tips to improve you SEO!

Why Printing Your Photos Will Make You a Better Photographer
PRINT: Why, we couldn't agree more! PetaPixel and photographer Pete McKinnon have a video that ties right into PPA's PRINT Movement. A former "darkro

om" photographer, McKinnon still remembers when photography was a two-step process (1. Shoot 2. Develop and print), and he has one big piece of advice for how to be a professional: print your photos.

There you have 'em, our weekly blog post roundup! What photography blogs or podcasts do YOU follow? Post your favorites on theLoop or email them to us at OnlineContentCommittee @

By Bethany Clark

May 3rd is the last day to register online for Super 1 Day, so if there's a photography class that you've got your eye on, register for it in the next few days! 

The spring edition of Super 1 Day takes place May 8-22, 2017, at which time dozens of photography studios across the country invite attendees to join day-long workshops featuring portrait and wedding photography, posing and lighting, digital retouching and workflow, sales and marketing strategies, and more.

Super 1 Day is a chance you won't want to miss - a full day of photography education brought to you by fellow professional photographers. 

Register online through May 3, 2017 for $99 per class. If you miss the online deadline, you can still register in person, but registration will be $120 and you'll only get in  if there's still room. Browse the classes in your state now!

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Professional Photographers of America celebrated the passage of H.R. 1695 (the Register of Copyrights Selection and Accountability Act), marking the first important step in the association's goal to modernize the U.S. copyright system. 

H.R. 1695 makes the Register of Copyrights, who leads the United States Copyright Office (USCO), a presidentially-appointed, Senate-confirmed position. HR 1695 gives the Register the autonomy to modernize the Copyright Office to suit the specialized needs of the copyright system. PPA has been activating its 30,000-member base to call or email their representatives in support of the bill. 

"So much effort went into this," says PPA CEO David Trust, "and everyone who took 30 seconds to submit their letters should feel proud about what we accomplished together. So, today is a day for smiles and congratulations. Tomorrow we start preparing for a much tougher fight in the Senate."

Cindi Marifield, President R2P Strategies, representing PPA in D.C. says, "It is fitting that on World Intellectual Property Day, the House overwhelmingly passed H.R. 1695, the Register of Copyrights Selection and Accountability Act.   There are not many bills that pass with overwhelming bi-partisan support these days (378 to 48) and it is a tribute to Chairman Goodlatte, Ranking Member Conyers, Congressman Doug Collins and Congresswoman Judy Chu and their staff who worked deliberately and effectively to pass this legislation.  This bill is a great first step toward bolstering the Copyright Office and we look forward to both Chambers taking up and passing legislation to create a small claims process for individual creators as efforts to modernize the Copyright Office heat up." 

Wednesday, April 26th


HR 1695 has passed through the House with overwhelming support! The vote was 378-48 and Rep. Chu was able to put in an ammendment favoring the Small Claims process. 

A big thanks to everyone who took the time to call or write your representative. This was a major victory in our fight for better copyright protection. 

Stay tuned for updates...


pictured: Karyn Temple Claggett, acting Register of Copyright

IMG_7211 JPG.jpeg
Happy World IP Day!  We kicked things off this morning with a Facebook Live video explaining World IP Day and how it aims to thank creative artists, photographers, graphic designers and all other creators for everything they do and how colorful they make the world! 

PPA also wants to take a moment and thank all of our wonderful members for making the world so much more beautiful! Besides the excitement of World IP Day in D.C, we are even more excited about H.R 1695. We have been told that it is still scheduled to be debated and voted on later this afternoon. In the meantime, it is important to continue to send letters and make phone calls reminding our representatives how important this bill is to creative artists and photographers! This is the first step in modernizing the copyright office, and will set the stage for small claims in the future.

PPA will be alternating celebrating World IP Day at the Library of Congress and meeting with Senator Dick Durbin (R-IL), Frank Cullen of the US Chamber of Commerce, Senator Deb Fisher (R-NE) and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY). It is imperative that we begin meeting with the Senate side to continue to prep members for H.R 1695 and lay the foundation for Small Claims. 

We will keep you updated throughout the day and hopefully have some great news for you before we leave D.C!

By Chris Homer

Entries for the International Photographic Competition (IPC) will open on May 22! If you've never entered images in the IPC before, we know it can seem a little intimidating to have your work judged by other photographers, but the experience is well worth it. The IPC helps photographers, new and experienced alike, be more creative, artistic and inventive in their photographic pursuits. When you enter your work in the IPC, you will be able to build on your best pieces and elevate the quality of your output. It's by participating in photographic competitions that photographers push themselves to be better year over year!

Rules for the Photographic Open and Artist categories are available now! Be sure to give them a thorough read so you're meeting all the requirements for entry and so that you know which category to enter your images in. 

You might be wondering, "What will judges be looking for in the images?" Easy! It's a thorough process where they compare your work against PPA's official 12 Elements of a Merit Image. For even more information on preparing your images for entry, check out these video tutorials

The judging itself takes place July 30 - August 2 at Gwinnett Technical College in Lawrenceville, GA. Judging is open to the public so you can attend and hear the judges' comments in-person. If you can't attend, the competition will also be streamed live online!

We hope you'll challenge yourself by entering this year's IPC! Start getting those images ready for registration opening on May 22.

ch_headshot_100x100.jpgAbout the author:
Chris Homer is PPA's SEO & Web Specialist, which basically makes Google Analytics his best friend. A graduate of the University of Georgia, Chris cheers passionately (and obnoxiously) for the Bulldogs in all things from football to checkers. When he's not hard at work on PPA's websites, you'll find Chris at auto racing events around the southeast, where he's known as a master architect of tent villages.

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Another perspective on the fight to pass HR 1695, this one coming from Digital Music News reporting on the Content Creators Coalition (C3) and their support of the bill. 

C3's President, Melvin Gibbs, writes about the notion that supporters of HR 1695 are pro-Trump and anti-black...

"As artists of color, we find it deeply offensive that opponents of this bill have attempted to recast their anti-creators' rights goals into a smear campaign against its sponsors and supporters.  They are insinuating that the legislation is about the race and gender of the current Librarian of Congress.  The Act is co-authored by the Dean of the House and the Congressional Black Caucus, Judiciary Ranking Member John Conyers.  It's also supported by Congressman John Lewis.  Their lifelong and unshakeable commitment to civil rights is a historical fact and should be honored and respected.  Not opportunistically and baselessly questioned just to score a few empty political points.

"We would be the first to speak out against prejudice or bias anywhere - in business, culture, the arts, or politics.  But here, we know these charges are false. The bill has nothing to do with the current Librarian at all - in fact, these reform proposals pre-date her appointment."

Read the article on DMN and be sure to send an email or call your representative in support of HR 1695!

Intellectual property fuels the innovation that improves lives around the world. That's worth celebrating. #WorldIPDay

World_IP_Day_Ad_FINAL 4_26_17 (2).jpg

World IP Day is celebrated by: 

• ACT | The App Association
• Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers
• American Apparel & Footwear Association
• American Association of Independent Music
• American Beverage Association
• American Bridal and Prom Industry Association
• American Business Conference
• American Foundry Society
• American Intellectual Property Law Association
• American Society of Media Photographers
• Association of American Publishers
• Association of Public and Land-grant Universities
• Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM)
• Biotechnology Innovation Organization
• BSA | The Software Alliance
• C ropLife America
• Entertainment Software Association
• Fashion Accessories Shippers Association
• Game Manufacturers Association
• Gemini Shippers Association
• Global Automakers
• Global Brand Council
• INDA, Association of the Nonwoven Fabrics Industry
• Interactive Advertising Bureau
• International Chamber of Commerce Business Action
to Stop Counterfeiting and Piracy (BASCAP)
• International Franchise Association
• International Intellectual Property Alliance
• International Trademark Association
• Motor & Equipment Manufacturers Association
• National Association of Broadcasters
• National Association of Manufacturers
• National Black Chamber of Commerce
• National Music Publishers' Association
• National Puerto Rican Chamber of Commerce
• News Media Alliance
• Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America
• Professional Photographers of America
• Recording Industry Association of America
• SAFE Bio-Pharma Association
• Semiconductor Industry Association
• Software & Information Industry Association
• Telecommunications Industry Association
• The International AntiCounterfeiting Coalition
• The Latino Coalition
• Toy Industry Association
• United States Council for International Business
• United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

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by Sidra Safri

  • Tuesday, April 25, 5:00pm 

After attending the Senate Judiciary Committee, we visited Representative Schneider from Illinois. Representative Schneider has recently joined the House Judiciary Committee and has already co-sponsored H.R 1695. Representative Schneider and his staff have family and friends who are photographers and they understand the importance of photographers on society and their community. They also agree that H.R 1695 is a good start to the modernization of the Copyright Office and hope that we can continue in this direction. 

After talking about H.R 1695 we also took a moment to talk about Small Claims and how we hope that this is the next thing the House Judiciary brings up. They seemed thoroughly interested, and have asked us to keep them updated as time goes on. 

After Representative Schneider, we met with Representative Jayapal of Washington. This was one of our first meetings with this office. We took the opportunity to introduce PPA and everything our members do. As we got into the details of Small Claims it seemed like Representative Jayapal's office understood the need for this protection for photographers. After talking about Small Claims, we were able to talk about H.R 1695. We are so thankful that Representative Jayapal is supporting H.R 1695. We hope to come back to visit Representative Jayapal and continue to talk about Small Claims. 
We are on our way to meet with Senate Rules Committee. Stay tuned for more updates!


Good morning!

PPA is on its way to Washington D.C. again for another exciting trip! We think this will be one of our more exciting ones for two big reasons:

  • As you have been hearing through our Facebook Live videos, H.R. 1695 is projected to go for a vote tomorrow! Remember, H.R. 1695 moves to make the Register of Copyright a presidential appointee and therefore takes the first steps in modernizing the copyright office. With this being such a bipartisan bill, and with over 2800 letters sent, we hope this will get passed. However, continue to send letters and share with your friends and family. We need to make sure your voice is heard!
  • Tomorrow is also World IP Day! This is a day to honor creators, artists, photographers, etc. to thank them and highlight all their contributions to society. Both the house and senate are having special hearings and events to honor creators. 
As soon as we land, we are going to rush over to the senate and attend the IP hearing. This hearing is to discuss what can be done to continue encouraging creators to add to our world.

After the hearing we will be attending meetings with Representatives Brad Schneider (D-IL), Pramila Jayapal (D-WA) and David Adkins (R-NM) of the Senate Rules Committee.

Stay tuned for more updates and watch out for our live updates on Facebook live!

by Sidra Safri
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As you already know, PPA is making big push this week to get H.R. 1695 passed. The passage of H.R. 1695 would make the Register of Copyright a Presidential Appointment that would be vetted by the Senate both before and after being chosen. However, as with anything in D.C and on Capitol Hill, is it is always important to consider what would happen if H.R. 1695 does not pass.

If H.R. 1695 is unable to get the votes it needs tomorrow, the Register of Copyright would continue to answer to the Librarian of Congress. The Librarian of Congress and the Register of Copyrights have inherently opposing jobs. The Librarian is responsible for capturing a screen shot of society and being able to share it with everyone. On the other hand, the Register is responsible for making sure creators are being given their credit and compensation, which limits free-and-wide usage.  

The biggest setback if H.R. 1695 does not pass would be the difficulty modernization and Small Claims legislation would face. These goals would be significantly harder to achieve. Even if the Copyright Office is given a face-lift and is brought into the 21st century, able to hear disputes regarding copyright infringements, it would still answer to the Register of Copyright. Basically, all the "modernization" would be made for nothing. The librarian would still control what and how the register operates. This would be a huge setback considering that the Librarian does not have the same in-depth knowledge of copyright issues as the Register.

Not passing H.R. 1695 would make any and all work being put into the copyright office a waste. The good news is that PPA does believe that H.R. 1695 will pass. There is bi-partisan support for this bill and constant agreement that something needs to be done about the Copyright Office. Between the ancient workings of the Copyright Office and the abrupt removal of the Register in October of 2016, this is the momentum creative artists and photographers needs to get the House to pass H.R. 1695. 

Be sure to email and call your representative now! 

In 2013, when business was sluggish, Las Vegas-based commercial photographer Greg Anderson traveled to New Orleans to photograph contestants at the National Beard and Mustache Championships - without an assignment to do so. 

His initiative paid off. "I don't think my career got off the ground until I started intently preparing for things," Anderson says, pointing to the Beard and Mustache Championships as the genesis of that practice. "The only thing you can control is before the shoot. It was really preparing and being confident about what I was going to do in a shoot that made my career--or at least took it up a notch."

Read his fascinating story, Greg Anderson: At The Intersection Of Preparation And Inspiration, on today!


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