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5 Tips for Minimum-Fuss Record Keeping - PPA Today

5 Tips for Minimum-Fuss Record Keeping

Are you one of those business owners who stuffs all your receipts, invoices and other financial documents in a shoe box all year long, and then shows up at your accountant's office in March to let him sort out the mess? If so, you are probably paying hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars in unnecessary billable hours by your accountant and his staff.

Today, with the technology and tools available to every small-business owner, there's no need to be a shoe box hoarder. Instead, you can set up your business with a minimal-fuss record keeping system that will help you stay on top of your finances, gain a better day-to-day understanding of your business, and save you piles of cash in accounting fees.

Members, read the suggestions for making record keeping easier.

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