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PPA Today: January 2013 Archives

January 2013 Archives

As a photography business owner, you likely have to handle credit card payments (and if you don't, it's something you probably should look into). One of PPA's Affinity Partners can help you with that part of your business too: Midwest Transaction Group (MTG)

MTG already provides PPA members some pretty snazzy benefits, but this limited-time promotional offer is the icing on the cake. If you sign up for processing with MTG by February 28, 2013, you will receive:

Free ePN mobile setup
Free ePN card reader

Why's that such a good offer? Well, ePN stands for "eProcessing Network," which helps you use the mobile processing power you need anytime, anywhere! It offers a secure payment gateway for wireless mobile transactions with cutting-edge mobile technology for the latest in smartphone essentials (compatible with iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android Phone/Tablet & Blackberry).

Intrigued? Contact MTG at 888.599.2209 to sign up today or for more information.
supermonday.pngThe call for instructors is now open for Super Monday Photo Workshops to be held on or around Monday, May 13, 2013. February 14 is the deadline to volunteer. (Yes, it's also Valentine's Day, so don't forget about that either!) We hope you will consider spending a day sharing your knowledge and experience by teaching a Super Monday class. Besides the experience and new networks you'll gain from speaking, you will earn two speaking merits toward a PPA degree. In addition, Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman volunteers will receive $50 per student after the 7th paid attendee.

If you're ready to sign up to be a Super Monday instructor now, click here.

If you would like additional information, read our Super Monday instructor FAQs
Let's start with the straight-up truth: Being a great photographer doesn't mean you will have a successful business. Image-making skills don't automatically transfer into profits...that takes a bit more business know-how, from managing your costs to pricing appropriately and more. But that doesn't mean it's impossible. Far from it!

The first step is ensuring you get the type of business education you need to make (or keep) your studio profitable and thriving. And if you're a PPA member, you can get the upper hand on your competitors via PPA's Studio Management Services and our member-only business workshops! (In fact, there's one coming up in March.)

Business Basics Workshop (next helping photographers March 2-3)
This version of our business workshops focuses on those PPA photographers who are often just getting started or moving full time into their photo business. It's like a 2-day boot camp to master the financial management, pricing structure, promotional strategies, legal compliance and competitive dynamics of your studio.

This workshop is simply full of topics you need to know to reach your profitable potential! PPA's expert instructors have been there and done that...and they are going to help you do it too. They will help you:

  • Determine a business model that fits your lifestyle.
  • Figure out a pricing structure that is competitive, yet allows you to make money.
  • Compare your studio's success to similar businesses around the nation (thanks to PPA's Benchmark Survey results).
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses, so you can focus in on how your business can improve.
  • Create promotional ideas and marketing tactics to help bring in new, loyal clients.
What's more, you'll learn how to set individualized and realistic goals, so that you can focus on what you do best: creating those awe-inspiring images!

Sound like just the helping hand you need? Get the details here, and get to Durham, NC for the March 2-3 workshop!

Remember, this is a class just for the PPA members out there. Oh, and if you're already grossing $20,000, you might want to check out the even more intensive Business Breakthroughs Workshops.
Show of hands: Who here knows or has seen the list of special PPA awards? It's not something you usually pay attention to unless a friend or you win one. But we wanted to give those awards a shout out here because about 7 of them are named after actual photographers. It's our way of honoring people who really exemplify service to the industry in specific roles!

In fact, one of those awards just got a new name AND we added a brand-new award...all at last week's PPA Award & Degree Ceremony on Jan. 22. So join us in tipping our hats to two greats in the industry who now have a PPA award named after them:

Warren Motts - Warren Motts International Service Award

This award (originally known as the Ross Sanddal International Service Award) is given to people who have made "major contributions in promoting and developing professional photography on an international level."

That's hard enough to do on your own home turf, let alone across the world! Yet Warren has spent about 50 years helping expand what the industry has to offer. He's an advocate for the International Photographic Competition, including being a jury chairman since 1983 and judging at PPA's first annual international affiliated judging in Mexico. In thanks to his service, China and Mexico both presented him with Honorary Master degrees. Warren also served as PPA President and has been an active PPA Councilor for 20 years. And for years, he has been sharing his brand of cheer, honor and dignity with the international delegates to Imaging USA...just one more reason he now has an award named after him!

Gary Jentoft - Gary Jentoft Association Service Award

"When asked 'Who represents sacrifice, service and care in PPA?' you have to think of the name Gary Jentoft," says PPA President Tim Walden. Gary's years of service to this association stood out so much that PPA even created a brand-new award to honor him and others like him in the future!

In the official language, the new Gary Jentoft Association Service Award recognizes "distinguished service and support to PPA, which exemplifies the commitment that PPA member volunteers contribute to the success of PPA." And seriously, PPA wouldn't be here without volunteers like Gary! As a non-profit, we depend on photographers whose passions drive them to help others via mentorship and more.

A PPA member for almost 60 years, Gary is a third-generation member of a five-generation photographic family. Currently the Professional Photographers of Washington's Executive Manager, Gary is also serving his 20th (and final) year on PPA's Bylaws, Rules and Ethics Committee. He also served 32 years as a PPA Councilor and 41 years as an adjunct professor of new media, studio management, and business practices at Seattle Community College.

We could go on and on, but let's just end with a big thank you for all his years of service, commitment and belief in PPA!

2013 List of PPA Award Winners
If you didn't make it to the PPA Award & Degree Ceremony on Jan. 22, here's a full list of the awesome folks we honored that night (not including all the amazing PPA degree recipients!)

  • Gary Jentoft of Washington received the inaugural Gary Jentoft Association Service Award.
  • Martin Grahame-Dunn of the United Kingdom received the inaugural Warren Motts International Service Award.
  • Doug Box of Texas received the Gerhard Bakker Award.
  • Donald Emmerich of Oklahoma received the Helen K. Yancy Award.
  • Julia Woods of Illinois received the Charles H. (Bud) Haynes Award.
  • Lori Nordstrom of Iowa received the Buddy M. Stewart Award.
  • Bob Lloyd of Illinois and Bill Weaks of Texas both received the Directors Award.
  • Richard Miller of Kansas received the Vendor of the Year Award.
  • Ann Monteith of Pennsylvania received the PPA Charities Legacy Award.
  • Graham Nash of California received the PPA Technology Impact Award.
  • Greg Gorman of California received the Lifetime Achievement Award.
The 2013 Grand Imaging Award winners were announced at Imaging USA. Congratulations to Michael Barton, M.Photog.MEI.Cr., CPP, EA-ASP, F-ASP, who took home the Grand Imaging Award for his album "The Curious World of Cone Flowers".

Congratulations as well to all the winners from the portrait, wedding, master artist, illustrative, commercial and album categories! View the winning images.

If you didn't get a chance to complete an evaluation form for the classes you attended at Imaging USA, you can now fill out the speaker evaluation form online. Your feedback allows us to create better programming for you! Thank you in advance.
The results of the 2012 Summer Shootout are now in and congratulations go to Jon Allyn. His image "Adolescent Attitude" (below) earned this year's Grand Prize award.

View the winners from the Commercial, Wedding/Event, Portrait and Open categories.

Congratulations to all of this year's winners!

Are you planning to take advantage of some of the incredible discounts on equipment at Imaging USA?  Some of the best deals are for items the exhibiting companies have brought to the show...but would prefer not to pack up and ship back. Others are just really great "show specials." And if you want to buy at Imaging USA, you might want to get pre-approved financing before you get there!    

If you're pre-approved, all you have to do is bring a copy of the dealer quote to United Funding (Booth #1113 at the Imaging EXPO).  They can complete the paperwork on the floor and will walk the purchase order right over to your vendor's booth.  
Remember: PPA members also get an additional 2% rebate on all transactions funded through United Funding (up to $1,000).

Unlike putting the expense of new equipment on a credit card, bank loan or home equity loan, this debt rarely appears on your credit report and will not adversely affect your credit scores or ratios.

PPA members can apply today for pre-approval or call Bob Bell at 800-685-7571 for more information.
wildes_ppatoday113_2.jpgMost of us want to work less and make more (or just make more, period). Either way, boosting your average sales is a step in the right direction. And while pricing appropriately is essential, it's not the only thing involved. Quite a bit of it has to do with knowing what your clients want, how/when to talk about money, offering the right products and more!

Take a peek at what's worked for these photographers.

(FYI, this article is for PPA members only...just a tip of the iceberg of membership perks. Interested?)

Want $6,000 worth of photography-related items from Imaging USA 2013 speakers...for about $20? Then just donate $20 to PPA Charities (online, at the PPA Charities Celebration gala at Imaging USA, or at Booth #612 at the Imaging EXPO), and you'll be in the running! Only the first 500 will be eligible, and the winner will be announced Jan. 22 at 2:00pm at PPA Charities' booth and Facebook page.
January 10 is the grand opening of PPA Charities' 2013 Silent Auction!

This is your chance to get a sneak peek at the fantabulous goodies up for grabs...and start your bidding early! From Jan. 10 - Jan. 17, you can bid online for the items you want, and the highest bids will carry over to the live auction during the PPA Charities Celebration event at Imaging USA (Jan. 19, 8:00pm).

Will your online bid be high enough to win? You won't know until you try, so give it a shot--after all, you'll be raising money for PPA Charities and their good causes while you're at it!

Start your bidding at 12:01am Jan. 10...and good luck!

Follow PPA Charities on Facebook for all the latest details. Want to know the full scoop on PPA Charities, its causes, and its campaigns? Look no further than

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