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PPA Today: December 2012 Archives

December 2012 Archives

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Starting today, you'll find a new communication tool on theLoop through the new "My World" feature.

What's the deal with My World? It's theLoop's answer to personal blogs, walls or boards, and will be archived on your member profile. You'll be able to fill it with news and updates about what's going on with you and keep those updates visible on your My World section. If you love keeping an online journal or sharing the excitement, joys and stress of your daily life in snippets, this just may be the feature for you!

And next time you want to see what your friends and other photographers are doing, check out their profile on theLoop and glance at their My World. You'll be able to read their posts, comment, even rate and recommend whatever's been added. Neat, huh?

My World is one more feature we've developed after listening to your requests on theLoop, so keep on sending your suggestions or telling us how you are using theLoop by email at

In the meantime...Happy Looping!

Launching on 12/12/12, PPA Charities' new fundraiser gives PPA members a way to honor those who have influenced and shaped their careers...and change the life of a child along the way! So who do you consider your greatest influence? Your college professor? A PPA Affiliate School instructor? Your first boss or a fellow photographer from your local guild?

Vote for your photo idol by donating to PPA Charities in support of Operation Smile. Remember, it takes only $240 to give the gift of life-changing surgery to a child (read about what they do at The person with the most votes will be recognized as the 2012 PPA Charities Photo Idol at our Celebration Event at Imaging USA this January.

Vote once, vote daily & vote often...
  • Donate $12 - your nominee gets 12 votes
  • Donate $24 - your nominee gets 30 votes
  • Donate $48 - your nominee gets 75 votes
  • Donate $120 -your nominee gets 200 votes
  • Donate $240 - your nominee gets 500 votes AND you help another child get life-changing surgery!

Make your donation and cast your vote now--voting opens on 12/12/12 for 12 days!

PPA Charities will announce the top vote-getters each morning via their Facebook account. Get your friends involved, and let's help some kids and honor some photographers!
If you're a professional photographer (and especially if you own your own business), you probably know how precious your time is. Whenever you improve your efficiency, it's a good thing, right? Well, what if we told you there were software products that could help double the speed of your workflow...without cloning yourself?

We're talking about ArcSoft Inc., a U.S.-based software developer offering both image and multimedia processing software solutions. There are many options out there, but when a good one with a special discounted price comes along, we are always happy to share the love. ArcSoft has been serving professional photographers with products like this for years, and they've just joined us here as one of PPA's discount partners to offer our members 25% off their products!

Here's a little more about them:
By integrating its innovative software into popular and professional cameras manufactured by the industry leaders, ArcSoft software has been accepted by a group of talented pro photographers. (And we bet that you'll be among their groupies soon.)

Portrait+, their flagship product this year, is professional photo retouching software that is especially useful for portraits (as its name might hint). Designed for pros who need to spend a lot of time in post-production, Portrait+ is able to batch-process dozens of photos in a minute with all details preserved. Portrait+ is very user-friendly, adopts ArcSoft's proprietary facial detection technology, and provides customized styles and up to 20 pre-set styles to simplify the complicated process of portrait retouching. It also has an Adobe Photoshop plug-in version, which can be perfectly integrated into your current workflow. Oh, and no special training is needed. Ever!

And that's just ONE of their products.

Here's a reminder of the icing on the cake: To celebrate their cooperation with PPA, ArcSoft now offers a discount price of 25% off for PPA members! Get your special website link and discount code here.  
Are you one of those business owners who stuffs all your receipts, invoices and other financial documents in a shoe box all year long, and then shows up at your accountant's office in March to let him sort out the mess? If so, you are probably paying hundreds, maybe thousands of dollars in unnecessary billable hours by your accountant and his staff.

Today, with the technology and tools available to every small-business owner, there's no need to be a shoe box hoarder. Instead, you can set up your business with a minimal-fuss record keeping system that will help you stay on top of your finances, gain a better day-to-day understanding of your business, and save you piles of cash in accounting fees.

Members, read the suggestions for making record keeping easier.
How do you take home more money from your photography business? It's pretty simple, really: Sell more and spend less. Selling more is great, if you can do it, but spending less is often an easier and more immediate way to boost your bottom line. In fact, we've seen time and again that photographers' best way to make an immediate impact on their profits is to better control their expenses.

Read the full article to learn PPA's advice for controlling expenses.
It's getting closer to go-time for Imaging USA. Have you booked your hotel? There's still room at Omni Hotel at CNN Center (our headquarters hotel) and the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel (with complimentary shuttles to Imaging USA at the Georgia World Congress Center). But act fast: Their special room rates end December 16 and 17 respectively! Visit the Imaging USA Hotels & Travel page for more information about booking.
The 2013 PPA Western and Northcentral District Photographic Competitions will begin accepting entries soon, so get your images ready now!

Entries for the  2013 Northcentral District Photographic Competition will be accepted from January 1 - February 1, 2013. The judging will take place February 8-9, 2013. Rules and more information are now available.

The 2013 Western District Photographic Competition will accept entries January 21 - February 15, 2013. The judging will take place February 22-24, 2013. Find the rules and complete information.

The 2013 Northeast and Southeast District Photographic Competition entry dates will be announced when we get closer to the judging dates. Stay tuned to the District Competitions page for entry dates and rules.

Don't know what district competition to enter? Check the district map

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