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PPA Today: October 2012 Archives

October 2012 Archives

Starting tomorrow (Nov. 1), you'll have even more ways to get in the loop on a variety of subjects. Yep, topic-based communities are being added to theLoop!

These new communities will be a perfect place to focus group discussions around a pressing finance question that's popped up, a new marketing idea you're wondering about, and so much more. Have a special shoot this weekend and unsure of how to handle the lighting? Struggling with a certain action in the latest Lightroom version? Ask your questions in a group dedicated to the subject.

What's more, these new communities will make it even easier to browse through the questions, answers and advice that mean the most to you. Join the Posing Community, for example, and you'll always be connected to the latest discussions surrounding that topic.

So are you ready to form more alliances with like-minded PPA members? Ready to ask questions, give advice and share your best ideas and biggest worries? theLoop is ready for you. Embrace the power of choice!

Join theLoop's New Communities on November 1:

  • Finance
  • Fundamentals
  • Lighting
  • Marketing
  • Operations
  • Posing
  • Post-Capture
  • Sales
Congratulations to Angela Stanton of Anaheim, CA! On October 15, 2012, her studio (Stanton Photo Studios) was named one of the Best Artistic Photographers of Orange County by CBS. There are thousands of photographers around the Los Angeles and Orange County areas, and Angela came out in the top five in this roundup of creative, inspiring artists.


leroy_ppatoday_1.JPGFall weddings can present a fun twist on the typical summer event. The weather is cooler. The colors are different. The entire affair may have a different feel.

Fall also offers its own set of photographic challenges and special considerations, from earlier sunsets to the possibility of hurricane-spawned weather. That's why we spoke to two PPA members, Ellen LeRoy, M.Photog., and Todd Suber, to get their advice on how to handle fall weddings.

Read their advice here.

question_mark_6.pngIf you didn't get a chance to sign up for the October 25th "Put Those Benchmark Tools to Use" online class before it was full, fear not, PPA is offering the class again on Monday, November 5th at 2 PM Eastern.

In this class (free for PPA members), you'll get step-by-step guidance in using two of the newest Benchmark resources.

If you're ready to dive into the Benchmark Survey and learn how you can make your business more profitable, sign up for the class today. Only 70 members can attend the live class, so you'll want to get in before it is full! A recording of the class will be available to PPA members after the live date.

There's even more education coming your way in October and November. PPA will host classes on commercial photography, holiday specials, bridal shows and income taxes. Plus, one of PPA's acclaimed business workshops, the Business Basics Workshop, is coming back to PPA headquarters in Atlanta in November. View the upcoming schedule below and click on the links for more information and to register.

October 30, 2012
Expand Your Horizons: Commercial Photography for Portrait Professionals

With Jeffrey Dachowski, M.Photog.Cr., CPP
$39 for PPA Members

November 3, 2012
Business Basics Workshop

With Ann Monteith & Bridget Jackson

November 5, 2012
Put Those Benchmark Tools to Use

With Bridget Jackson, Manager of PPA's Studio Management Services
FREE for PPA Members

November 6, 2012
How to Fill Your Holiday Specials

With Carol Johnson, M.Photog.
$39 for PPA Members

November 13, 2012
The Secrets to Success at Bridal Shows

With Pete Wright, M.Photog.Cr.
$39 for PPA Members

November 15, 2012
Income Tax Strategies

With Bridget Jackson, Manager of PPA's Studio Management Services
FREE for PPA Members

You've been hearing about PPA's Benchmark Survey and how it can help you better manage your business. Now it's time for action! Don't worry, though, we never leave you alone with those scary numbers. In fact, we're holding TWO free webinars (Oct. 25 & Nov. 5) to give you step-by-step guidance in using two of the newest resources.  

This isn't a promo video--it really can show you what you can make of your numbers. Best of all: It's free (if you're a PPA member)!

In fact, the response has been so great to this announcement that we already filled up the Oct. 25 webinar. That's why we added that new date (Nov. 5)--we want to accommodate more of you who want to ask your questions!

For an opportunity to ask your questions about the Benchmark Survey tools in the Q&A, register & save your spot pronto! There's only room for 70 attendees during this live webinar. 
Want a successful business? Then education is one of the most important investments you can make. But let's face it: most photographers would rather buy new toys. That's why we want to reward you smart decision-makers who choose business education first! Now when you register for the Business Breakthroughs Workshop at Imaging USA (January 17-19), we'll throw in a full Imaging USA registration ($129) at no cost to you.

You can attend all the parties, the three-day trade show, and all the additional classes on us--our gift to you for investing in your education! In fact, many of those classes feature business experts that will help you build on the foundation you create in the Business Breakthroughs Workshop.

Ready to get educated, better your business and save? Simply choose the Pre-Convention Classes Only option when registering. PPA will then give you a single full-convention registration for the rest of Imaging USA. You'll receive an email confirmation of the fact within 48-72 hours of registering for the Business Breakthroughs Workshop pre-convention class.
You definitely don't want to miss Imaging USA's closing night party--we're hosting it at the amazing Georgia Aquarium, and we've yet to meet a single person who did not drop a few oohs and aahs here!
After all, when you celebrate with fellow attendees at the world's largest aquarium, you and your camera will be joined by playful penguins, graceful beluga wales, spectacular whale sharks and aquatic animals of all types. Yep, you get full aquarium access! Add in great music, food and plenty of libations to keep you well-watered (cash bar and one free drink ticket per person), and this party will be the perfect way to end your Imaging USA experience in style.
But this party is more than a cool locale you won't want to forget.
This is your chance to solidify those new friendships you've built at the show! Relationships with vendors and colleagues (not just customers) drive photography businesses, and this kind of networking is a major part of Imaging USA. So take mesmerizing pictures with friends old and new, exchange contact info and create memories at this last night party. The fact that you can do it at such an unforgettable location is like putting sprinkles on a cupcake--it makes a good thing even better!
Your full-convention Imaging USA badge will be your golden ticket to all this fun: Tuesday, January 22, 8:00pm - 11:00pm. Oh, and family and friends are welcome ($45 per guest / $20 per kid aged 12 and under)! We can't wait to see you here!
loop_slider_2012.pngEver wish there was an online hangout exclusively for pro photographers? Wish granted. Let me introduce you to theLoop--it's THE social network for professional photographers, and it's waiting for you! (Well, it is if you're a PPA member.)

Need professional advice? Want to share an accomplishment or an inspiration? Now you can! TheLoop makes it easier than ever to connect with your fellow professional photographers in a safe place. Not only can you trade thoughts or ideas with your peers, you can discuss sensitive topics like customer service, dealing with demanding clients, and best practices without fear of being exposed to potential customers or other vendors.

If you're ready to get in theLoop and explore, here are the three super-simple steps to get started:

  • Log in to (use your normal PPA login information).
  • Read & accept the Official Etiquette Guide that will pop up on your screen (you only have to do this once).
  • Watch the "Welcome to theLoop" video for tips & start building your profile!
We can't wait to see you in theLoop!
teh_pets_3.jpgMost pet photographers start because of a love of pets but, well, you can't live on love. It takes a certain set of skills to deal with those four-legged kids, their "parents" and turn a profit...without going barking mad. In fact, here's what three respected professional pet photographers suggest all budding pet photographers do.


petty_pet_1.jpgOur pets are adorable, but it's rather hard to capture that adorableness in the camera, even if you're a pro. So how do you light, pose and work with Fido?

Photographers must figure out the best ways to get the shots that pet parents pay the big bucks for. That's why PPA spoke with three of our pet photographer members - Sarah Petty, Teresa Berg and Leesia Teh - to get their advice on what pet images sell the best and how to capture them. PPA members can read the full article now.

arcsoft_portrait_plus_300.jpgEnter the PPA Facebook Giveaway by October 24 at 5 p.m. ET for a chance to win Portrait+ Auto Retoucher for Portraits from ArcSoft ($249.99 value).

Portrait+ is an extremely efficient tool designed for commercial portrait photographers, which provides an easiest way to batch-process dozens of photos in a minute with amazing results. Based on face reorganization technology, Portrait+ is able to detect up to 20 faces in a photo and precisely pinpoint facial features. No training is required while both time and money are saved.

Enter the giveaway here
Case studies sound boring, am I right? But is making money boring? Not so much! That's why we've gathered details and sales tips from three PPA members around the country (case studies, if you will). If you're a PPA member too, you can read all about their best-selling portrait/wedding sales packages here.

Not a member? Rectify that right now--join PPA and then you can learn all we've got to share!
As a photographer, there's probably a part of you that wants to put a barbed wire fence with laser-activated missile launchers around your images. They represent your hard work and creative soul! And we at PPA understand (but we also know that those missile launchers are not legal for this purpose--sorry).

Instead, remember that PPA membership grants you access to all our copyright and advocacy benefits! We can help you navigate those complex copyright issues via our full-time Copyright & Government Affairs department.

So, are you doing everything possible (short of those missiles) to protect your images?

  • Start by brushing up on your basic copyright knowledge & applying it. PPA has downloadable resources to help you, from the Copyright Kit (updated annually to reflect U.S. Copyright Law and rules changes put in place by the U.S. Copyright Office) to sample forms and articles that walk you through addressing infringements and crafting licensing agreements.
  • Watch free webinars (only for PPA members) to answer even more questions about copyright, licensing agreements or other legal forms.
  • Ask PPA for help. We are happy to help our members (as much as we can) with individual copyright questions or to ensure copyright compliance. Sometimes we can even work with you on a one-on-one basis to communicate with an infringer if you find images that have been used without permission!
PPA even takes this one-on-one help a bit all the way to Capitol Hill further. Our Copyright & Government Affairs staff regularly participates in discussions on copyright, small-business matters and health insurance concerns. We meet with congressional staff to discuss how legislation might affect pro photographers like you. And we meet with the U.S. Copyright Office about copyright rules and regulations and how changes could benefit or harm your ability to protect your image rights.

Why in the world would we bother? Because after listening to member comments, meeting key players on Capitol Hill and reviewing legislation, we can then take action on issues that might affect you as a photographer and small-business owner. We want to make sure that you have a voice in the matter!

Assisting members, educating the public, and acting to protect the rights of photographers all play an important role in PPA. (So don't worry about the barbed wire or the missiles; we'll back you up.)

Not a PPA member, but wishing you were after reading about this and all the other benefits? Who could blame you? For full-time assistance from our copyright and advocacy team, join PPA today!
winslow_ppatoday_1.JPGBaby and child portraits are the bread and butter for many portrait studios, but are they right for you? This work requires a certain personality, a HIGH level of patience and a good understanding of the marketplace, among other things. To gain some insider insights, we talked to two well-established child portrait artists--Kimberly Wylie, M.Photog., of Dallas, TX, and Laura Winslow of Gilbert, AZ--about what it takes to rise above the fray.

Read the interview with Wylie and Winslow here.


Results are now available for the 2013 Southwest District Photographic Competition.

Congratulations to the photographers who earned Seals of Approval for their entries. Download the results here.

Check the District Photographic Competition page for information on the other upcoming district competitions. 

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