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PPA Today: July 2012 Archives

July 2012 Archives

Ever find it difficult to carve out time for yourself? To step back and look at your business in a new way? Finding that time is hard, but worth it. Without an influx of ideas, your creativity and drive can weaken. Why do you think companies give employees vacation? Taking a few days to recharge means a more productive, creative mind can return. And that's why PPA created Imaging USA.

Imaging USA is the largest annual convention and expo organized by pro photographers, for pro photographers. It's our way of combining everything you need for business and artistic growth with a vacation from the daily grind!

Can You Block Off 3 Days?
The January 20-22, 2013 event will be held at the Georgia World Congress Center in Atlanta. That's just three days to block off your schedule for; three days to focus on your business and your creative needs as an artist. And in those three days, you might discover something new that changes the way you do business, thanks to the education, trade show, and networking.

"Nobody wants to become irrelevant. Attending conventions like Imaging USA gives us the resources and inspiration to keep on top of what's out there," add Dave and Quin Cheung, who will also be speaking at the 2013 show. "Whether it's a new perspective for craft or profit, an open mind can learn from everyone you meet at Imaging USA." 

Longstanding PPA member Tim Babin, Cr.Photog., of Babin Photography agrees. "The education that you find at Imaging USA is astounding, but the people and friends I've met--people I trust to give me good information--are the best parts."

Sound like a good use of your time? As a PPA member, you can opt for a single full-convention registration pass (just $129), or add one or two guests to your registration. Non-PPA members can attend, and anyone who to joins PPA as a Professional Active member gets to go for free! (Of course, for an additional fee, you could always come early for some more in-depth, hands-on pre-convention classes.)

It's up to you how to spend the time you invest in yourself, but the first step is taking that time. So give yourself a vacation with real ROI for your business and art: Learn how at

pinterest.jpgIt's probably safe to say that most of us have heard of Pinterest by now. With over a million "pins" per week, it's a pretty successful social media platform! But do you know how to use it legally? PPA has a free member webinar on that topic on July 31, so tune in and gather up safety tips for Pinterest.
nordstrom_holidaypromo1.JPGHow do you handle your slow season? Most photography studios have a time when the bookings slow to a trickle; it's nothing new. The key is planning for those slower times, either by saving money or marketing to encourage more business.

In fact, PPA members Lori Nordstrom, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, ABI, and Kalen Henderson, M.Photog.MEI.Cr., CPP, API, have shared some of their seasonal promotions that coincide with different holidays to boost client awareness and keep business coming through the door.

Members can read the article with three of their promotional ideas. These ideas can help you make your slow season a thing of the past!


forester_xmas_promo1.jpgWhen it comes to holiday promotions, response is often contingent upon getting clients in the spirit well in advance of the holidays. Key to generating holiday enthusiasm in, say, July is good imagery. After all, you are running a photography business, and the images should ultimately speak for themselves.

Color Scheme
The first thing you should consider is the color scheme. Beth Forester, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, of Forester Photography in Madison, WV, says that she's experimented with different color combinations, but nothing sells quite like red and green. "When I'm putting together my card designs to show clients, I experiment with different colors, but I always have a red and green option," she says.

Read the full article

Image ©Forester Photography

nordstrom_lori_250x.jpgDo you plan for the season...any season? Lori Nordstrom, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, ABI, does with great results, and she's going to share her strategies for cashing in on the holiday seasons (and planning for the year) via tomorrow's PPA webinar: "Cash In This Christmas" (July 24, 2:00pm Eastern).

Plan on learning both top-level ideas and specific how-to's as she shares details about her Thanksgiving promotion (called "I'm Thankful") and other holiday promos. She'll also discuss how to create different seasonal products and promotions that bring in both high-end clients AND the clients you usually wouldn't reach.

The goal is extra income without sacrificing your precious family time. So tune in and learn how to make the holidays merry for you as well as your clients!

Here at PPA, we are always looking for new ways to help you get what you need to succeed. That's why we hooked up with InfoTrends, a market research and consultancy firm. They are conducting a national, large scale study to better understand the impact digital photography has on studios like yours and how to improve your equipment. In fact, the results will help manufacturers design better products and solutions to fit your needs. (It's like creating a wish list via survey!)

You can even benefit from taking part in the survey right now. A $25 gift certificate will be sent to 100 randomly chosen respondents, and ALL respondents will be entered into a drawing for $500. (Feel free to share this offer with any other pro photographer who might be interested.)

Complete the 15-20 minute survey and be entered into the drawing here:

Better act fast, though--this invitation will be available only until a limited number of responses have been received.

Thanks for your insight (and good luck winning the gift!)

PPA was created by pro photographers, for pro photographers, and that has influenced us in all we do, especially our member benefits. For example, did you know about the $15,000 of equipment insurance that eligible members get for free? Did you know of the additional equipment insurance options available only for PPA members to purchase? We want to help you protect what matters, so read on...

What It Is
PhotoCare Equipment Insurance is an exclusive policy purchased by PPA for eligible members (U.S.-based Professional Active or Life members) and administered through Lockton Risk Services, PPA's exclusive broker. Simply put, we pay your premiums for you!

PhotoCare covers your cameras, lenses and other photography equipment, including computer hardware:
  • $15,000 of coverage (paid for by PPA)
  • Loss due to fire, theft or equipment breakage
  • Worldwide, off-premises or "on location" coverage
Keep in mind that PhotoCare serves as an "excess/secondary" policy when other insurance coverage is present. For example, if your camera is stolen in your home, first turn to your homeowner's policy to see if it will cover your equipment loss. If it's not covered by that policy, then that's where PhotoCare would step in!

How to Use It

Since PhotoCare is administered through PPA's exclusive insurance broker, Lockton Affinity, we cannot activate your policy on your behalf. You must personally log in to and activate the policy, which gives your approval for that coverage. If you do not activate it, you will not be eligible to file a claim.

Make use of the benefit created to help you, and activate your free policy now:
  • Log in to with your user name and password.
  • Look under the My PPA tab (top left).
  • Click on the "Yes, Activate My Free PhotoCare Equipment Insurance!" It will appear in the upper left corner of the page if you are eligible (U.S.-based Professional Active or Life members of PPA).
  • Follow the prompts to download a copy of your PhotoCare Coverage Certificate!
PPA members can also purchase additional equipment insurance coverage with PhotoCare Plus. Learn more at
white_lara_blog.jpgYou know what networking is, right? Of course you do. But the majority of people don't quite understand how it works, says Lara White, founder of PhotoMint, an online resource for photography business owners. "Networking is merely the way to meet potential partners," she explains. "In order to get results, you need to follow up."

Lara's going to share how to get those results in her upcoming PPA webinar, "Book More Weddings: Building Vendor Relationships to Drive Your Business" (July 17, 2:00pm Eastern). Luckily for us, she's sharing a few tips right now!

  • Make the call. "Once I actually began taking action--following up with people I met--things started building slowly," says Lara about her experience in running a successful photography business (Geoff White Photography) with her husband. "Over time, I began to develop relationships with vendors that led to marketing partnerships and many referrals for my business."
  • Build referral relationships all over town (with wedding vendors, for example). Say the bride asks her florist for photographer referrals and is provided a list that includes your name. Next, she asks her venue for recommendations and is shown your sample album as the facility coordinator says you work there frequently and clients love you. Finally, she asks her makeup artist if she has heard of your studio, and she gushes about how awesome you are.  The referrals build on each other, making you look better than ever to the prospect.
  • Work on several relationships at once. Some of your relationships will flourish right away while others may take months or years to build.
  • Be patient & maintain contact. Lara was afraid that her very first networking event for the wedding industry was a total waste: "I'd only met one person, spent three hours out of the office and paid for the luncheon. But that single meeting led to one of the big breaks in my career." She built a business relationship with that contact, and when he booked a celebrity wedding, he referred Lara and her husband. "That particular wedding got so much press and industry recognition, it was a turning point in our career," she adds.  Plus, the couple purchased two multiple-volume album sets and four parent albums!
  • Don't dismiss new vendors. It's often easier to connect with those who are new to the events industry (especially if you're just getting started in photography yourself!) because they will likely have more time available to meet new people, will need images for marketing, and will be eager to get their businesses off the ground as well.

Done right, networking can give you a flood of referrals and bookings. Want to get those kinds of results? Start with Lara's webinar on July 17!
Interested in adding destination wedding photography to your offerings? Wedding photography is tricky enough--you have to deal with emotional clients, lots of moving parts and very tight schedules. "Destination" weddings add even more unique challenges to the mix, but two PPA photographers share some of their strategies for success.

Getting Started

Building awareness of your destination photography services comes down to good communication, both online and word of mouth. "The best thing I did to build my business was to network. Most of my inquiries come from referrals," notes Kenny Kim, an internationally traveled destination wedding photographer. He even invests in staying a few extra days at the various locations so he can network and cultivate relationships with the locals.

Read the full article.
In today's portrait market, on-location shoots enjoy a strong level of popularity among all types of clients, from the progressive-minded to those whose tastes run more to the traditional.

Unfortunately, on-location sessions aren't always a picnic. Unlike the controlled environment of a studio, there are countless environmental factors, distractions and ever-changing lighting conditions. To get a handle on best practices for on-location sessions, we talked to PPA members Jennifer Dell and Gregory Daniel, M.Photog.Cr, F-ASP, both of whom do a variety of child and family sessions in a wide range of locations.

Members can read the full article.
Posing guides seem to be an rapidly expanding product niche. Have you purchased one (or more)? Which? Did you like it? Was it helpful?

Sign in to your account to leave your comments below!

mitsubishi_cp_blog.JPGMitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America, Inc. has announced a new free 2x6 Multi-cut Function driver upgrade for the CP-9550DW professional photo printer, making the CP-9550DW a perfect solution for high-speed production, event and photo booth applications.

"Our engineers have developed another profitable solution for our customers with the addition of the 2x6-inch Multi-cut Function to the CP-9550DW," said James Chan, vice president of marketing, Mitsubishi Electric Visual Solutions America. "This feature fills a need in the event printing market because of increased demand for photo-booth style prints. The release of the free Multi-cut Function driver upgrade has expanded the versatility of the CP-9550DW to include photo booth applications."

Mitsubishi Electric's CP-9550DW is a high-speed, high-volume professional photo printer that offers outstanding print quality at a low cost. Its unique, dual-line color reproduction system and adaptive thermal head management improves print head resolution.

The CP-9550DW is equipped with a choice of two print modes: Superfine for high-quality photo prints, and Fine for high-speed photo production. Plus, with a unique roll-type mechanism to help ensure jam-free reliability and the flexibility of six different output sizes (2×6-, 3.5×5-, 4×6-, 5×7-, 6×8- and 6×9- inch), the CP-9550DW provides a solution for all photo-printing applications.

The CP-9550DW Multi-cut Function driver download is available for free from the Mitsubishi Electric website:

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