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July 2011 Archives

Dear PPA Member,

When you were little, did your parents ever keep track of your growth by marking your height on a wall every year? It's a similar concept to PPA's Financial Benchmark Survey, which helps you see where your business stacks up against industry standards. You can't improve what you can't measure! So, if you want to better your business, turn to the Benchmark Surveys. (In fact, the 2011 survey is taking place as we speak...or read and write in this case.)

Our goal with the survey and findings isn't to lecture you. The idea is to make more money and keep more of it.

Sound good? We thought so. And that's why we're starting this series on better understanding the lessons the Benchmark Survey provides.

Christel Aprigliano
Director of Member Value & Experience

P.S. Don't forget to participate in the 2011 Benchmark Survey now. Do it by August 31, and you could win an iPad! has launched a new service for their clients called 'The Store.' The Store contains all of the key features from industry research and requested from customer feedback. The PhotoBiz Store is much more than an online shopping cart. It's a fully branded, unique-to-you store that is jam packed full of features.

The home pages for The Store are called "Marquee" pages. This is a brand new page type that allows the user to choose from multiple layouts, including a scrolling banner and multiple image display. Most of the content pages allow for embedded HTML widgets and the text content of these pages is easily indexed by search engines, because the Store is completely HTML5 compatible. The Store also contains an icon bank with all of the most popular social media sites. In addition, there is a "Share" icon that allows anyone viewing the website to share a specific page link via email and a variety of social networking sites.

The Store allows PhotoBiz customers to sell practically anything. With various page layouts; products, packages and services are able to be separate items organized into different categories. Up to 10 images per product and service can be uploaded and one photo per sub-option for each can be added. One of the most advanced areas of the new Store is the flexible menu system. The site builder can choose to link to almost any page on the Store directly from the menu or link to a single product, category, or all products.

When planning The Store, Photobiz developed methods that would make sales easier and faster. One area that has significantly expanded is discount types. The Store will have 12 different coupon types available. The seller can create an unlimited number of coupons in their Store, and customize them to their business' needs including discounts in dollar amounts, percent off, buy one get one and bundled offers.

PhotoBiz has honored the requests for a "Favorites" section in the Store. As a customer views their images, they can quickly and easily mark their favorite photos by clicking the "Favorite" button. They can then view all of their favorites at once by clicking the Favorites tab. The customer can choose to buy individual prints or add images to selected products, services or packages. The photographer can designate their own "favorites" by using the Featured Photos tab to suggest purchasing choices.

Another new feature for The Store is "My Account." There is a "Sign In" button at the top of the page when clicked, the customer can log in to their existing account or create a new one. Once the customer has logged in, all of their "Favorite" images are saved, as well as any items added to their cart. This allows them to continue a shopping session at any time, from any computer, simply by logging back in.

To make this feature even more valuable, PhotoBiz has added the ability for the seller to view their customers' saved carts in the Control Panel. This allows them to keep track of activity in the store in general, as well as for specific customers. The Store can search for saved carts by customer name or date range, and can view all items in the cart, as well as the date created and last updated. This can aid with streamlining the purchasing process.

For more information about, visit or on Facebook at

You've probably heard that PPA has kicked off the latest Benchmark Survey. (In fact, if you participate by August 31, you could win an iPad or more!) But are you set up to take advantage of the information that the Benchmark Analysis is going to provide? To make your numbers make sense--for your own sanity as well as for getting the most use out of PPA's benchmarks and all the educational tools we'll be releasing around the new data--start setting up a managerial accounting system now. Don't worry; it's easier than it sounds!

To make your numbers make sense--for your own sanity as well as for getting the most use out of the Benchmark Survey--set up a managerial accounting system. Don't worry; it's easier than it sounds!

Managerial accounting is structured so that everyone (even non-accountants) can tell what's right and wrong with their businesses. That's why PPA's financial benchmarks are structured to support this system. After all, you can't improve what you can't measure, and we want all PPA members to be able to improve their profitability with the benchmarks!  

So, in the next few weeks, we're going to work together to set up a managerial accounting system (and get your numbers benchmark-friendly), so you can take advantage of the report when it's published.  Let's start this week with the first step:

Step 1: List your sales by product line and category.
Make a list of everything you sell.  For example, one product line could be your studio portraits. That product line's categories could include the subjects of those portraits, from couples to children, families to pets or executives. A wedding product line could be categorized by packages, and so on.

Along with being able to compare more specific results with PPA's benchmarks, organizing sales this way will help you figure out important facts down the road:

  • The percentage of your income coming from each product line and category (so you could focus on your profitable ones)
  • The parts of your business that are growing or declining
  • The effectiveness of your marketing efforts for each product line and category

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. This week, your goal is just to make a list of all the product lines that you sell.  Be specific, but don't over think it. And don't forget to stay tuned for Step 2 next Tuesday.  

If you haven't already, now is the time to sign up for this year's Benchmark Survey. You can be a part of the only industry survey and analysis that helps photographers run better businesses. Plus, the next drawing to win a free iPad is Friday, July 29!

Remember: PPA's Studio Management Services (SMS) can also help you set up your accounts according to managerial standards. 
smith_joyce_blog.jpgNewborn photography is ever the popular choice. But as with every type of business, there's a lot that goes on behind the scenes. With newborn photography, a lot of that has to do with safety! Luckily, Joyce Smith is offering an online class that deals with this subject head-on: "Safe Bet: Photographing Portraiture's Tiniest Subjects with Care" (August 2, 2:00pm ET).

Safety in newborn photography has been on Joyce's mind for several years, and it's a heated topic amongst photographers. "While great tips can be had seemingly everywhere these days, picking up tidbits here and there leaves too great a chance that information vital to our clients' safety is missed," she explains. That's why, first and foremost, her goal with the class is to provide a comprehensive look at newborn session safety precautions.

For example, did you know that many of the more intricate newborn poses are composites merged in Adobe Photoshop? Joyce notes that creating one final image from several allows newborn artists not only to push the envelope in terms of creative posing, but also to ensure that their subjects are always safe. "But dangerous results can follow for those photographers who do not realize this!" Joyce adds.

Case in point: the stunning "sack of potatoes," where a baby seems to sit straight up in a tight swaddle. "Incredibly, photography forums are rife with tales of attempting this pose (without realizing that it is a composite) and lamenting each time the baby almost fell right before they 'had it,'" says Joyce. "Ask yourself if a pose seemingly defies the laws of physics.  If so, there's a pretty good chance that it's a composite!"

That is just one of the tips that Joyce will share during her upcoming PPA online class. As she says, "New photographers will have an excellent checklist by the end of the hour, and the more established veterans may discover something new."

If you photograph babies--or want to--this is on the must-see list! It's truly a "safe bet."
fisktaylor_mary_blog.jpgMary Fisk-Taylor, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, ABI, API, has earned a reputation as one of the most sought-after portrait and wedding photographers in her area. Along with running Hayes & Fisk: The Art of Photography in Virginia with her business partner Jamie Hayes, M.Photog.Cr., ABI, API, she also opened a second studio two years ago to focus on children and high school senior photography. Her success can be traced directly back to several marketing plans that keep her appointment books full...even with two studios to deal with!

Mary is proof positive that marketing (and sales) keep your photography business growing if they are done right. But there are many pitfalls that you can fall into if you aren't smart with these techniques.

"It is so easy to get caught up in trendy or temporary marketing campaigns," explains Mary about one marketing pitfall. "But if they ultimately do not represent your business or who you are as a professional photographer, they will most likely fail."

Along with being true to your vision, Mary adds that photographers need to keep their numbers and costs in mind in order to run a successful marketing campaign.

"Not every campaign has to cost tons of money," she notes. "Sometimes the simplest partnership with a like-minded business can reap the biggest rewards." Just look at her own success with partnership and charitable marketing campaigns, which have led to a "more qualified potential client base and, ultimately, bigger sales."

Another "simple" thing that plays a big part in setting successful businesses like hers apart is customer service. "Customer service is key!" exclaims Mary. "People hire photographers, not photographs. So, more than ever, that platinum client treatment is important."

If you want to learn more from Mary's marketing and sales experience, don't miss her sessions during the PPA Tour 2011 stop in Houston (August 22).
She's sure to share more ideas that you can use to get your business growing!

Register to see Mary Fisk-Taylor at the PPA Tour today.

Among her many honors, Mary has received the PPA Charities Legacy Award and the Virginia Award, which honors commitment and dedication to the state association and to the business of professional photography. She is also a proud member of the Society of XXV and current president of the PPA Charities Trustee Board. For her accomplishments, Mary was named as one of Virginia's Top 40 Under 40.  

The PPA Tour 2011: One to Grow On is an eight-city slate of daylong workshops, starting August 15 in Atlanta. Each event--designed for those just getting into photography or those needing a refresher--is focused on helping photographers make more money, while finding new ways to differentiate their studios in a highly competitive industry. Read more about the PPA Tour 2011 here, and see more of the cities and speakers here.
facebook_badge.jpgImaging USA 2012 will be held January 15-17 in New Orleans' Ernest N. Morial Convention Center. You don't want to miss Imaging USA's renowned educational classes, the Imaging EXPO trade show or any of the other events at next year's convention. So, take advantage of the open registration now!
Visit to view all the Imaging USA 2012 registration options. Remember, if you register by December 1, 2011, you'll snag the lowest rate!
Imaging USA attendees can also receive discounted rates on several hotels in the convention center area, including the Hilton New Orleans Riverside, the headquarters hotel of Imaging USA 2012. Book your room soon, though. Once these room blocks are sold out, reservations will be subject to availability at regular rates.
View all the hotel information (plus information about traveling to New Orleans) at

Dear PPA Member ,

How would you feel if you purchased a fashion magazine subscription but had to sift through articles about fly fishing and plumbing before you got to the ones about the newest designers and the upcoming fall line? Confused? That's why Rod & Reel and Vogue don't combine their magazines. And that's why separately branding your photographic specialties is sometimes a good idea.

If you specialize in weddings and sport photography, your target markets are different. Your marketing plans are different. Your clients are different. How far you go to separate those photographic specialties is up to you, but this week's Vital Signs explores how such separation could help your overall business bottom line.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to read the latest articles about how you can use your fishing rod to fix your garbage disposal...and what you should wear while doing it.

Christel Aprigliano
Director of Member Value & Experience

Congratulations to all the recipients of the 2011 International Photographic Competition Awards. These individuals demonstrated excellence in their craft and earned tremendous achievements in PPA's 2011 International Photographic Competition. The complete list of winners can be found here.

These awards include:

  • Diamond Photographers of the Year had all four competition images accepted into the PPA Loan Collection.
  • Diamond Photographers of the Year - Electronic Imaging had all four competition images from the Electronic Imaging category accepted into the PPA Loan Collection.
  • Platinum Medalists had three images included in the PPA Loan Collection and one image in PPA's General Collection.
  • Platinum Medalists - Electronic Imaging had three images from the Electronic Imaging category included in the PPA Loan Collection and one image in PPA's General Collection
  • Gold Medalists have the distinction of two photographic images being included in the PPA Loan Collection and two images in PPA's General Collection.
  • Gold Medalists - Electronic Imaging had two images from the Electronic Imaging category included in the PPA Loan Collection and two images in PPA's General Collection.
  • Silver Medalists have achieved the inclusion of one photographic image into PPA's Loan Collection and three images into PPA's General Collection.
  • Silver Medalists- Electronic Imaging had one image from the Electronic Imaging category included in the PPA Loan Collection and three images in PPA's General Collection.
  • Bronze Medalists have had all four images submitted by the photographer accepted into PPA's General Collection.
  • Bronze Medalists - Electronic Imaging have had all four images from the Electronic Imaging category submitted by the photographer accepted into PPA's General Collection.

View the list of winners here
Moab, a division of Legion Paper, has announced the launch of Slickrock Metallic Pearl 260, a new category of fine art inkjet paper featuring an innovative metallic, pearlescent coating.  

Designed for photographers seeking to enhance their images with a metallic look, Slickrock Metallic Pearl 260 transforms an image into lifelike, almost 3D quality.  Black & White images shine on this new paper producing deep dark blacks and ultra-bright highlights.

Reminiscent of the ultra-smooth and slick sandstone surface of the famous bike trail that loops through the desert plains of Moab, Slickrock Metallic Pearl 260 captures the original beauty of an image with a metallic pearl enhancement. The paper's high gloss and unique sheen make this ideal for everyday prints with a twist.

Slickrock Metallic Pearl 260 is a micro-porous, pearlescent metallic paper featuring a glossy surface with instant dry time. The scratch-resistant coating produces vivid color reproductions on a medium-weight 12 mil metallic paper stock. The paper is designed to be printed with the Photo Black inksets.

Slickrock Metallic Pearl 260 is available immediately in 50 sheet boxes - sized 5"x7" 8.5"x11", 13"x19", A2 and A4 - and rolls sized 17, 24 and 44 inches wide by 100 feet long. For more information, and free ICC profiles, visit

PPA's 2011 Benchmark Survey isn't even over, and it's already paying off for some participants. Kimball Nelson of Kimball Nelson Photography in Colorado won a free iPad from the Benchmark Survey's first giveaway!

"I actually wanted to participate in the past Benchmark Surveys, but I just never took the time to do it. This year, I was enticed by the prizes...and it was much easier than I expected!" notes Kimball of participating in the Benchmark for the first time. "I had the necessary documents on hand and use QuickBooks for my accounting software. Plus, the submission direction made it very easy."

Besides the iPad--one of which is given away to a survey participant every month until August 31--Kimball says that she also entered to give something back to PPA. "I have found my PPA membership to be very helpful to my business."

Yes, the Benchmark Survey really does feed into the resources PPA members receive. It helps "inform photographers of where the industry is going," as Kimball adds, and it provides financial guidelines to help photographers better run their businesses. In fact, Kimball remembers taking the Business of Photography class at Imaging USA 2009. "They referred to the survey countless times to help us figure out pricing formulas and more."

As you can see, there are numerous reasons to participate in the Benchmark Survey. It's easier than you think--as Kimball found out. But if you want to get in on the iPad giveaways, you have to participate before August 31!

vertz_joy_blog.jpgIn the increasingly competitive photography industry, it is crucial that your business truly stand out. Joy Vertz of Shoot the Moon Photography does so with her Unique Experiences--sessions beyond the norm that leave her clients buzzing.

Joy's special sessions range from documenting a client's dream vacation to high fashion photo shoots. One of her session ideas (the "Ultimate Travel Experience") was inspired by a holiday gift catalog she received from a high-end department store, where they outlined their beautiful products paired with a unique experience.

"It was those experiences that I remembered the most and dreamed about one day being able to try," recalls Joy. "By offering something similar in my photography, the goal was to create an over-the-top product that people would remember."

Why offer a unique session/service?
  • Increase word-of-mouth advertising--"Clients like to share really cool things with friends, so they happily spread the word as the ones who discovered a new or unique service."
  • Boost awareness--"Both our clients and their friends tend to remember us first when it comes to commission photography."
  • Encourage larger sales and return clients--"When people are treated well, they will invest far more and return because you gave them an experience that exceeded expectations."

Interested in creating a similar effect on your own studio?
Just tune in next Tuesday for Joy's online class, "Beyond the Basics: Unique Experience Sessions to Get Noticed" (July 26, 2:00pm ET). She'll discuss little and big ideas that can help you create programs and products clients will talk about.

"These ideas can be adapted for any level of business and changed to suit your market," adds Joy. "My goal is for you to be able to implement at least one or two of the ideas--at your own level--to increase the buzz factor of your business and get clients talking about you!"
Improving your skills--both in art and business--is good for your photography business. And so is saving money! Thanks to our special Facebook offer this week, you can do both with the PPA Tour 2011:

From July 18 to July 22, visit us on PPA's Facebook page and grab a special promo code for $20 off a full-day ticket to a PPA Tour event near you! ("Like" us on Facebook to get notified of future special offers.)

You'll pay only $59 to spend an entire day with industry experts, photography vendors and your fellow photographers. The experts will walk you through a day in the life of a successful studio, with demos and tips on the marketing to the lighting, posing, post-capture, sales and service. You'll even have the opportunity to enjoy a mini trade show, door prizes, and networking with fellow photographers.

It's everything you need to get your business off the ground and growing:
duncan_cris_blog.jpg"Photography via Photoshop is a time-consuming lifestyle that will leave you tired, burned-out and eventually broke," says Cris Duncan, Cr.Photog., CPP.  That's why he's sharing his image enhancement techniques in PPA's online class, "How to Enhance (Not Edit) Your Images" (July 19, 2:00pm ET).

What's so different about this class from other workflow programs? "We will start with properly exposed and pleasing images straight from the camera and quickly bring out or highlight the beauty that is already there," Duncan explains. "This is not about taking a bad image and making it good. Rather, it's how to make a good image great!"

Ready to learn quick, effective ways to prepare your images for client proofing, delivery and Web use? Watch Duncan's demos--you'll be amazed at the ease with which you can enhance your images to suit your own style! 
Join photographer David Ziser and Animoto on a Photo Walk through New York City! The suggested donation is $20/person, and proceeds will go to PPA Charities in support of Operation Smile. There are only 50 tickets available. Get yours now:

Dear PPA Member,

Say it with me:  "No."

It's often one of the first words that we learn.  When we're young, we scream it from the top of our lungs. As we get older, we learn to temper ourselves and even find that we forget how to say it.

Still, how to effectively say no is one of the important lessons you can learn--not just in business, but in life. Successful businesspeople understand that saying no can help their business. It's hard to do, though, when you think that you must put your client first and always say yes.

This week's Vital Signs is a lesson in learning how to say no. Think of it as a refresher course, as I'm sure you had no trouble saying no to lima beans, or nap times, or...

Christel Aprigliano
Director of Member Value & Experience

P.S. Congratulations to Kimball Nelson of Colorado--the winner of the first iPad giveaway for participating in PPA's Benchmark Survey! Learn how you can participate and possibly win the next iPad:

etienne_elizabeth_blog.jpgDo you know how to enchant your engagement portrait clients? It starts off the same as with every other type of client (defining the target, marketing the session, and selling it), and you can grab some proven techniques from Elizabeth Etienne, the author of "The Art of Engagement Photography" and "Profitable Wedding Photography." Etienne presented an online class for PPA today ("Enchant Your Clients: Sales & Marketing for Engagement Clients"), and you can watch the archive with PPA's  Online Learning Pass!
In fact, Etienne also shared a few of her tips for selling couples on the need for that engagement session:

Let your images do the talking for you--"Most people feel an engagement session is an unnecessary, unneeded, added frill...until they see my images," adds Etienne. If online, she directs them to the engagement section. If meeting in person, she has an enormous gallery display of engagement images in their viewpoint, and she will also hand one a wedding portfolio book and the other her engagement book. Her images are enchanting, enticing...and they start to build the desire.

"I feel at this point, I am slowly reeling them in," Etienne says.  "I've introduced them to something they weren't even considering--sort of like the waitress bringing the dessert tray over when you swore you wouldn't eat dessert."

Point out reasons the clients might want an engagement session--One of Etienne's favorite points is that her engagement images have dozens of useful applications (save-the-date cards, invitations, wedding website décor, fine art gallery home décor, or creative wedding gifts for bridal party, family or guests). Another point that works well with some brides is reminding them that an engagement session lets them relax, get romantic, have some fun and escape the stress of wedding planning for an afternoon!

Offer different engagement packages at different prices--Having two to three packages with creative titles will give more options to those couples on varied budgets.

Include the engagement session as part of an all-inclusive package
--Price the engagement session higher a la carte than if it were to be included in a wedding package. That gives the buyer an incentive to book the all-inclusive package.

Want to learn more about how Elizabeth Etienne successfully markets and sells this photographic specialty? Just watch the archive of her online class!

If you want to learn even more from Etienne, check out her book, "The Art of Engagement Photography." It includes over 200 images with detailed information on how she created those images (choosing the right themes, location, props, etc.), lighting, posing, directing and retouching as well as residual income.
corbell_tony_blog.jpgWhen it comes to teaching other photographers about lighting, Tony Corbell, Cr.Photog., API, can definitely be considered an expert. During his career, he's spoken at over 400 workshops and seminars around the world. In fact, his book "Basic Studio Lighting" serves as the basis for numerous college photography classes. He's also released a successful DVD called "Location Lighting." He definitely knows what it takes to explain such a photographic essential...and show you how to grow with it.

One of the most important things Corbell says you can learn about lighting is that quality counts.

"Photographers have to learn to slow down just a little and pay attention to their quality--the quality of the capture, the quality of the light, the quality of the experience for the client," he explains. "It's always been about quality, which is the one thing that separates the top pros from the rest of the pack."

And you want to stand out from the crowd of photographers out there, don't you?

Another touch that can set you apart is "personalizing" the lighting to match the subject. "Instead of lighting a specific light pattern, arrange the lighting to exactly match the face and look of the subject," he adds, explaining what he does in his own work. "By understanding how light works and how it responds, you can be more creative than just using the traditional and standard facial lighting patterns."

Want to grow your skills with more of Corbell's lighting techniques? Don't miss his Nik Software sponsored sessions at the Atlanta (Aug. 15) and Philadelphia (Sept. 12) stops of the 2011 PPA Tour. During those sessions, Corbell plans to focus in on light quality, light quantity, light direction...and another photography essential for success: posing.

"Instead of concentrating on giving photographers a recipe for success, I'm going to teach them how to cook. They can blend in the ingredients however they choose," says Corbell of his upcoming PPA Tour classes.

Ready to "cook" up photographic masterpieces with lighting and see how your business grows? Register to see Tony Corbell and others during the PPA Tour!

In 2005, Corbell received the Photographer of the Year award from the International Photographic Council of the United Nations and the PPA National Award from Professional Photographers of California. He was also invited to join the prestigious Cameracraftsmen of America in 2007. In 2008, Corbell spoke to over 8,000 photographers in 36 cities, including London, Glasgow, Dublin, Toronto, Mexico City, Sydney, and many U.S. cities. The 2009 year was busy as well, with Corbell traveling to London, Germany, and U.S. cities to discuss lighting and image editing.

The PPA Tour 2011: One to Grow On is an eight-city slate of daylong workshops, starting August 15 in Atlanta. Each event--designed for those just getting into photography or those needing a refresher--is focused on helping photographers make more money, while finding new ways to differentiate their studios in a highly competitive industry. Read more about the PPA Tour 2011 here, and see more of the cities and speakers here.
What do you think of when you hear the word "photography"? You probably think of still images that capture a moment in time or images that your clients proudly display on their walls. But photography is growing. Many professional photographers are going beyond still images and incorporating video and sound for even more of an impact.

That combination of still images and video is "photo fusion," and it's becoming a powerful addition to photographers' services. Images are interspersed with video clips of the baby crawling toward the photographer or of the bride's father wiping away a tear before he walks her down the aisle. It's a combination that can provide a more complete memory for your clients...if it is handled correctly. And that is what this week's Vital Signs article is all about.

Read on to learn about harnessing the power of photo fusion the right way (a way that wows the client without burning you out).

Christel Aprigliano
Director of Member Value & Experience

ppatour_2011_slider.jpgBeing more profitable, improving digital workflow and finding a competitive niche are hot topics for most professional photographers these days, and those are just the things Professional Photographers of America (PPA) believes its PPA Tour 2011 will help them learn. The eight-city slate of daylong workshops starts in Atlanta on August 15 with other events planned for Houston, Texas; Philadelphia, Pa.; Cincinnati, Ohio; Orlando, Fla.; Kansas City, Mo.; San Francisco, Calif.; and Raleigh, N.C. Each of these PPA Tour events is focused on helping photographers make more money, while finding new ways to stand out in a highly competitive industry.

"The market for educational products targeted to photographers has exploded in the last couple of years with all kinds of inspirational and artistic programming. However, there are few options for learning how to run a sound business from A to Z," explains Dawn Robb, PPA's director of education. "The PPA Tour is set up to walk photographers through a day in the life of a successful photography studio, from finding and targeting the right customers, to taking a great photo and managing the post-capture process for highest profitability. We'll bring it all together at the end of the day with the thing all photographers want most: strategies to sell more products."

The PPA Tour is designed to help photographers who are just getting into the business and those who could use the classes as a business booster. Workshops will be taught by industry leaders, and speakers vary from city to city. Instructors include Bry Cox, Tony Corbell, Kay Eskridge, Lori Nordstrom and more. "We're highlighting photographers who have created profitable business models and are ready to lend their expertise to others," adds Robb.

Robb also points out that the PPA Tour 2011 is a great opportunity for photographers to network and learn from each other. "Others have gone through the same challenges you are going through, and now's your chance to capitalize on their solutions."

Whether attendees choose between a full day of education for $79 (9:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.) or the evening program on sales and service for $39 (5:30 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.), they will all have access to a mini trade show. At the trade show, they can browse for products and meet with key industry partners.

"Helping photographers grow their businesses and live their dreams is the point of this PPA Tour. In fact, it's the focus of PPA itself," says Robb.

PPA Tour 2011 Locations and Dates:
Atlanta, Ga. - August 15
Houston, Texas - August 22
Philadelphia, Pa. - September 12
Cincinnati, Ohio - September 19
Orlando, Fla. - September 26
Kansas City, Mo. - October 3
San Francisco, Calif. - October 10
Raleigh, N.C. - October 17

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