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PPA Today: June 2010 Archives

June 2010 Archives

Adorama (, one of America's premier photography and consumer electronics resellers, announces the winners of the first annual APPOS - iPhone App Awards for Photography. The annual APPOS Awards are designed to spotlight the rapid rise in popularity of the iPhone as a new platform for digital point-and-shoot photography and to recognize developers of outstanding photo Apps.

The top 10 winning Apps were selected from among the most frequently used Apps in more than 17,000 images submitted into Adorama's first annual iPhone Photography Contest. The winning Apps, available on the App Store at iTunes, are:
  • Mobile
  • CameraBag
  • Best Camera
  • Photogene
  • TiltShift Generator - Fake Miniature
  • ShakeItPhoto
  • Hipstamatic
  • PhotoForge
  • Lo-Mob
  • Photo fx.
ANNE-Romaguera.jpgWhen you photograph high school seniors, you cannot forget to address at least two markets: the seniors themselves and the parents writing the checks. If you're also in the contract business like Romaguera Photography, a third market comes into play: the decision makers at schools. That's a lot of audiences! But Roch Eshleman and Ryan Romaguera spoke to all those audiences fluently with the NOLA 2010 program that won the Best High School Senior Campaign of the 2009 AN-NE Marketing Awards.

Read more about the campaign here.
It seems like everyone has a camera these days, which places more of a burden on professional photographers to show and explain the difference they can make in situations like weddings. So how do photographers prove to brides that professionalism in photography is as important as in any other industry?
What convinces someone to choose a professional photographer is different from bride to bride. But after speaking to some satisfied brides who did hire professional photographers, we have a better idea of what sealed the deal...and turned them into word-of-mouth evangelists.

Read the rest of the article here
Each year, the International Photographic Competition accepts critique requests from entrants, which are fulfilled by the jurors during the competition. Many see the value in learning what the jurors see in their images, and this year we accepted 240+ critique orders!

Please note that these critiques will be ready in early-mid July, and you will receive an e-mail with information on how to view your critique (if you requested one) as soon as they are available.


Congratulations to all the recipients of the 2010 Photographer of the Year Awards! These individuals demonstrated excellence in their craft and earned tremendous achievements in PPA's 2010 International Photographic Competition. To earn this award, an individual must have all four images from their competition category "merit" in the competition. Special accolades go to the Diamond-level recipients, each of whom had all four of their images selected for the 2010 PPA Loan Collection.

Diamond Recipients

Photographers at the Diamond level had all four competition images accepted into the PPA Loan Collection.

Jon Allyn, M.Photog.MEI.Cr., CPP Milwaukee, WI
William Branson, M.Photog.Cr. Durham, NC
Kris Doman, CPP West Jordan, UT
Stephanie A Millner, Cr.Photog., CPP Toms River, NJ
Darrell A. Moll, M.Photog.Cr.,API, CPP Norwalk, OH
Robert O. Seat, M.Photog.Cr., CPP Batesville, AR
Michael E. Timmons, M.Photog.Cr. Vassar, MI

Dear PPA Member,

Growing up, I spent a lot of my summers at the beach. My parents loved being there because I had a lot of energy as a child (a LOT of energy), and I could run around and around until I was exhausted. I loved digging holes to the other side of the world and trying to bury my brother in those holes. Thankfully, I never got into any trouble (at least not at the beach). Then again, I didn't need a permit.

As a professional photographer, you may not get off the hook quite as easily. When on public lands, there is the possibility that you may need a permit in order to lawfully photograph at that location. Whether it's a national park or the local beach, there may be rules and regulations that you need to follow before ever capturing an image.

Since the permit puzzle can be confusing at times, it helps to know where to start. This week's Vital Signs helps you plan ahead for your photography permits. Knowing why you need a permit, where you need a permit and who to contact for permits can help save time and headaches down the road. Don't dig yourself into a hole!

Christel Aprigliano
PPA's Director of Member Value & Experience

alienskin_logo_250.pngAlien Skin Software announces the immediate availability of Exposure® 3, the new version of its photography effects plug-in for Adobe® Photoshop®. Exposure provides accurate film simulation and a wide range of creative effects in a simple interface.

"Exposure has grown beyond film simulation into a creativity tool, especially with the addition of Lo-Fi and vintage effects," said Tom Welsh, the architect of Exposure. "There is carefully researched science under the hood, but we keep the controls simple so photographers can focus on their art."

"Alien Skin Software is helping Exposure users get the most out of Photoshop CS5 by quickly adopting 64-bit support", said Bryan O'Neil Hughes, product manager for Photoshop at Adobe.

The International Photographic Competition judging ended last week (June 16th). Are you anxiously awaiting the results? Well, your wait is over. You can download the List of Accepted Prints here.

Teri_Quance.jpgTeri Quance, M.Photog., CPP, knows the importance of setting her photography business apart. Luckily for her, she became a photographer after working as a graphic designer in the advertising industry for 15 years--that background has been a big help in setting herself apart from other photographers.

"Much of my design background has been very beneficial in the portrait world," explains Quance, who opened Quance Design & Photography in Cypress, Texas, in 1999. "With the new digital press products many of the labs offer, we have been able to use the new technology to the benefit of our business. We are able to custom design professional products many photographers are only able to use as templates."

But Quance didn't stop at what she knew. She pushes her art and her business to new highs every day.

Focusing on the Client
While she started out photographing children and families, Quance says that her specialty since 2006 has been shooting senior portraits. You can hear her passion each time she talks about capturing seniors' images.

Quance1.gif"Senior year is such a 'right of passage' in the heart of American teens and their families. So to me, photographing that time is such an honor and privilege," she says. "I really enjoy taking a shy, quiet teenage boy or girl and giving them an experience that makes them feel beautiful, handsome and valid. We really try to make every senior session fun. It's their time in the spotlight. We have a blast!"

Quance focuses on the complete satisfaction of her clients to the point where they feel the need to spread the good word about her studio. And that is what she considers to be one of her biggest accomplishments as a photographer. Judging by her studio's booking success, it's effective, too!

"We spend very little on advertising; most of our business is brought about by word of mouth," Quance notes. "We typically book three to six weeks out; and during our busiest months, we can book up as much as eight weeks out."

Cell Phones for's CEO Kevin Casey has launched an initiative to collect used cell phones for Cell Phones For Soldiers. Kevin is an Air Force veteran and former B-52 flier and continuously joins efforts to assist the military and military families.

Cell Phones For Soldiers is a non-profit organization "started by teenagers Robbie and Brittany Bergquist with $21 of their own money. Since then, the registered 501c3 non-profit organization has raised almost $2 million in donations and distributed more than 500,000 prepaid calling cards to soldiers serving overseas. The phones are sent to ReCellular, which pays Cell Phones for Soldiers for each donated phone - enough to provide an hour of talk time to soldiers abroad. Through increased fundraising efforts, the Bergquist family hopes to raise more than $9 million in the next five years to fund new programs, such as providing video phones with prepaid service to allow soldiers abroad to see their families on a regular basis."

Dear PPA Member,

My older brother is certified. (No, not certifiable...that's my younger brother.) He's received his certification as a Project Management Professional, which is a pretty big deal in his field. That being said, I won't let him touch my taxes or my car or diagnose my medical conditions. My taxes are completed by a CPA, my car is serviced by an ASE Certified mechanic and my doctor is AMA board certified. I expect that these individuals know what they're doing and that they're on top of the knowledge in their industry.

When clients are looking for photographers, being certified can make a difference between you and your peers in the same market. Moreover, the process of becoming certified is an experience that many believe help them become better photographers. It's a win-win situation for both you and your clients--you get a marketing edge, and a potential client gets a photographer who is technically and artistically competent and has taken the steps to become certified.

Certification in any field can be a daunting experience (I'm in the process of becoming a Certified Association Executive, so I understand daunting...), but it's worth it in the long run. If you're looking for a way to separate yourself from other photographers in your area, then this week's Vital Signs should be taken to heart.

Christel Aprigliano
PPA's Director of Member Value & Experience

NYC Foto Works' 3rd annual Portfolio Review will take place at the Sandbox Studios in New York, October 28th - 30th. This professional networking event allows photographers to meet one-on-one with photo editors, agents, art buyers and gallery owners. Attendees this year will include atttendees include Digitas, Publicis, McCann Erickson, Mother New York, Art & Commerce, Redux Pictures, Contact Press Images, Kristina Snyder, Bonni Benrubi Gallery, Howard Greenberg Gallery, Steve Kasher Gallery, GQ, Esquire, Vanity Fair, The New Yorker, Men's Health, ESPN and many more. To register, or for more information, go to

judging.jpgDuring a week where the halls of Gwinnett Technical College in Atlanta, Ga., would normally be quiet for the summer, a different kind of education is underway. Forty-nine PPA-Approved Affiliate Jurors are applying new technology to the long-standing processes in the annual International Photographic Competition judging for PPA merits and the coveted Showcase and Loan Collections.

Some 5,000 images are making their way through a rigorous selection process where trained jurors critique each individually, based on the 12 elements of a merit image. That said, this year's judging process is moving faster and more efficiently than ever, thanks to new, hand-held scoring pads based on Apple's iPod technology, which allow jurors to vote electronically and quickly tally decisions.


PhotoVision is doubling up on the educational segments contained on the next issue with 10 segments and 9 photographers being featured.

As a sponsor, PPA is pleased to offer our members PhotoVision 2010 at the special price of $39 - a $110 savings off the full price of $149. Receive 14 hours of educational content on 6 DVDs, one mailed every other month for one low price. PPA members can sign in here for their discount code.

If you would like to preview 10 minutes of actual content from PhotoVision Issue 81, go to 

vanKierk_neil.jpgBeing able to sum up a lighting situation and almost instinctively know what to do to improve it (or even if it needs improving) is one the most important lighting skills you can have, according to Neil van Niekerk in Wayne, N.J. While that is not something you can learn in one go, it's part of what he will help photographers work towards in his upcoming PPA webinar, "Just Give Me the F-stop" (June 21, 12:00pm Eastern).

Beautiful lighting is an art and a science, and Niekerk's point is that you can't depend on just the numerical equipment settings to get it right. You have to combine that with methods and with an artistic eye. And he should know. Niekerk has taught many workshops on flash photography and lighting, maintains a blog with education articles on the subject and has even written a book about flash!

In fact, Niekerk says his goal during his regular workshops are "a few 'ah, NOW I get it' moments" like he experienced himself.

"For myself, I had a breakthrough [in understanding light & flash] when I finally realized that TTL flash and manual flash are two completely different animals," recalls Niekerk. "All the rules and guidelines that we are taught about flash are steeped in the formalities of manual flash; but when you work with TTL flash, it all changes. The old guidelines fall away. Once you realize that (and learn to control TTL flash), you have a remarkably versatile lighting tool."

Would you like to learn some of the methods Niekerk uses, such as how gelling your flash for tungsten can make flash blend seamlessly with the available light? Perhaps Niekerk will even discuss his infamous "Black Foamie Thing," a device he fashioned to soften and be more unobtrusive with flash.

Regardless, you'll want to join Niekerk on June 21st because he won't just stop at the f-stop...he'll take you to beautiful light.

Certifications are a universal sign to all of us that the person who is credentialed has made the extra effort to ensure that his or her skills are up to par. As consumers, we feel an extra measure of assurance when we do business with a certified professional, whether it's a doctor, accountant or plumber.

Photography is no different. The ability to claim the designation of Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) certainly benefits you, but the education process photographers participate in to become certified also improves the industry and raises standards of excellence across the board.

PPA believes in the educational process and the importance of achieving this designation, and we're offering a three-day Certification Preparation Class in August for all interested photographers who wish to better their skills and become a Certified Professional Photographer.

CPP Certification Preparation Class in August
This three-day intensive class will delve into the technical topics covered in the CPP Certification Exam, explore the Image Submission Review...and give you a more thorough working knowledge of photography.

The OurPPA forum committee has been working to improve the user experience on the forums at The forum conversation topics will soon be grouped into one of four sections:  Welcome, Member, PPA and Community. The total number of forum topics will be reduced as well. For example, forums with similar topics or with low activity will be combined. Work on these changes should be completed in the next few days, so you will soon be enjoying the "leaner, meaner" version of OurPPA Forums.

In the meantime, here is the layout of the new, simplified forum structure:

Photodex Corporation has released Grunge Appeal, the latest installment in its popular ProShow StylePack product line. Grunge Appeal features 25 style combos, each designed to instantly give shows a distinctive, edgy-cool look. These styles combine professional-quality art backgrounds with subtle motion and image effects. Perfect for enhancing high school senior slide shows, graduation slide shows or any show that could use a little edgy styling.

ProShow StylePacks instantly transform photos and videos into exciting layouts, animations and image effects, simplifying a user's workflow and making the process of creating professional output less time consuming. With just a few clicks users can preview a style and apply it to any slide in their show. Each style comes in both 16:9 (for high-definition widescreen) and 4:3 (standard definition) aspect ratios and can be customized to a user's liking. All styles in Grunge Appeal are compatible with both ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer.

A sample video featuring each style in Grunge Appeal can be seen on the Photodex website at:

Pricing and Availability
Grunge Appeal is available now for $19.95 from or by calling 1-800-37-PHOTO. (1-800-377-4686) All styles in Grunge Appeal are compatible with both ProShow Gold and ProShow Producer. Requires ProShow 4.0 or higher. 
onOne Software, Inc., a leading developer of innovative, timesaving solutions for professional and advanced amateur photographers, today announced that PhotoFrame 4.5.1 Free Edition and PhotoTools 2.5.3 Free Edition now include support for the new Adobe® Photoshop CS5 and Photoshop CS5 Extended software.  

onOne Software's free plug-ins for Photoshop are based on the award winning versions of PhotoTools 2.5 Standard Edition and PhotoFrame 4.5 Standard Edition and are compatible with Photoshop CS2, CS3 and CS4 and now Photoshop CS5.  PhotoTools 2.5 Free and PhotoFrame 4.5 Free provide photographers with select content from the Standard Editions of each product, while maintaining full-functionality, unlike the traditional restrictions of 30 day timed trials or watermarked images. Free video tutorials are available at onOne University to help photographers quickly learn how to use and get the most of the products.  

Both PhotoTools 2.5.3 Free and PhotoFrame 4.5.1 Free are available immediately at no cost as downloads from onOne Software at Users of previous versions of the free products should download and reinstall the newest versions.

Dear PPA Member,

Being in business by yourself can be tough: long hours and a million things to do with no one to help you get through it. Having a partner relieves some of the burden and can even increase the excitement of being in a business that you love.

Keep in mind, though, that being in business with someone is often like being in a personal relationship. You have to be right for each other; you have to balance each other; there has to be compatibility, respect and a strong foundation. If you want to make it permanent, you make it legal. And just as in a personal relationship, a business partnership can turn out sweet...or sour.

Learn how to make a potential partnership succeed, thanks to PPA members who have shared their experiences (the good and the bad) in this week's Vital Signs.

Christel Aprigliano
PPA's Director of Member Value & Experience

Adobe is allowing two uses of PPA's 15% association discount through the end of August so PPA members can save on both Adobe Creative Suite® 5 and Lightroom® 3. Even if you have used your association discount in the past 90 days, you can receive a second discount code and use it to purchase a new copy or upgrade of Lightroom 3. To use your association discount, login to the Using Member Benefits page on

Matthew Jordan Smith, Elle magazine spreadThe Creative Experience Photo Seminar is an exciting two-part seminar focused on teaching you the most important aspects of the photographic process: creative vision. Internationally renowned photographer Matthew Jordan Smith will show you how to channel your creativity and improve your technical skill in this one of a kind seminar. Learn how-to secrets from an established leader in the photographic industry with over twenty years of experience creating iconic images.

Dates and Locations

  • June: Los Angeles (June 28-29)
  • July: Akron, Ohio (July 19-20)
  • August: Minn, MN (August 16-17)
  • September: Washington, DC (September 20-21)
  • October: Atlanta, GA (October 18-19)
  • November: Dallas, TX (November 8-9)
Creative Experience Evening Lecture
Cost $95.00*
7:00pm. -9:00pm
Door Prizes Include: Sony Camera, X-rite Color Checker Passports
Creative Experience Intensive Course
Cost: $995.00*
Part 1: Monday Evening Lecture: 7:00pm.-9:00pm - VIP seating
Part 2: Creative Experience Intensive Course
Tuesday Intensive Class: 8:30a.m.-6:00pm.
Discussion Dinner with Matthew Jordan Smith 7:00pm-9:00pm

*PPA Members receive a 20% discount--go to for your discount code.

Time is running out to attend one of PPA's intensive business-building workshops this year. Focused on growing your studio and helping you become more profitable, the 3-Day Business Workshop is geared to well established studios, and the 2-Day Business Basics Workshop is designed for new and emerging studios. Contact SMS at 888-851-0405 or to register now.

2-Day Business Basics Workshop

  • June 26-27, 2010, Houston, Texas
    Ann Monteith, M.Photog.Cr.Hon.M.Photog., CPP, ABI, API, A-ASP
  • November 6-7, 2010, Atlanta, Georgia
    Ann Monteith, M.Photog.Cr.Hon.M.Photog., CPP, ABI, API, A-ASP

3-Day Business Workshop

  • July 26-28, Irvine, California
    Julia Woods, M.Photog.Cr., and
    Carol Andrews Jensen, M.Photog.Cr., ABI
  • November 8-10, 2010, Atlanta, Georgia
    Ann Monteith, M.Photog.Cr.Hon.M.Photog., CPP, ABI, API, A-ASP, and Mary Fisk-Taylor, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, ABI, API
In one attendees words:
"Attending the SMS 3-Day Business Workshop completely changed my perspective on my business. SMS made me realize that the biggest thing holding me back was myself, and that as long as I understood my numbers, I could make major changes while working within the realms of what I was financially comfortable with. They gave me not only the knowledge, but the confidence to take smart risks.  Less than a year later, I have a beautiful home studio, am projecting a 30% increase in my average for 2010 and most importantly, am running the business model I want and am seeing the difference and rewards in my sales." - Michelle Lindsay Caucutt - Michelle Lindsay Photography, Alexandria, VA

Monteith_Ann_140.jpgOne of PPA's most important goals is helping photographers excel at managing their businesses. We often get questions about finances, taxes and business management, so we're taking a page from Professional Photographer magazine and will include an Ask the Experts business question in the PPA Today weekly newsletter from time to time. This week, Ann Monteith, one of our most widely recognized Studio Management Services (SMS) consultants, addresses a question about getting off on the right foot as a professional photographer.

Q: We just started a photography business. We're pretty clueless. What do we need to do to become legitimate?

A: "I can't stress enough how important it is to learn as much as you can about the business of photography before you get in too deep. Photography can be a great career when you go into it with your eyes wide open and the business skills required to be successful. The very best thing you can do is to learn the fundamentals."

"Until a couple of years ago, there were no courses on business management and marketing specifically designed for professional photographers--a lot of us tried to find one. That's why PPA's Studio Management Services (SMS) developed the 2-Day "Business Basics Workshop" for professional photographers at any stage in their careers.

"As one of several instructors who teach this course, I can attest that the curriculum it provides could have cut two years off the learning curve I experienced when I started my own photography business."

Adobe has expanded the scope of its current website, creating a destination for its passionate customers to find the latest resources and information about the Photoshop family of products. With millions of registered users and monthly visitors, has become a popular Web-based tool for organizing, editing, sharing and storing photos. In addition to hosting its free online editor, will now offer access to inspiration, tutorials, product information, trials and purchase details, news and more.

The expansion was completely inspired by feedback from customers who requested Adobe provide a single location they could easily access to fuel their interest in digital imaging. In its initial phase, will include content such as - the most popular video tutorials to help customers make the most of their tools, spotlights showcasing "real-world" workflows of amateur and professional photographers and the ability to share their favorite content via Facebook or Twitter right from the site.
photoshop_lightroom_3_boxshot.jpgAdobe Systems Incorporated today announced the immediate availability of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 3 software for Windows and Macintosh, the essential digital photography workflow solution that allows photographers to quickly organize, enhance and showcase their images from one application. First released as a public beta in October 2009, the final version of Lightroom 3 introduces a completely redesigned performance architecture that better handles growing image libraries and provides an unrivaled raw processing engine with noise reduction and sharpening tools to achieve the highest image quality. The 64-bit capable Lightroom 3 includes new features that optimize workflows and allow images to be shared in creative ways, including support for DSLR video files and tethered shooting on select cameras.

"There have been over 600,000 downloads of the Lightroom 3 public beta, which has supplied us with a huge amount of valuable feedback from a passionate community of professional and advanced amateur photographers," said Kevin Connor, vice president of product management for Digital Imaging at Adobe. "The open dialog we have with our customers allows us to further improve Lightroom and provide the best tools they need to produce high-quality images.  We're happy to see that so many people are anxiously anticipating the final release, so they can start taking advantage of all the new features they had a hand in developing."
image ©Hey Baby Smile"Without goals, you have no idea of where you're going," says Ruth Rackley of Rackley Photography in Clinton, S.C. "You're wandering in the dark without a point of reference."

Like almost all professional photographers, Rackley felt her way through a few years of misty, unclarified goals before her path cleared up. Now, she is marching with a purpose, thanks to PPA, Studio Management Services (SMS) and some very hard work.

Maturing as a Photographer
Rackley loved photography from the first time she saw her mother's pictures after a mission trip. Though she thought about studying photography, money was tight and she went a more "practical" route. Still, that passion and raw talent was there. She began photographing weddings on the side, five her first year...and 10 the year after. Clearly, something clicked.

Still, it takes so much more than a camera to make a professional photographer, and Rackley knew that. She never expected to find a demand for her services. But once she did, she buckled down to serving those clients with everything she had.

In one aspect, technology did help her mature as a photographer. After trying out different cameras, Rackley quickly realized that digital was the way to go. "Digital completely changed the way I shot," she notes. "It allowed me more freedom to experiment, as I didn't have to slow down and load film."

And as she grows in experience, she's adapting "old film ways" to her digital technology. "I'm becoming more of a 'quiet' photographer," Rackley explains. "In the past, I'd give thousands of images to clients. But I found it dilutes the spiritual moments--they get lost in the fluff. I'm very selective about what I shoot and what I show clients now."

MacMall, a leading authorized reseller of Apple products and a division of a PC Mall, Inc. (NASDAQ: MALL) subsidiary, has launched the Supreme Studio Makeover contest. Targeted towards professionals in the creative fields, the contest runs until June 30, 2010. Entry information and complete contest rules can be found at

The Supreme Studio Makeover features a prize for larger studios with 11 or more employees valued up to $17,000 and a prize for studios with 1-10 employees valued up to $8,300. The products featured in the contest include: Maya 2011, Adobe CS5, HP Designjet large format printers, NEC 24" widescreen monitors, and Apple Time Capsule storage units. The Maya 2011 and Adobe CS5 software products only recently became available for ordering.

Carpov Data Recovery company ( announces the major update of C-photo Recovery, a tool for digital photography recovery. Developed for restoring lost and corrupt digital pictures, the solution has now increased in efficiency due to Power Search technology. Even if a memory card or a hard disk drive is completely unreadable, C-photo Recovery is still able to find and recover necessary files.

Though memory cards that are used in up-to-date models of digital cameras are much more reliable than photographic film, sometimes certain digital pictures get damaged, and whole memory cards can get absolutely unreadable. No photographer would put up with loss of his pictures, be that real pieces of art or just happy memories of a vacation. Of course, there is a variety of recovery tools, but C-photo Recovery is intended for photos recovery only - and that is why it works more thoroughly, recovering maximum possible number of images in all popular formats.

Creative Light, New Products, June 2010New Deluxe Reflector
Creative Light, an international photographic lighting accessory company offering products created by photographers for photographers, is now introducing a new series of Deluxe Reflectors. Their special shape and handles make it even easier to shoot on location.
In addition to the existing line of the widely used collapsible CL Reflectors, the new Deluxe versions have a special "squircle" shape with integrated handles. It is now even easier to shoot on location. The Deluxe Reflectors are constructed with quality fabrics, collapsible metal frames and customized handles creating stability and making them easy to fold.
Creative Light Deluxe Reflectors are available in four different fabric combinations: translucent, silver/white, sunsilver/white and gold/white. The sizes available are 60 cm, 80 cm and 120 cm/ 24", 32" and 47". This high quality and long-lasting product is proving the optimal price-performance ratio of all Creative Light products.
Adobe today announced the immediate availability of the Photoshop Camera Raw 6.1 plug-in on Originally posted on Adobe Labs for community testing, the final release of Camera Raw 6.1 brings new lens correction functionality and adds raw file support for 10 new popular camera models for Photoshop CS5 customers.

New lens correction features allow photographers to automatically apply profiles that correct for geometric distortions, chromatic aberration and lens vignette effects as well as manually make vertical and horizontal perspective transforms. Customized lens profiles can also be created with the newly released Lens Profile Creator, available now on Adobe Labs.
Newly Supported Camera Models
Canon EOS 550D (Digital Rebel T2i/ EOS Kiss X4 Digital); Kodak Z981; Leaf Aptus-II 8; Leaf Aptus-II 10R; Mamiya DM40; Olympus E-PL1; Olympus E-600; Panasonic G2; Panasonic G10; Sony A450

Photoshop Camera Raw 6.1 is available as a free download for Photoshop CS5, Photoshop Elements 8 (Win/Mac) and Premiere Elements 8 customers. For more information and to download the updates visit: The Adobe Lens Profile Creator is available on Adobe Labs:

Dear PPA Member,

When I was seventeen, I knew everything. (Please, take a moment to stop laughing before you continue reading this.) I wanted to be treated like an adult, but as I was still a minor, I had to have my parents involved in those pesky little legal contracts and model releases...which I thought were stupid and useless.

Years later, I know now that I don't know everything, and I'm glad that adults and the legal system watch out for minors. Photographers need to know the ins and outs of those "pesky little legal contracts" when it comes to senior photography (or any kind of photography), in order to stay successful and in business. This week's Vital Signs can help, and it even covers sticky situations involving divorced parents and non-custodial guardianship arrangements. 

Turns out that those legal forms are there for a reason and can actually help you out (who would've thought?).

Christel Aprigliano
Director of Member Value & Experience

Mamiya announces today the new Mamiya RZ33 large-sensor digital camera kit for professional photographers. The Mamiya RZ33, featuring a high performance 33 megapixel CCD sensor, advances the long adored Mamiya RZ line to a new level, bringing the famous ease-of-use and versatility of the Mamiya RZ camera system to the large-sensor digital arena. With no cables necessary, RZ33 users simply add their favorite razor sharp RZ lens and a CF card, and they are ready to produce big, detailed, gorgeous images.

"The RZ camera system has always been a favorite of professional photographers around the world," says Mamiya Product Marketing Manager Mike Edwards. "Now, what has been a favorite film camera for so many photographers through the years is poised to become their favorite digital camera. The new RZ33 brings all the ease-of-use advantages of the tried and true RZ camera system to large-sensor digital photography while making tremendous use of the existing line of world-renowned Mamiya RZ optics and accessories."

sep_cover_contest_button2010.jpgTry out the Society of Sport and Event Photographers' (SEP) Action News Cover Contest, which kicks off during the summer edition of their publication. You have until September 10 to enter, so start looking for the shot that will score big.

If you photograph sports or events and aren't already subscribed to Action News, click here and we'll add you to the mailing list. In fact, PPA members can join SEP and take advantage of membership in both organizations for just $50.

Johnstone__ANNE.gif"Serendipity" is a happy mistake. It's great when it happens, but don't base your marketing on it! Instead, do as Trevor and Tourine Johnstone in Reno/Lake Tahoe, Nev., did--using research to set themselves apart while getting more organized with their marketing, which won the 2009 AN-NE Marketing Award for Best Wedding Campaign.

Read more about their campaign here.

Mara Blom SchantzMore and more people prefer to text or e-mail rather than call. Yes, this does offer a quicker response, but as Mara Blom Schantz, Cr.Photog., knows, something is missing. "One of the most important lessons that my mother (Chloe Beeson Blom, M.Photog.Cr., CPP) taught me is that you should be personable and friendly," she says. "By acting this way in your life, you make connections with everyone who could be a potential client or could refer a client to you. And it feels good."

Schantz has experienced the power and importance of human connections in her own life and photography business, and she's going to share her insight in the upcoming webinar: "Things I Learned from My Mother: Guide to a Successful Photography Business in the Digital Age" (June 7, 12:00pm Eastern).

"I love the ability that photography gives me to make those connections every day," adds Schantz. "When I am talking with a mother during a design appointment and she is describing what is special about her child--and I see that look of pride she has at being a mother--it makes me happy. When I am photographing that child and we are laughing and making silly sounds together--or the child gives me a hug--that makes me happy. Being happy is something most people strive for their entire lives, and I get it almost every day through my connections with people."

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