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PPA Today: February 2010 Archives

February 2010 Archives

Sigma Corporation, a leading researcher, developer, manufacturer and service provider of some of the world's most impressive lines of lenses, cameras and flashes, is pleased to announce the launch the company's brand-new, community-centric Web site.

The site is complete with a fresh look and intelligent site architecture, as well as new features like the Sigma Lounge, which includes a photo share gallery and blog. The new design also boasts an extensive Lens Finder Tool, enhanced functionality for Sigma dealers, and social media sharing tools.

 "Our new site will bring Sigma customer and dealer experiences to a whole new level," said Mark Amir-Hamzeh, general manager of Sigma Corporation of America. "We're particularly excited about the opportunity to interact with users and provide a place for the Sigma community to share their images. Customers will also find it much easier to navigate our product pages and make purchases through Authorized Sigma Dealers."

 This new, online experience underscores Sigma's dedication to customer and dealer service by making it even easier for browsers to locate, purchase and register new products. The Lens Finder Tool will act as a concierge to help visitors sort through more than 50 Sigma lenses by product, camera system, camera type, skill level, price point, end use and technology. Dealers will also benefit from new online sales solutions that track sales and click-through rates.

With the new photo share feature in the Sigma Lounge, user-submitted photos are cross-referenced on product detail pages, so customers can see user photographs taken with Sigma lenses, with additional details regarding shutter speed and aperture. Similarly, the site will include bios and galleries for all Sigma Pros. This information will include technical data and background information about how these professional photographers captured photographs with Sigma gear.

"The goal for the Web site was to make it easy and engaging for both novice and professional photographers to find and view Sigma's products, get detailed product information and locate a dealer to purchase," said April Donovan, Co-Founder and Creative Director at Blue Collar. "The newly designed Web site and vibrant online community positions Sigma as the creator of high-quality, high-performance equipment that allows customers to grow their love for photography."

To view the new Sigma Corporation of America Web site, visit
Contact CongressOn the eve of the White House "Bipartisan Meeting on Health Reform," Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and the Small Business Coalition for Affordable Healthcare tell congressional leadership what small business owners want to see in any health care reform bill.

In a letter sent to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-8th-CA) on February 24, 2010, PPA asks Congress to consider the inclusion of small business-friendly provisions in a manner that won't increase the cost of doing business. Read more about PPA's suggestions here.

If you want to communicate the importance of having access to affordable, quality health care, we encourage you to visit PPA's Contact Congress page to participate in a "Health Care Call-in," organized by the Small Business Coalition for Affordable Healthcare. We have provided a sample phone script that you can use (and customize) to contact your senators and representatives today.

Dear PPA Member,

Knowing when to ask for help is probably not one of my strong suits. You know those situations where someone should have asked for a helping hand, but didn't? Well, I've been guilty of that a couple of when I wanted popcorn (we won't mention how old I was) and thought I could make it on my own. I found out rather quickly that plastic colanders and microwaves don't go well together. (I'm sorry, Dad.)

Keeping with the theme, this week's Vital Signs covers some tax topics that are easier to handle with the assistance of a financial advisor. Taxes are not an easy road to navigate, but thankfully, there are people out there who know how to help. Clients come to you because you're a professional, so why wouldn't you turn to a professional for tax issues? I highly recommend that you take advantage of that help--it will help save you time and headaches (and maybe even the microwave). (Again Dad, I'm really, really sorry.)

Christel Aprigliano
Director of Member Value & Experience

P.S. United Funding, a PPA Affinity Partner, has created a new online payment calculator to accommodate the financing of equipment under the standard $5,000. Use the Special Payment Calculator to determine your potential payment options on the equipment you need for your business.

Starting March 24th in Atlanta, Ga., we're bringing the power of PPA to the people with the PPA Tour 2010, a night of education and networking. Of course, you've seen programs like this before, so along with telling you what you WILL learn, we also thought you might like to know what's different about this tour.

Allison and Jeff Rodgers"I'll tell you what you WON'T learn at the PPA Tour 2010--'Three Easy Steps to Being a Photographer,'" says Allison Rodgers, namesake of Allison Rodgers Photography and one of the featured speakers of the PPA Tour. "There is no magic button or easy formula for instant success, and the creative path is very different for each of us."

As Rodgers explains, "Success is a process and it's that knowledge we'll share during the PPA Tour. Some of it is based on our wins, some of it is based on our failures and the re-dos, but all of it focuses on a few key areas--finding your unique style and learning how to make it profitable."

With thoughts, advice and invaluable lessons from the school of hard knocks, the PPA Tour will let you spend the evening in an intimate setting with professional photographers who have been there and are willing to help you invent--or reinvent--your personal style to find the success story living inside you.

Allison and her husband Jeff know a thing or two about building a successful photography studio. In their PPA Tour 2010 presentation, they'll share how they've increased sales each year with unique design skills and much more. For example, they'll share their most successful marketing campaigns and plenty of tips on how to build long-lasting and profitable client relationships.

In addition, some of the industry's best known photographers will join Jeff and Allison in each of the tour's 10 city stops to offer advice and inspiration about artistic and creative techniques. In other words, you can expect an eclectic mix of art and business management training that you can put to work in your studio the very next day.

"No one teaches business management skills better than PPA," says Rodgers. "When we combine their business management knowledge with photographers' talent and creative know-how, something very special comes of it. And our tour attendees will get to experience this firsthand!"

Learn more about the PPA Tour 2010 here...and register for the tour location nearest to you.

Mohawk Fine Papers has announced the acquisition of LabPrints, a leader in workflow integration for professional photographers and photo labs. While continuing to develop its existing customer base, LabPrints joins Mohawk's growing list of marketing partners developing products and solutions for the converging worlds of print, photography, and graphic design.

Mohawk's best-selling i-Tone® papers for the HP Indigo are the first choice for creators, publishers, digital printers, and other producers of photo specialties. With the addition of LabPrints, Mohawk is poised to expand its product and service offering to this rapidly growing market.

LabPrints is a highly regarded solutions provider to photo labs and professional photographers, offering an integrated toolset that links labs and photographers with lab orders through online storefronts and the fulfillment of printed products. Best known for its design and workflow tools, thousands of professional photographers depend on LabPrints to simplify their workflow and increase their sales.

"Since our founding in 2002, LabPrints has been dedicated to creating innovative workflow solutions to help photographers and their labs focus on shooting and selling their prints," says LabPrints CEO, Bill Gamble. "As our photo lab partners embrace digital printing presses, they find that integrating LabPrints software allows them to seamlessly offer a much broader range of products and services. Mohawk is a powerful player in digital printing. Aligning with Mohawk will expand our opportunity space and allow us greater scope for future innovation."

According to Thomas O'Connor, Jr., Chairman and CEO, Mohawk Fine Papers, "It's no secret that the world of print communications is changing, as digital technology drives convergence in the worlds of print, photography, and design. In the past 18 months we've seen dramatic structural and cyclical shifts in the demand for premium papers. Digital printing is one bright spot in an otherwise challenging market, and Mohawk is fortunate to have established an early leadership position in this space. Our acquisition of LabPrints will bring a very talented, innovative team of software developers into the mix and allow us to create new products and services that add value for all of our partners in the new print economy."

In 2009, Mohawk began expanding its footprint beyond paper -- embarking on a number of initiatives that are already showing results. The company's strategic investment in liveBooks ( allowed this leading supplier of portfolio websites to expand into a software as a service model; Felt & Wire Shop ( was launched in October and has quickly become a staple in the graphic design community; has made it possible for businesses of all sizes to access its papers on the Web.

Indemnification Trust: What You Need to Know
February 24, 2010 at 4pm ET
Stephen Morris, Lead Attorney for the Indemnification Trust at Meadows & Macie, P.C.
Maria Matthews, PPA Copyright and Government Affairs Manager

Click here to register.

The Indemnification Trust is unique to PPA and a highly ranked member-benefit by PPA members. Find out exactly what the Indemnification Trust is and how it can protect you and your studio. Maria Matthews, PPA Copyright and Government Affairs Manager, and Stephen Morris, Lead Attorney for the Indemnification Trust at Meadows & Macie, P.C., address how to use the Trust, what issues are eligible for coverage, and the steps you need to take to take advantage of this valued benefit.

Olympus has been named one of Fast Company magazine's "Most Innovative Companies" in the publication's annual feature.  Olympus was ranked ninth in the "Consumer Electronics" category.  To create the "Most Innovative Companies" list, Fast Company's editorial team analyzed information on thousands of businesses around the world. Fast Company looked beyond revenue growth and profit margins to identify companies with creative models and progressive cultures - to define the many forms of innovation that exist across the business landscape. Read more about the award here.

In addition, Olympus has also announced a partnership with Harley-Davidson motorcycles for a limited edition of accessory cases. Read more about the partnership here.
We will be performing system maintenance on Saturday, February 20. Work is scheduled to begin at 8am EST and should be completed by noon EST.  During this time, access to online profiles, event registration, merit reports and other web functions that are tied to our Atlanta servers will be interrupted.
campanellie_head.jpgJoe Campanellie, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, F-ASP, has been involved with photography in some capacity since 1973 when he went to work for his father (also a photographer) after college as a darkroom printer. He says that his father always made sure he had the "tools and knowledge" he needed to succeed as a photographer.

"I got into the art of photography quite by accident when a friend of mine bought a camera and set up a darkroom in a closet. I was hooked from the very beginning by watching my first print develop in a tray," Campanellie remembers.

But it wasn't until 1995 that Campanellie went to working full time at the studio he runs with his wife Mary Jean, Campanellie's Signature Portraits in Damascus, Md., which specializes in children and family portraits. Then, they opened a second location in Bethesda, Md., in 2002.  

campanellie1.jpg"I have found this type of work very rewarding," Campanellie explains. "Having twins and an older daughter, I understand first-hand how important these images are to parents. Photographing a newborn baby, watching them take their first steps, and being able to be part of a family's history as they grow up is pretty special. It's very satisfying to have families put their trust in you to create these memories and make you part of their lives over the years."

Challenges & Rewards
While Campanellie's studio continues to succeed, he says that the business challenges he faces are no different than any other photographers' in the current economic climate.

"We have to be more proactive in our marketing than ever before. No longer can we complacently sit and do the same things over and over again. We have to find ways to continually force ourselves out of our comfort zone," Campanellie stresses. "We have to work a lot harder at what we do to separate ourselves and our work, and it's now necessary to explore all the avenues of the social network to get ourselves in front of potential clients."

campanellie2.jpgCampanellie also says that 2009 was one of his most challenging and rewarding years as a photographer.

"When my dad passed away in July, I came to realize what an incredible influence he had on my own career and my photographic talents. That all came to fruition for me at this year's Imaging USA when I received a Diamond Photographer of the Year Award, an Imaging Excellence Award, the ASP Gold Medallion and my ASP Fellowship Degree. I would say that was a pretty special way to honor the memory of my dad," he notes.

Vital to Success
While many years of experience have helped Campanellie succeed, he also points out that PPA has been vital to his success.

"PPA opened many doors that otherwise would not have opened for me as a photographer and instructor," he says. "I feel very strongly that as we gain experience and recognition in our careers, it is important for us to accept responsibility and move from a position as a student to that of a mentor and teacher. PPA's very existence relies on the principle of 'pay it forward.'"

campanellie3.jpgCampanellie also gives a nod to the degree and certification programs that have helped him gain recognition among his peers and clients, and he feels that the PPA webinars and forums are another valuable educational source.

"There is such a wealth of experience and expertise that can be tapped into from the comfort of your favorite chair," he says.

Along with PPA's resources, Campanellie holds the annual Imaging USA convention as his favorite experience as a member. As he concludes, "It's so much fun to catch up with friends from all over the country and become versed in all the latest technology and trends in marketing. It's through these friendships and PPA-sponsored seminars that I have found the education and the opportunities to develop my own photographic style over the years."

Joe Campanellie, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, F-ASP, is the only photographer in Maryland who holds both the Master of Photography and Photographic Craftsman degrees from Professional Photographers of America and is also a Fellow of the American Society of Photographers.. He has also earned numerous honors, including twenty five Kodak Gallery Awards for Photographic and Technical Excellence, two Kodak Elite Awards for Photographic and Technical Excellence and eleven Fuji Masterpiece Awards. During state competitions, Campanellie has won 25 Best in Show awards and 18 Photographer of the Year awards. He has been Image Maker of the Year in Maryland for the past six years and in Pennsylvania for the past five. He was also the president of the Maryland Professional Photographer's Association in 2000 and 2001.

Learn more about Joe here.


PPA members are invited to participate in PhotoVision 2010 at the special price of $39--a $110 savings off the full price of $149! In addition, if you register for PhotoVision 2010 by February 26, 2010 you are automatically registered to win a Canon EOS 7D!

The 2010 PhotoVision Series is delivered to your home or studio every other month beginning the last week in February. It comes to you in six individual two-hour DVDs produced in high-quality, movie-like video and audio, which can be viewed on any home entertainment system or DVD-compatible computer or laptop.
With this series, you have the unique opportunity to observe the industry's leading image makers in their actual working environments. PhotoVision's cameras take you inside their studios and on location where you'll see sessions from beginning to end, including families, children, couples, high school seniors, individuals, relationships, maternity and newborns.

Tag along on actual weddings and see thousands of images created, beginning in the bride's ready room and continuing through the reception. Sit in on insider interviews where host Ed Pierce, M.Photog.Cr., and correspondent Brian Killian pick photographers' brains for their secrets to success in the areas of marketing, sales, business management and studio design. Observe the latest techniques for retouching, workflow, color management and studio production.

The best part? You can attend on demand!
PPA members, visit the Benefits page to learn how to take advantage of this offer.

Free updates for Plug-in Suite 5, PhotoTools 2.5, Mask Pro 4.1 and PhotoTune 3 owners are now available for immediate download.  The Plug-in Suite 5.0.1 release provides several updates to correct known issues, including:

  • Improved compatibility with ATI video card drivers when using PhotoTune 3 and PhotoTools 2.5
  • Improved stability and memory handling when using PhotoTune 3
  • Improved performance of Mask Pro 4.1 on Windows operating systems

These updates can be downloaded and installed by using the built-in "check for updates" feature located in the Help menu from inside of any of the above plug-ins. The updates can also be manually downloaded from  It is crucial that Suite 5 owners download and install the Suite 5 updater rather than using the individual updaters.

To download the update, visit:

Dear PPA Member,

There are words that have the ability to make people cringe. Take, for example, "root canal." What about "taxes"? I cringed when I wrote it, and I knew it was coming! For most of us, taxes are one of the necessities of life that we would much rather not think about--at least not until April 15th, and even then... Unfortunately, taxes are not optional (at least not if you want the IRS to leave you alone).

When you become a business owner, your tax responsibilities expand beyond your personal taxes to include business-related taxes. That means more tax forms, more information and more time dedicated to the filing process. This week's Vital Signs kicks around some ideas on how you can better prepare yourself for this tax season. Hopefully, you won't have to cringe as much when someone mentions taxes. (Sadly, I can't help with your reaction to root canals.)

Christel Aprigliano
Director of Member Value & Experience

P.S. PPA will be doing some computer maintenance on Saturday, February 27 from 9:00am to noon ET. During that time, some web services (like meeting registration and merit reports) will be offline. We apologize in advance for any inconvenience. Please remember: PPA members will not be able to register for meetings or see their merits online while we are working on the system.

February 19th, 2010 marks the 20th Anniversary of Adobe Photoshop® and Adobe is getting together with the National Association of Photoshop Professionals (NAPP) to celebrate the anniversary of the software that changed the face of photography and design forever.

The Photoshop 20th anniversary celebration on February 18th at 7:30 p.m. pst will be streamed LIVE and feature Photoshop luminaries including NAPP's Scott Kelby, John Loiacono, Adobe Senior Vice President and General Manager, Creative Solutions Business Unit, NAPP Photoshop gurus Dave Cross and Matt Kloskowski, Adobe Photoshop star Russell Brown, and other key members of the Adobe Photoshop team. This fun-filled night will feature a walk through Photoshop history, a glimpse into the future, and celebrates all things Photoshop.

It's easy to attend! Sign up at, and come back to that page on February 18th at 7:30 p.m. pst for an amazing history-making night.
X-Rite,the world leader in color management, measurement and communication technologies, recently launched  Designed for photographers as both a color resource center and online community, the all-new website offers anyone involved in digital photography a robust and interactive learning resource, as well as a fun place to learn, explore, and exchange ideas as they relate to color.

A virtual showcase for every level of photographer and interest, is designed to provide easy access to tips, tricks, tools and technology about color management, and the impact color has on the digital workflow. A good example is the online color IQ test, an easy way for photographers to learn how well they see color by dragging and dropping color chips into order according to hue.  The site offers an instant test score, and is easy to share and pass along to colleagues and friends.

"We created as a true community resource where every photographer can access all things color. Visitors can participate in our blog, test their color vision, sign up for a webinar, access our color experts, view educational videos, learn from our Coloratti pro community, or enter on-going contests, " states X-Rite's Strategic Marketing Director, Photo Liz Quinlisk.

The community feel of comes from those who populate it, including many of the top shooters working today. Dubbed the X-Rite Coloratti, these pros are longtime supporters and implementers of color managed workflows. The all-new site invites interactive participation from around the world, with multilingual landing pages, local-language webinars, and locally held events. In addition to the online color IQ test, other user-friendly tools that combine to create a robust learning environment include:

  • A blog that offers the perfect forum for idea and information exchanges, as well as finding color workflow techniques that make color simple.
  • "NTK - Need to Know" PDFs on popular color topics such as technical "know how" from the experts.
  • Educational and Inspirational videos on photography and product usage from pro photographers.
  • Palette creation tools to easily create and share color palettes.

Pages dedicated to the hottest trends, tips and technologies including:

  • Important issues like "the importance of monitor calibration,"
  • Key resources like "printer settings," and
  • X-Rite Color Expert Support.

  • Easy product selection for "at a glance" comparisons.
  • In-depth product information, including related reviews, promotions and "where to buy"
onOne Software has announced the immediate availability of iPhone App DSLR Camera Remote 1.3. This update features new camera support as well as several product enhancements, including:

  • Support for Nikon D3s, Canon EOS 7D, Canon EOS 1D MK IV
  • Canon EOS Rebel T1i and Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard compatibility improvements
  • Simplified simultaneous multiple option usage
  • Improved logging to aid in networking troubleshooting
  • This is a free update for all owners of DSLR Camera Remote Professional or Lite.  It is important for users to update both the DSLR Camera Remote app on their iPhone or iPod Touch AND update the DSLR Camera Remote Server at the same time to version 1.3.

To get the free updates:

  • Use the "Check for Updates" function inside iTunes on your computer
  • Use the "Check for Updates" function inside the App Store app on your iPhone or iPod Touch
  • Download the updated server from 
If you have donated to a charitable organization engaged in the relief efforts in Haiti (or plan to by March 1), you can take advantage of a new tax deduction.

A provision was signed into law in January that would allow donations made between January 11 and March 1 of this year to be itemized on your 2009 tax form.  You also have the option of deducting these contributions from your 2010 tax return, but you may not apply the deduction on both returns.  

Of course, in order to take advantage of this deduction, your donation must meet the following criteria:

  • Have been made between January 11, 2010, and March 1, 2010.
  • Must be a cash donation. (Credit card, debit card, check or text message donations are also acceptable).
  • Must be made for the purpose of providing aid to those affected by the January 12 earthquake in Haiti.
  • Must be made to a "qualifying charity." (To find out if the organization you donated to is eligible, refer to the Internal Revenue Service's Charity Search or USAID's Guide to Providing Disaster Assistance.)

Whether you intend to make--or have already made--a contribution to the relief efforts in Haiti, make sure you have (and keep) proof of your gift on file.  This means you need a written receipt from the organization or, in the case of text message contributions, a copy of your cell phone bill listing the organization name, date and amount.

For more information about taking advantage of this new tax deduction, visit the IRS website at,,id=218678,00.html?portlet=7, or consult your tax preparer.

Dear PPA Member,

When I graduated college, the people who knew about my accomplishment consisted of my family and anyone who receive a graduation announcement in the mail (well, and anyone who attended the graduation ceremony). There was no assuming that my family's doctor or my childhood friend knew that I had received my college degree. Most importantly, there was no way potential employers could know that I had received my college degree. It was up to me to not only promote my accomplishment, but to use it.

The same goes for your PPA degree. Once you've earned your merits and received your ribbon at the Award & Degree Ceremony at Imaging USA, the power of your degree lies in your hands. This week's Vital Signs gives you some ideas on how to promote and market your PPA degree. But don't feel like you're limited to our ideas--use what works best for you to show both your peers AND your clients what you have accomplished!

Christel Aprigliano
Director of Member Value & Experience

foresterwebinar1.jpgBeth Forester Photography is not in what one might consider a prime locale. According to owner Beth Forester, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, the area seems to have been in a recession since the '60s. And yet, she's going strong. What's the secret to her business survival and success? Well, she's going to share a taste of it with you in her upcoming webinar!

You see, Beth understands her target market of high school seniors. "Seniors are pretty much a recession-proof market," she explains. "You only ever graduate once...and, sadly, you can't even say that about getting married."

In her webinar, "Get 'Wired' for Senior Success," Beth will discuss how to connect to the teen mind and run a business that caters to the wants and needs of those clients. From the initial phone call to the final sale, she will reveal her everyday tips and tricks for running a successful high school senior business.

"One of the secrets to higher senior sales lies in customizable products," Beth says as she explains something she's discovered in her years of business. "They love anything that is personalized--it can be as simple as adding their names or as complex as a design created just for them." (And she has a few tricks up her sleeve for these custom touches.)

Another sales tidbit to look for is Beth's use of traditional paper proofing. She has discovered that, for her market, this means of presentation actually increases her average per-client sale.

During this webinar, you'll also learn about the following:

  • Word-of-mouth marketing - reaching out to seniors via Facebook and beyond
  • Creating brand demand
  • The Boutique Senior studio - catering to their wants and desires
  • Senior sessions and digital effects - having the options they want
  • Products designed especially for the senior client
  • The art of the up sale - using coupons and incentives to increase sales
  • Price structure and profitability - creating the packages that sell seniors
Plug in on February 17th for a webinar that will show you how you can tailor your business to better appeal to teen a way that will make your pocketbook happy.


foresterwebinar3.jpg foresterwebinar2.jpg

Dear PPA Member,

Last week I talked about the joys of summer break--no homework, no waking up early and a little bit of free time. But don't forget I also mentioned that I enjoyed school! I looked forward to learning about the subjects I was passionate about and getting to go on field trips for a firsthand look at what we were learning about in the classroom.

As a photographer, I'm going to guess that you are passionate about photography, right? And I wouldn't be surprised if you said you enjoyed shooting on location or going to industry events--activities that get you out of your studio and let you use your knowledge (like a grown-up field trip). For those of you who find yourself in agreement with these statements, this week's Vital Signs is a must read. PPA's Merit & Degree program not only gives you the opportunity to continue your education, it also rewards you for your effort (and all without the early morning school bus rides)!

Christel Aprigliano
Director of Member Value & Experience

Certified Professional PhotographerIf you are working to earn your Certified Profesional Photographer designation, the next Image Review submission deadline is February 19, 2010. To register and upload your images for the next Image Review, use this form: Image Submission Application. For complete details on the certification process, please visit

archie.jpgArchie E. McDearmid, 1987 PPA President, of Virginia Beach died January 27, 2010, in his home at the age of 81. Retired from the Norfolk Naval Shipyard as Head of the Photographic Arts/Video Production Department, Archie also owned and operated McDearmid Photography.

His photographic passion and belief in the industry led him into service as a past president of Professional Photographers of America (PPA), the Virginia Professional Photographers Association and the Southeastern Professional Photographers Association. Archie also held the PPA Master of Photography, Photographic Craftsman, and Honorary Master of Photography degrees and was a Certified Professional Photographer. 

A charter member of the Virginia Bluewater Gamefish Association, Archie was an avid sports fisherman who cherished his time on the water. He was also actively involved in the Virginia Beach Neptune Festival.

A celebration of his life was held at 1:00pm February 2, 2010, at H.D. Oliver Funeral Apts., Laskin Road Chapel. Burial was in Riverside Cemetery in Norfolk. Please keep Archie's wife Connie, his family and friends in your thoughts and prayers during this difficult time in their lives.

To Send a Card:
Connie McDearmid
3105 Yeates Lane
Virginia Beach, VA 23452

In Lieu of Flowers:
Donations can be made in memory of Archie to:
Sentara Hospice
6015 Poplar Hall Drive, Suite 308
Norfolk, VA 23502-3819

Online Condolences:

Fujifilm today announced it will launch a high quality film camera, the GF670 Professional medium format folding camera, at PMA 2010. Ideal for professional photographers interested in film photography, the GF670 Professional is a foldable model that features 6x6 and 6x7 dual-format shooting for use with120 and 220 roll film. With its Fujinon EBC 80 mm lens, coupled rangefinder, exposure compensator, and aperture-priority automatic and manual exposure modes, the GF670 Professional produces sharp high quality images.

"When we announced the development of new medium format camera it was received very well by our professional photography customers", said Kayce Baker, director of trade marketing, Imaging Division, FUJIFILM North America Corporation. "There is a segment of studio, portrait, and landscape photographers who find that medium format film is the perfect solution for their businesses because of the unique look that film offers as well as the ability to produce high resolution photos in very large sizes. Even as we continue to see advances in pro digital cameras, many photographers still have a passion for the art of traditional film photography and Fujifilm is committed to providing solutions that foster that creativity."

The Fujifilm GF670 Professional has manual shutter speed control and offers a setting for aperture priority automation. With manual film advancement, exposure counter display, an ISO setting dial, the camera also provides -2/+2 exposure compensation and includes a hot shoe flash mount and a PC sync connection socket. The "whisper quiet" shutter mechanism is an Electronic Leaf shutter with speeds ranging from 4s~1/500s including Bulb with flash sync at all speeds.

Additional features of the Fujifilm GF670 Professional include:

  •  Dimensions: 7"W x 4.29"H x 5.43"D (folded 2.52")
  •  Weight: 35.27 oz (without batteries, strap or film)
  •  Color is black & silver
Read more here.

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