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PPA Today: April 2009 Archives

April 2009 Archives

Dear PPA Member,

Upsetting a some point in your business career, you're bound to do it.

And what if, unlike other times, it really is your mistake or that of a vendor you're working with? Perhaps you promised some reprints in time for the holidays, but the machinery broke down at your printing company or lab. You're not really to blame, but your client won't see it that way. All they know is that Aunt Frances won't be getting her holiday photo of her favorite niece and nephew.

So what do you do to salvage the relationship and the negative word-of-mouth advertisement that is sure to follow?

It doesn't take much for someone to decide to take their money somewhere else, especially now. Customers leave for a variety of reasons. But there's a chance to save those customers with effective service recovery. We're going to share elements of that chance with you today in Vital Signs.


Christel Aprigliano
Director of Membership

Get the Loan You Need: Small Business Administration Loan Program
Date: May 18, 2009
Time: 4:00pm EST
Cost: Free, PPA Members Only
Login now to register, or call 800-786-6277

Worried about finding the funds to grow or just keep you business running with your debts? Are you reassessing your studio's financial situation? The Small Business Administration (SBA) loan programs may be able to help you out--just attend this free, PPA member-only Webinar to get answers.

With SBA loans, you can get what you need to start a business, bolster working capital or equipment, refinance debts, purchase land and buildings for a new space, and more! And the new government guidelines and changes only increase the opportunities for you with lowered (even eliminated) fees in some cases. Join Lance Foster, PPA member and Lender Relations Specialist for the SBA, to learn more about SBA-backed loans, how you qualify, and the answers to your questions.

Ready to strengthen your business with a new kind of loan help?

About Lance Foster, Lender Relations A/O, Small Business Administration
Lance Foster has worked for the Small Business Administration's Boise, Idaho District Office for the last three years, helping to promote the ideals and dreams of small business owners in Idaho. As a Lender Relations Specialist, Lance has worked within the financial community, putting together loans for small business borrowers and creating marketing campaigns for SBA programs. He is also charged with presenting the SBA's various programs to the general public and the SBA's resource partners. As a small business owner himself, Lance knows the many challenges facing small businesses today. He sees the SBA's programs as the bridge for entrepreneurs across the country during these difficult times.

Lance holds degrees from both the University of Montana and Kaplan University in Information and Business Management. In addition, he is a current member of PPA and owns and operates Justis Photography (based in Boise, Idaho).  

Adobe's introductory price special for CS4 expires on April 30. Order your software soon for maximum savings. Plus, if you are a PPA member, you can save an additional 20% off the introductory price. If you haven't upgraded yet, do it now for maximum savings. PPA members can login to for details on their Extreme Deal savings.

Dear PPA member,

Why do you frequent one major retailer over another? Probably because you believe that one is better than the other or has something to offer that the other doesn't. But you likely wouldn't have thought that way (at least at the beginning) without a little help from that particular business. They make themselves stand out--and they make sure you know it.

The same goes for the photography industry. In a marketplace saturated with photographers, it's often hard to get a handle on the competition. Are you the fastest, highest quality, or most creative photographer in your city? What makes you studio authentic? Whatever it is, you have to ensure your potential client base knows it.

If you take time out to discover what differentiates you from the competition--and the best way to make it known--you'll always be one step ahead of the rest. And being a PPA member can give you a head start!


Christel Aprigliano
Director of Membership

P.S. The 2009 Coupon Book provides PPA members with exclusive discounts and promotions from our top Corporate Members. These are unique incentives for PPA members only. Simply click on a coupon to link directly to the vendor's website.


f•stop booksâ„¢ (, a new on-demand product offering, has announced an arrangement with TAP ( to work exclusively with TAP's distribution network to launch its stylish, high quality digital photo book presentations. Albums Inc. (, a distributor of TAP products, has become the first to offer the online services and products of f•stop booksâ„¢.

According to Nicole Cardello, Marketing Manager for Albums Inc., the first distributor of f•stop books™, the new line has lots to offer today's busy photographers. "With book, box, inserts and embellishments, f•stop books gives photographers a complete and finished presentation they can deliver to their customers," Cardello said. "We've found that this has great appeal for photographers who want to simplify and speed the packaging part of their business. Plus f•stop photo books offer a high value combination of premium quality design, printing and binding at an affordable price. These days, that's very welcome."

Jennifer Wills on compiled a handy list of iPhone apps for photographers. Check out the complete story here:

"Lots of iApps center on the photos you take with your iPhone. But did you know that many others are useful when you shoot with your DSLR? From exposure calculators to GPS taggers, these iApps will make the iPhone your best photo assistant ever."

Yesterday (April 16), Facebook's new Terms of Service (TOS) statement was opened for voting. This new document is an improvement over Facebook's existing TOS and the impromptu change made earlier this year.
Take a look at the statement and voice your opinion with a vote. After all, even if you don't use Facebook all that much, some (or most) of your clients do! But you better vote quickly--the voting period closes April 23. (You must have a Facebook account to vote.)
Read Facebook's TOS here:
Vote on the Facebook TOS here:
Click here to learn more.
Dear PPA Member,

There's no "right" way to network. In fact, the dictionary defines networking simply as a supportive system of sharing information and services among individuals and groups with a common interest. Pretty vague, huh? But the lack of a finite description and how-to guide do not eliminate the importance of networking in business.

Just talk to any successful businessperson, and he or she will probably list networking as essential for helping your world go around. Whether you're a wedding photographer approaching bridal salons and bakeries or a portrait photographer contacting PTA Presidents, the key is to get out there.

And don't forget to network with your peers! PPA and our affiliates are the perfect outlets to find individuals with the same creative business interests. Go on and comment on the blog, chat on the OurPPA Forums, attend workshops and Imaging USA, or participate on a committee. When you reach out and interact, you are destined to find at least a handful of people you can rely on for help.

In this week's Vital Signs, we will show you why and how networking can help you create an even more successful business. It only takes a moment to make yourself memorable.


Christel Aprigliano
Director of Membership

Buckeye Color Lab expands its educational resources with their new professional level learning portal at is a free website that features six of the country's top professional photographers who share new insights each week on what and how they are shooting client jobs to stay as profitable as possible.

This refreshing new resource is updated weekly and features fresh posts from an all-star team of photo talent including:

  • Children and family photographer AUDREY WOULARD,
  • Portrait, editorial, and wedding photographer TAMARA LACKEY,
  • Studio business and marketing expert ANN MONTEITH,
  • Wedding, family and seniors photographer GREG SCHRADER,
  • • Photo Marketing expert CAROL ANDREWS,
  • Successful studio management educator SUSAN ROWE,

Steve Troup, CEO of Buckeye Color and the creator of this new concept explains "Each author brings a variety of talents to the site and is encouraged to post an item of interest on whatever they happen to be doing that week. It's a great way to share how photographers of all disciplines are keeping their businesses growing no matter what the economic climate is." is online now, proving to be unusually popular with thousands of hits each day, and is open to everyone.

webby-honoree.jpgProfessional Photographers of America (PPA) is serious about the business of photography--so serious that they redesigned their entire website for photographers, receiving an international honor from the 13th Annual WEBBY Awards in the process.

Of the nearly 10,000 entries submitted to the WEBBY Awards, fewer than 15% were distinguished as an Official Honoree for their standard of excellence. PPA's website ( was one of the few.

Hailed as the "Internet's highest honor" by the New York Times, The Webby Awards are the leading international awards honoring excellence on the Internet. Honorees and Nominees were chosen by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences (IADAS), a global organization of industry experts and technology innovaters, such as David Bowie, Harvey Weinstein, Matt Groening, Jamie Oliver, Internet co-inventor Vinton Cerf, RealNetworks CEO Rob Glaser, R/GA CEO Bob Greenberg, and Crispin Porter + Bogusky Partner and Chief Creative Officer Alex Bogusky.

The judging body chose to recognize PPA's site and others as Official Honorees due to their exceptional quality, even though they were not selected as one of the five category nominees. This honor signifies an outstanding caliber of work in regards to content, structure and navigation, visual design, functionality, interactivity, and overall experience.

There are always improvements to be made, and PPA is working to fine-tune the website every day. In the meantime, celebrate's honor here:

About The Webby Awards
Hailed as the "Internet's highest honor" by the New York Times, The Webby Awards is the leading international award honoring excellence on the Internet, including Websites, interactive advertising, online film and video, and mobile web sites. Established in 1996, the 13th Annual Webby Awards received over 10,000 entries from all 50 states and over 60 countries worldwide. The Webby Awards is presented by The International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences. Sponsors and Partners of The Webby Awards include: Microsoft Silverlight; The Creative Group; .ORG; Getty Images; The Barbarian Group; Digital Kitchen; Variety; Wired; IDG; PricewaterhouseCoopers; 2advanced.Net; KobeMail and Museum of the Moving Image. For more information, visit

fstopbooks_1.jpgA Fully Packaged, On-Demand Digital Photo Book for Professional Photographers from

f•stop books™ (, a new on-demand product offering, has announced the launch of its stylish, high quality digital photo books and presentation packaging which together enable professional photographers to offer their clients products that fully express their big moments in life with elegance and personality - at affordable prices. Visit for more information.

Dear PPA Member,

We have a team member here on staff who was recently struck with a case of "Extreme Customer Service."

Her neighborhood pharmacy called to say that while they didn't have her medication in stock, they had already contacted a competitor who did--and her prescription was waiting for her at the competitor's counter. Her local pharmacist called a few days later (on a Sunday) to find out how the medicine was working. 

Her pharmacy cared enough to take the extra step to help her out. In return, they have a loyal, "raving fan" of a customer. She's been telling everyone about her amazing customer service experience, and I bet that pharmacy will have more new customers soon. (After all, it's the best type of advertising...a testimonial that money and marketing can't buy!)

Not all customer experiences need to be that extreme. Sometimes it's a genuine smile or a simple pleasantry that can make a world of difference. Good news can spread just as fast as bad news, and it can bring you new clients, a better reputation, and even free advertisement.

If you're looking for a refresher on providing "Extreme Customer Service," you'll be happy to read this week's article. Read on to make an immediate impact and encourage clients to give you the type of advertising that money can't buy.


Christel Aprigliano
Director of Membership

P.S. Professional Photographer magazine has compiled a convenient one-stop list of current product and service offers from their advertisers just for you! Read the article, "Money Savers: Special Offers for Pro Photographers" in the Web Exclusives section of

Rock your customers, crank up your brand, and turn your business ON with XM for Business. As a PPA member, you can now set the tone of your studio by tuning into one of over 170 different satellite radio channels. Plus, you'll take the worry out of renewing your ASCAP, BMI and SESAC licenses for playing background music in your studio space. Let XM for Business pay the fees for you!  Learn how you can take advantage of this benefit today. 

Over one month in the making, Facebook's updated Terms of Service (TOS) statement is getting ready to launch...and they want their users to vote.  

PPA's comments, along with user feedback, have been compiled and will be shared on Facebook's site, beginning April 16. Instead of a traditional TOS document, Facebook will release two separate items: Facebook Principles and a Statement of Rights and Responsibilities.

The Facebook Principles will serve as a guideline to share with the services and benefits that participation in Facebook provides. The Statement of Rights and Responsibilities is the "meat and potatoes" of their existing TOS. By visiting their website (or clicking the above links), anyone (Facebook user or not) can read both documents as they were proposed last month.

Unlike the immediate implementation that occurred back in February, each document will be put to a vote (April 16-23). Voting will be limited to Facebook users.  

PPA is actively monitoring the Facebook site so that we can offer photographers our position. We want to ensure that members of the Facebook community can cast an educated vote when the time comes. Keep watching and get ready to vote!

Read the more Facebook news post from here.
Read PPA's earlier article about Facebook and its Terms of Service here. 
Looking to expand your photography business with a new location, renovation, or new equipment? Sounds near impossible today, doesn't it? Not to Laura Novak, nationally acclaimed photographer and owner of Laura Novak Photography, a documentary wedding and portrait studio. So how did she manage it?

The acquisition of the new property was made possible through programs available through the Small Business Administration's Wilmington office, or WEDCO. The Small Business Administration (SBA) 504 loan program is designed to help businesses purchase real estate, build facilities, renovate leasehold space, or buy equipment. President Obama recently increased available funds for the 504 loan program as part of his economic stimulus program.

This program worked for Novak, who announced the opening of her new retail location in Trolley Square (Wilmington, Del.) on April 2.

"We are so fortunate to be able to purchase this property and continue to provide a client experience that is unrivaled," said Novak. "In today's difficult economic times, it is even more important to surround yourself with photographs of life's meaningful treasures. Our studio is honored to be able to provide such a service."

This is just another example of professional photographers' innovation and determination to create their success stories in any economy.

And if you do expand your business, here are some more ideas from Novak for celebrating that (and marketing yourself to the community). To celebrate the grand opening at 1825 Delaware Avenue, Novak has schedule the following events :

Thursday April 30th • 5-9pm

Friday May 1st • 5-9pm
  • Wilmington's First Friday Art loop featuring Seven Arts Gallery
  • Wine tasting compliments of Chaddsford Winery

Saturday May 2nd • 11am-3pm

About Laura Novak Photography
Laura Novak Photography, Inc. offers families the opportunity to have photographic custom art commissioned by high quality photographers with a focus on meaningful moments and natural expressions. It exists to document relationships and capture each individual personality of those being photographed. The studio offers the very best in customer service, experience, quality products and a friendly, positive environment. To learn more about Laura Novak Photography, and to schedule an appointment, please visit

About Laura Novak
Laura is nationally celebrated for her work and is renowned for eye-catching pieces that capture the emotion and movement and energy and purpose that is so representative of who her subjects are. Laura's work has appeared on the pages of national and international publications such as People, The Knot, Elegant Weddings, Brides, Modern Bride, My Day, Philadelphia Elegant Bride, Delaware Today, Professional Photographer magazine, and The Wedding Photographer's Handbook. In 2007, Laura was named one of Kodak's Photographers to Watch, one of two nationwide, in recognition of her ability to capture spontaneous, intimate, and emotional moments like few others in her field.

# # #

Michele Strum
Laura Novak Photography
302 - 656 - 5274

Professional photographers are gearing up for the busiest time of the year, and companies are vying to attract business special incentives. As a special treat for Professional Photographer Web Exclusives readers, Professional Photographer has compiled a convenient one-stop list of current product and service offers from their advertisers. 

  • 25% Off One Hardcover Photobook
  • Free 16x20 Canvas
  • 25% Off Fine Art Metals and Metal Murals
  • 25% Off Fine Art Acrylics
  • Free Packaging and Color Correction
  • 25% Off Jewel Case Desktop Calendars (50)
  • 25% Off Metal Art Panels
  • Diamond Dust Acrylic, 50% Off First Order
  • 50% Off First Canvas Order
  • 50% Off First Order, 20% Off Next 10 Orders
  • Free One-Stop Wedding Network Event Setup
  • 30% Off One Big Package Wedding Package
  • 25% Off Triple Memory Designer Wedding Album Special Package
  • 25% Off Photo Crystals
  • $50 Lab Account Credit

Visit for the complete list

From Corvallis, Oregon, comes a new, "green" way to help a charity:

With purchase of Urban Forest book, tree lovers support urban forests, and are entered to win a $1200, framed, signed, limited edition photograph.

book pics_01v2.jpgDuring the month of April, in celebration of Arbor Day (April 24), award-winning photographer David Paul Bayles offers an Arbor Day Giveaway of a $1200 signed, framed limited edition photograph from his book, Urban Forest, Images of Trees in a Human Landscape.  Anyone who purchases the book before May 1 is entered into a drawing to win the photograph. A portion of all proceeds will be donated to the non-profit organization TreeLink to plant trees and support urban forests.

Urban Forest, published by Sierra Club in 2003, was acclaimed by numerous respected publications including Los Angeles Times, Sierra, Nature Conservancy and Audubon Magazine. Christian Science Monitor selected it as one of the top seven photography books of 2003.

Renowned photographer John Sexton wrote: "David Bayles' photographs in Urban Forest speak eloquently with a quiet intensity. The book explores the concept that the natural world exists not only in the wilderness, but in our everyday urban surroundings. These thoughtful photographs cause the viewer to pause and consider the delicate balance between human activity and the natural environment."

David Paul Bayles, environmentalist and former logger, has been a professional photographer for 25 years, with photographs in exhibits and collections in the U.S. and Europe. His photographs explore the relationship between people and nature, particularly our connection to trees. In the preface to Urban Forest, he emphasizes the importance of trees in our towns and cities. "Tree-lined streets and garden spaces have been woven into a living fabric that shades and soothes our souls. In a real biological sense, trees are our home. That is the deeper meaning of the urban forest."

Bayles is donating a portion of the sales of Urban Forest and the Arbor Day Giveaway to TreeLink, a non-profit organization dedicated to urban forests across the United States and Canada. TreeLink serves tree professionals such as arborists and urban planners and helps community groups raise funds for their own tree planting projects through TreeLink's funding branch, TreeBank, supporting education and grass roots efforts to restore, plant and care for urban forests.

framed print_04a.jpgTo be entered in the drawing to win the photograph for the Arbor Day Giveaway, a signed copy of Urban Forest or a signed copy of Urban Forest paired with a special edition print from the book, may be purchased by midnight April 30, 2009. Read more about the book and the Arbor Day special, view selected photographs and place an order at http//

Permission to re-print:
Journalists, newsletter publishers, bloggers and others: You are welcome to reprint this article and send it out to your lists. Please include the contact info for ordering and note that the chance to enter the drawing for the free framed photograph ends April 30, 2009.

Need an image? jpeg images are available by contacting David at

Photos courtesy of David Paul Bayles
Unless you're the only person on a desert island selling your services, you probably deal with competition on a daily basis. Competition helps us stay sharp, look forward, and hopefully, inspires us to bigger and better things.

There will always be competition. Whether it's a new photographer beginning their business in your area, or a seasoned photographer wanting to capture more prospective clients, you need to focus on what's important--getting your information out there so potential clients know about you.

When a fellow photographer like Bob Coates shares great information about what works, we love to pass it on to you--especially when the tips given don't cost much (or anything at all!). While you may already incorporate some of his ideas into your business, this Vital Signs article may trigger new thoughts.

PPA is here to help you in different ways...protecting, educating, and providing resources so that you can stay in business. We'll continue to share what other photographers are doing right now to stay successful. And if you've got something that works for you, share it with us by e-mailing me at You may find yourself as the subject of a future Vital Signs with your great ideas for outrunning the competition! 
PPO_JDPhoto.jpgAnne Kitzman, of Anne Kitzman Photography in Wilder, Ky., was the grand prize winner at the Professional Photographers of Ohio's 56th Annual Convention, Trade Show and Print Competition. The award was presented on March 9.

Kitzman will receive $5,000 of free printing and services from JD Photo Imaging in Flint, Mich.

"I'm very proud to contribute to Professional Photographers of Ohio," said Tom Hicks, a partner at JD Photo Imaging. "I believe print competitions are a great tool to raise the quality of professional photography in our industry. Our lab does anything we can to support them."

Professional Photographers of Ohio (PPO) is an affiliate association with the international Professional Photographers of America (PPA). In addition to the PPO print competition, numerous programs and demonstrations were offered along with new trends and techniques for professional photographers.

JD Photo Imaging is a full-service professional photographic lab serving photographers throughout the United States and Canada. For more information, visit

Tom Hicks
JD Photo Imaging

Nichols_Ron.jpgBack in the "early days," we had a small print competition mentor group. We (Dennis Craft, Steve Bohne', Duaine Brenner, Rod Gleason, and myself) belonged to our local PPA affiliate, Michigan's Triangle Professional Photographers Association.

In those days, preparing your prints was a tremendous task. My mentor group worked with a local custom printer who first produced a work print, on which we noted color and density changes and burning and dodging. Sometimes it took the printer several tries to get the "perfect" print. Then we did positive enhancement. Sometimes we did it ourselves with pencils and dyes, but we often sent it to Helen Yancy. We used to call her magic touch "getting the Helen Yancy eyes" because the eyes just sparkled.

After getting prints back from her, we physically trimmed the image to the final crop, mounted it to an underlay, trimmed that to just a sliver of color, and mounted the print to the final mount board. Finally, we added sealer coats of lacquer until we could flood the print to get the high gloss sheen. Sometimes we would have over ten coats of lacquer on a print.

It seemed that the night before the prints were due, my studio looked like a bomb hit. Everything happened there because, at the time, I had the most room and the tools we needed. The whole studio reeked of lacquer as we worked. Toxic fumes kept us going to the wee hours of the morning--perhaps that's why Dennis is a little odd now!

When Dennis and I traveled to various conventions to speak, judge, or just have fun, we always carried a stack of 4x5 proofs. We'd look for someone with a yellow ribbon and have them quickly go through the stack. They wrote their initials on the backs of the ones they liked, so we had a start on making competition print selections. Those Masters were always willing to share and help us newbies with valuable, one-on-one training. That alone was worth the PPA dues!

Print competition really became a ritual--a rite of male bonding--and it taught us to be better photographers. It forced us to critically look at our images, understand exposure and lighting, control eye flow, and pull the presentation together with color harmony. It forced us to learn. Above all, it was a lot of fun. Four of our five earned Master of Photography degrees. Between us all, we can take credit for a few hundred print merits.

Times have changed and so have the technologies. You no longer chance lung cancer because a beautiful laminate can make your prints shine. There's no need to mount an underlay--it can be done with a 15 pixel stroke. Carrying prints around is not needed--you can post images to the OurPPA forums and wait for comments. In many ways, print competition is easier now; in other ways, it's harder.

Many new to the industry seem to have a fear of failure, so they don't enter. But what's nice about print competition is that whether you earn the merit or not, you're still a winner because you tried and you learned. The next time you enter, you'll learn more and likely do better. There's no magic bullet in print competition. I earned my Master's in 1990, but I don't merit every image I submit...not even close. But because I enter, it hones my skills.

In February, PPA's Photographic Exhibition Committee (PEC) launched a series of four Webinars to teach you about print competition--what's involved, how to do it, and what you can gain from it. Even if you missed the series, you can still take advantage of the archived versions on It will either get you going strong, or will make you better.

Take the leap: gather your images, post them on the OurPPA forums (you can do it anonymously), and get some feedback. Watch the Webinars and pack your case. You'll need to hurry...the 2009 deadline is May 1!

It will be fun; you'll learn a whole lot in the process; and you won't have to smell the lacquer!

Follow Ron's travels this year...just visit

Ron Nichols signature, M.Photog.Cr., API
2009-2010 PPA President

In 2008 I had my best print competition year ever. All four images were accepted into the International Loan Collection. The images were "out of my box," from my China travels the year before. As I prepared my images, I tried new techniques (Ok, my wife Carol showed me), so I learned, too. Carol also entered for her first time, earning a General and Loan Collection image. Not bad for the first time out of the chute.
China RSN-0605-2 Comp.jpg
China RSN-1188 Comp 16b.jpg
China RSN-1283comp.jpg
China RSN-1967 comp.jpg
China-CIN-0160 Comp.jpg

Don't forget that you can go behind the scenes during print judging-Now is the perfect time to learn!

Join PPA-approved jury chairmen Dennis Craft and Dave Huntsman, June 14-17, 2009 in Atlanta, as they demystify the world of image judging. (Each attendee is asked to bring a minimum of four competition-quality prints.) Held in conjunction with the International Print Competition in Atlanta, Georgia, the Judges Workshop allows you to:

  • Explore the ins and outs of what makes a print "merit worthy"
  • Observe the competition process and protocol.

You'll leave this course feeling confident in your ability to identify merit images.

When: Sunday, June 14 1pm - Wednesday, June 17 3pm
Where: Gwinett Technical College, Lawrenceville, GA
Tuition: $595 (does not include hotel or meals)
Registration Cutoff Date: Friday, June 5, 2009
Register Now: Securely online or by calling 800-786-6277

PPA members earn two merits for attending, and members with ten print exhibition merits will receive PEC credit for attending the workshop. This workshop fulfills one of the requirements for becoming a PPA Approved Affiliate Juror.
Learn more, click here.

Are you ready to enter the International Print Competition, where your images are judged against the highest standards of excellence? This is YOUR competition, where your images could emerge as shining diamonds...and you can get great, professional advice for improvement.

Enter and you can...

  • Increase your skill and confidence in your craft. Preparing entries for the International Print Competition forces you to look deeper at your own photography.
  • Earn merits towards a PPA Masters Degree. Accepted prints earn merits you need to obtain a PPA degree--a recognition of your level of commitment to and skill in photography.
  • Go "Loan." The best images become part of PPA's Loan Collection, which is exhibited around the world and published in PPA's annual Loan Collection book.

What's New in 2009?

  1. The registration deadline is May 1 (5 pm CST). As the judging will take place June 14-17, the entry deadline is earlier this year. Late cases will be accepted (at a higher entry fee) until 5pm CST on May 22.
  2. After you submit your payment, you won't be able to make changes to your entry. Please review your information carefully before submitting that payment!
  3. You must upload your images when you enter if you want them to be considered for publication.
  4. You must upload your images when you enter if you are ordering a critique.

Ready to get started? Here are some links for you:

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