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2009 AN-NE Marketing Spotlight: Best Website - PPA Today

2009 AN-NE Marketing Spotlight: Best Website

Websites, especially photography websites, are ephemeral. They are constantly changing, flowing, being added to and deleted from, or at least they should be. When those changes halt, websites run the risk of not reflecting the businesses or people they are supposed to represent. That's what happened to Isabel Gomes and Lawrence Gund of Isabel Lawrence Photographers...until they recreated their website with such smashing success that it won the 2009 AN-NE Marketing Award for Best Website.

Back in the late '90s, Gomes and Gund created their first website, which was very successful at the time. "The problem was that it brought us lots of business," they admit ruefully. "How was that a problem? Well, we neglected to change the site over the years to reflect how we were evolving as artists."

In the words of their friends, their web presence was "too modest and not boastful enough." That revelation helped them look at the site with new eyes and realize it didn't mention anything that made Isabel Lawrence Photographers unique (gift registry, gift donations, alternative cameras, etc.). What made the site's ineffectiveness even more real was that bookings had dropped.

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