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2009 AN-NE Marketing Awards Announced - PPA Today

2009 AN-NE Marketing Awards Announced

The 2009 AN-NE Marketing Awards results are in! Take a look at which photographers rose to the top in an extraordinarily tough competition this year:

One of the greatest things about the AN-NE Marketing Awards is the chance to learn from what is working for your peers. Soon, images of the winning and finalist entries will be added, and articles about the winners will be coming in the 2010 Professional Photographer magazine.

In the meantime, consider the following thoughts about marketing from an AN-NE judge:

  • A consistent look and feel across all campaign pieces is essential. Make sure your campaigns are "pulled together" and speak effectively to your target audience. Every audience is different and a message or campaign that works for one may not fit another at all; however, consistency of graphical look and feel across all marketing materials will leverage your investment and give your marketing a very professional look.
  • Be creative and target specific audiences with messages and campaigns that get their attention. It's not necessarily about how much money you spend, it's about getting above the noise and making yourself stand out in a highly competitive environment.
  • Track and measure return on investment. If you're spending hard-won dollars on marketing without measuring results, then don't spend another dime until you have mechanisms in place to understand performance. If you find your marketing isn't earning its keep, then it's time to look for ways to better target markets, find new customers or discover more innovative (and less expensive) ways to reach your audiences.  

Congratulations to all the AN-NE Marketing Awards winners and finalists!

For more information and advice about marketing, look to the Vital Signs newsletter every week and watch for new marketing education and resources coming from PPA in 2010.

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