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PPA Today: December 2008 Archives

December 2008 Archives

Dear PPA Member,

"Making your way in the world today takes everything you've got." This first line of the song, "Everybody Knows Your Name," may be familiar to those of you old enough to remember the tune that opened the TV program "Cheers." Those lyrics truly fit the world we live in today. Making your way as a professional photographer takes photographic skill, business sense, and help along the way. Fortunately, there is a place where "everybody knows your name," and they are ready and eager to help.

When you are in PPA, you are part of the family. And through Vital Signs, Imaging USA, Studio Management Services, Professional Photographer magazine, and all of the other benefits and educational programs PPA has, we will help you along the way.

Click here to read this week's article, Some PPA Essentials from 2008: Part 2.

Our best wishes to you and your family for a prosperous new year! 

Al Hopper,
Director of Membership

PPA and FedEx are proud to announce a new member benefit! PPA members are now eligible to receive valuable discounts of up to 26%* on select FedEx shipping services:

  • FedEx Express®: Up to 26% on select services
  • FedEx Ground®: Up to 12% on select services  
Click here to get the PPA member passcode to start saving today.

* FedEx shipping discounts are off standard list rates and cannot be combined with other offers or discounts. Shipping discounts are exclusive of any FedEx surcharges, premiums or special handling fees and are not available to package consolidators. Eligibility for discounts subject to FedEx credit approval. Eligible services subject to change. Base discounts on FedEx Express® are 15-21%. An additional 5% discount is available for eligible FedEx Express shipments when you ship online at Discounts are subject to change.

Colorado photographer Sandy Puc' (Expressions by Sandy Puc') has designed a marketing campaign to promote studios nationwide, raise funds for charity, inspire photographers, and help photography studios bring in money during the lean months of the first quarter. Participating studios receive a complete marketing campaign with marketing tips.

The National Charity Model Search will select "America's Cutest Kid." Participating photographers will submit portraits of children, ages 18 months to 14 years, to determine the city winner. City winners are determined by online votes. Each vote is $1, and proceeds from votes benefit Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep ( Photography and model industry experts will determine the contest's national winner.

The national model winner receives a $5,000 US Savings Bond and a Canon PowerShot G10 digital camera. The photographer who submits the winning portraits earns national recognition and up to $10,000 in prizes including a Canon EOS 5D Mark II kit with EF24-105 f4.0 L IS.

For more information, visit

Dear PPA Member,

As the recession deepens, photographers are scrambling to adapt. Some are in serious trouble and looking for a lifeline. Others are in better shape and looking for innovative ways to outsmart their competitors. From either perspective, these are times that will challenge you. Photographers who make smart decisions now can survive -- and may even come out ahead.

Paying attention to your business is more important than ever. If you haven't yet seen all the resources available to you as a PPA member, we urge you to invest in the future of your business by logging in now at to see what's there. This week's article is the first compilation of some of what we've heard is the "best of 2008." Part two will be on its way to you before the end of this month.

Rest assured, PPA is here for you and always will be. More importantly, we'll continue to provide you with the education and resources you need to keep your business strong and growing. PPA helped photographers make it through the Great Depression and two World Wars, and we'll help you make it through these tough times as well.

As a non-profit association, PPA is focused on your success. Please let us know how we can help. We are here to serve you.

Wishing you and your family a wonderful holiday season,

Al Hopper,
Director of Membership
In case you missed them, we have archived the last 3 PPA member-only webinars. Click a title below to watch any of these hour-long seminars at your convenience. (Note: disable your pop-up blocker before launching the webinar. The audio player will attempt to open in a new window. Without it, you won't get sound.)

Protect Yourself: Copyright, Trademarks, and Model Releases

Free PPA Member Exclusive
Discover what you can do to preserve your rights as a photographer in this member-exclusive, free Webinar archive. Learn to:  protect your images; register your copyrights; properly use model releases; understand trademarks and more.

Download the companion Q & A from this Webinar, which includes over 100 additional questions pertaining to copyrights, trademarks, model releases, and property/architectural releases.

Essential Legal Forms for Photographers

Free PPA Member Exclusive
You can't successfully run your photography business if you don't have the right contracts, releases, and forms to protect you and your hard work. Discover who your client really is, what you must have in your legal form collection, and how to deal with client requests and resolve disputes.

Download the companion Q & A from this Webinar, which includes additional questions pertaining to model releases, licenses, property releases, contracts, and more.

Save Your Sanity! How To Avoid Digital Data Loss

Free PPA Member Exclusive
It's not a question of "IF" your hard drive fails, it's a question of "WHEN." Are you prepared? Save your sanity by getting the right information and advice from an expert in digital data recovery: Chris Bross, Senior Enterprise Engineer for DriveSavers.

If you haven't already upgraded your web browser to Firefox 3, you might want to consider it. E-week's editors recently named it as one of their top 10 products of 2009. It is simple enough to be familiar and easily used by the casual web user, and with its array of add-ons and customizations, it can be a very powerful tool for the adanced user. But don't take my word for it.

E-weeks editors say, "with the release of Firefox 3, Mozilla cemented its place at the top of the Web browser pile."

"The latest release of Firefox hit all of the standard browser notes, with improved security, usability and customization options. However, some of the biggest improvements were under the covers, especially in offline capabilities and the browser's ability to integrate with and take advantage of next-generation Web technologies."

Read the whole article: The-Top-10-Products-of-the-Year/1/

Read the review of Firefox 3 on e-week

Want to try firefox for yourself? Go to

DYMO During this holiday season, we can all appreciate a little generosity and SAVINGS! Thanks to our friends at DYMO, you can enjoy a festive, limited-time offer on the DiscPainter CD/DVD printer. For only $239.99 (14% PPA savings) you will get the DiscPainter CD/DVD Printer, Discus for DYMO design software, 1 full ink cartridge, 3 inkjet-printable discs, USB cable and power supply & adapter.

For details and your PPA member discount code, visit the Extreme Deals page in the Benefits section of Offer Expires January 31, 2009

Read a review of the DYMO DiscPainter CD/DVD printer here.

  • Get out of debt...Dave Ramsey style!
  • Learn simple strategies that could reduce your 2008 taxes by thousands of dollars
  • Increase your wealth with marketing, sales, and cost-cutting strategies
  • Discover 60 marketing ideas to make next year a great year for your studio
Join us this January for the following webinars:

Frank Donnino

January 5, 2009
Debt Is Normal, So Be Weird
with Frank Donnino, Cr.Photog.
& Tony Donnino
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EST
$49 Members / $249 Non-members
To register, click here or call 800-786-6277

Nobody wants to be in debt, but many of us are. Luckily, Frank and Tony can help you start the new year right! With them, you not only get a professional photographer's unique view, you also learn Dave Ramsey's "getting out of debt" techniques. Ramsey is the foremost expert on getting people out of debt, and Frank and Tony are now Dave Ramsey Certified Counselors. Who better to help pro photographers stand apart from the crowd...debt-free?

Scott Kurkian

January 19, 2009
Income Tax Strategies

Scott Kurkian
PPA CFO and founder of PPA's Studio Management Services
12:00 pm - 1:00 pm EST
$49 Members / $249 Non-members
To register, click here or call 800-786-6277

Do you know that your business entity type can affect the amount of taxes you pay?

Do you know the income tax strategies that will lower your 2008 taxes?

Watch SMS's Income Tax Strategies Webinar to answer these questions and more.

Dear PPA Member,

Every business has specific strategies it employs during difficult times. Watching expenses carefully, working hard on existing customer relationships, and cutting back accounts receivable are some of the common steps we all need to take. This week's Vital Signs deals with the sometimes difficult task of getting paid what you are owed...while retaining a positive relationship with your customer.

Many PPA members take advantage of our monthly credit card option for convenience reasons, spreading out their dues payments over the course of a year. These are smart photographers who understand how important PPA membership is with all the protection and discount programs.

You can find out more about PPA business services discounts at, or by calling the Service Center at 800-786-6277. And if you are not familiar with the monthly payment plan I mentioned, you might want to check it out, too!

Making it easer to get the discounts and protection needed to improve your bottom's what PPA is all about.

Al Hopper,
Director of Membership

Everyone talks about "going green," but this year, members who attend Imaging USA's Imaging EXPO can "get green" with the pre-approval program offered with our affinity partner, Independent Leasing Associates (ILA).

This year's Imaging EXPO at Imaging USA in Phoenix (January 11 - 13, 2009) will have some of the hottest equipment on the market with exclusive show specials--it's the best time to buy! Make it easier by getting your financing in place prior to Imaging USA.


  1. PPA members get an additional 2% rebate on all transactions funded through Independent Leasing Associates (up to $1,000).
  2. Unlike putting the expense of new equipment on a credit card, bank loan, or home equity loan, this debt does NOT appear on your credit report and will not adversely affect your credit scores or ratios.
  3. Independent Leasing Associates offer custom programs for PPA members, including 90-day deferred payments and skip payments programs.
  4. Vendors will know you're serious about purchasing equipment when they see your GREEN "approved" sticker on your registration badge (from ILA's pre-approval program; learn more below). Your certificate and sticker will speed up your transactions with vendors, so you can get the equipment you want now with no hassle.
As a professional photographer, your images are both your livelihood and your legacy.
These days, however, many photographers are unknowingly placing that livelihood and legacy at risk, by storing images exclusively on digital media. But not to fear, DIGINEG® is a milestone in digital image preservation, and PPA is partnering with them to bring you exclusive discounts.

Shooting digitally is more efficient and economical than shooting with film. Trouble is, digital media are fundamentally unsuitable for long-term archiving. It is likely that many of today's digital images will become unusable and unrecoverable within 10 years. When these images are lost, so are their commercial value and artistic legacy.
Rather than holiday magic, Bert Behnke remembers photographic magic in this article about his experiences with an Italian photographic convention: Orvieto Fotografia. Have you ever wanted to experience an overseas photographic convention? This might be the one that beckons you closer, especially after you hear from Bert. Get ready to plan a 2009 visit!

Sharing My Orvieto

By Bert Behnke

Orvieto...the name alone makes me smile and want to go back.

Do you remember the first time you put a sheet of paper into a mysterious solution and watched magic appear under a dim yellow light? That was when photography first became magical to me. Of course, for those of you under thirty-five, that magical moment was when you downloaded your images and put them into PhotoShop--same feeling, different generation! Such feelings can also extend to events and places that become tied to your very soul through photography. That's where "my Orvieto" comes in.

As President-Elect Barack Obama prepares to take office, his transition team is turning to Professional Photographers of America (PPA) and other members of the creator community for advice. The transition team asked to meet last Friday with the Copyright Alliance's seven-member board of directors--among them David Trust, PPA's chief executive officer and a founding member of the Alliance.

"We were pleased with the opportunity to express to the new administration our thoughts and concerns about copyright and intellectual property issues," Trust stated after the meeting. "I doubt the photographic community has ever had an opportunity like this."

President-Elect Obama's team wanted to have a clear understanding of intellectual property issues on the day it receives the keys to the White House. During the meeting, Trust pointed out that a major portion of the economy is under siege and that photographers are an important part of that economic mix. PPA's written materials also pointed out the vast professional photographic network (over 122,000 nationwide) encompassing every Congressional district...and the impact intellectual property and its domestic and international enforcement play in their livelihoods. After all, each of those 122,000 professional photographers create an estimated 20,000 works each year. 

The Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel has additional rooms available for Imaging USA attendees. Refer to room code "Imaging USA" for special rate of $147/night + tax when booking. These rooms are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and must be booked no later than December 10 to lock in the room rate.

Sheraton Phoenix Downtown Hotel
340 North Third Street - Phoenix, AZ  85004
866.837.4213 /

For additional information on Imaging USA, please visit

Dear PPA Member,

Are you absolutely certain that the images from your most recent jobs are safe? What if your computer was struck by lighting, your external hard drive crashed, or your studio or home burned to the ground? There are few things that can mess up your day (and your business) as much as a data loss. Read more about data loss and how to prevent it in this week's article, Data Loss...You might be next.

You don't think it can happen? The operative word is "when"--not "if"--you will experience a hard drive crash. This year PPA's Indemnification Trust, our unique malpractice protection program, will have helped 400 members who experienced a data loss in conjunction with an assignment. This is double the number of data loss claims handled by the Trust just last year. Fortunately for PPA members, the Trust is in very sound financial shape and is there to help.

Of course, the best thing to do is avoid the problem. Can you imagine telling a bride that you had a little computer glitch and lost all the wedding images? Or telling a commercial client that you'll have to do a time-consuming re-shoot? Clients expect that you, as a professional, will care for their images. Think of the negative word-of-mouth advertising such a problem could bring.

Taking care of clients means taking care of their images. And remember, when data loss and other heart-stopping upheavals happen, PPA is here to help take care of you.

Al Hopper,
Director of Membership

Pre-order one of Anne's gorgeous coffee-table books today, and be guaranteed a personal signing by Anne herself at her book signing during PPA's Imaging EXPO, January 12, 2009.

  1. Pre-purchase an Anne Geddes book/s of your choice from Anne's online gift shop and receive 30% off!
  2. Print out your email confirmation and submit it along with ID to the book signing station at PPA's Imaging EXPO, January 12, 2009.
  3. Collect your new books onsite to have each copy personally signed by Anne herself, especially for you.

Limited places and stock...SHOP NOW to save disappointment!

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