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PPA Today: October 2008 Archives

October 2008 Archives

Imaging USA '09 is on track to be our biggest show ever! But we know that many photographers are facing difficult times right now. We hear you and we're in your corner. That's why we've decided to help out by extending the deadline for receiving Imaging USA's early registration discount of $50 to December 1st.

Now more than ever you need relevant, business-critical information and ideas to help you weather this economic storm. Register now for Imaging USA and gain peace of mind knowing that the training and education needed to sustain you through these difficult economic times is just around the corner. An entire track of Business First classes, the unveiling of the 2008 Financial Benchmark Survey results, and timely classes on pricing and branding are just a few of the business-critical sessions you'll see at Imaging USA 2009 in Phoenix.

Imaging USA truly is the best investment you can make right now for the future of your business. We're serious about photography because we're serious about your success!

We are closing out the year with FOUR new webinars, including a FREE, member-only webinar on How to Avoid Digital Data Loss on November 17. Also in November we have Jed Taufer with Photoshop Stuff You Should Know By Now and Doug Box with First Quarter - Thrive or Just Survive, a look at kickstarting your business year. To close out the year, Scott Kurkian returns this December with Income Tax Strategies.

Jed Taufer

November 13, 2008
Photoshop Stuff You Should Know By Now

Jed Taufer, Cr.Photog.
12:00 - 1:00pm, EST
$49 Members / $249 Non-members
Register online now, or call 800-786-6277.

Jed will cover several basic to intermediate Photoshop techniques showcasing the software's creative and productive abilities. Photoshop's an application that photographers need to know how to use don't miss this chance! This is a class for beginner and intermediate Photoshop users.

Chris Bross

November 17, 2008
How To Avoid Digital Data Loss
Chris Bross, Senior Enterprise Engineer for DriveSavers
4:00 pm - 5:00pm, EST
A FREE member-only webinar
Register online now.

It's not a question of "IF" your hard drive fails, it's a question of "WHEN." Are you prepared? Get info and advice from an expert in digital data recovery: Chris Bross. He will discuss: Why and how hard drives fail, Why backing up data is important, How to properly handle failed drives to avoid data loss, and What are proper backup procedures. Then, he will answer YOUR questions.

November 17, 2008
First Quarter - Thrive or Just Survive

Doug Box, M.Photog.Cr., API
12:00 pm - 1:00pm, EST
$49 Members / $249 Non-members
Register online now, or call 800-786-6277.

Get your year started off right! In this financial climate, you won't be able to count on just "Word of Mouth" to bring in business. Marketing, Sales, Promotion, and Merchandizing are the only skills that will save our businesses. We will go over a dozen ideas that will kick start the year and bring in business. Don't get behind--be proactive and take control of your business.

Scott Kurkian

December 8, 2008
Income Tax Strategies

Scott Kurkian, PPA's CFO
12:00 pm - 1:00pm, EST
$49 Members / $249 Non-members
Register online now, or call 800-786-6277.

Did you know that your business entity type can affect the amount of taxes you pay?

Do you know the income tax strategies that will lower your 2008 taxes?

Watch Studio Management Services' Income Tax Strategies Webinar to answer these questions and more. Come understand what affects you tax-wise, and learn more about retirement, home office deductions, and other crucial information for small businesses owners like you. Most importantly, you'll discover whether or not your accountant is doing what he/she should be doing for you--and know what to ask them to do.

Topics covered: Types of legal entities, How different entities are taxed, Advantages and disadvantages of each entity, Sec. 179 deduction, Salary vs. Distribution allocation, Year- End tax planning, and Retirement planning.

Even the scariest trick-or-treater is not nearly as frightening as finding out that you are about to experience a sales tax audit.

From members around the country, we are hearing that state and even county and city governments are increasing their audits of small businesses, searching for missing tax revenue. In some states, photographers are even being targeted because of sales made over the Internet!

Dealing with sales tax is a fact of life that we all have to deal with, whether we pay it or collect it. This week's message addresses some of the common sales tax questions that members ask, including the Internet/sales tax subject.

Staying in business means keeping out of trouble; we are here to help.

Al Hopper
Director of Membership

©Woody Marshall/The Telegraph
Photographers tell stories every day with images. But let's not forget that behind every artist is their own story. And we'd probably be surprised how often our personal stories resonate in the hearts of others...just as a beautiful image inspires. Horace Holmes, Jr., Cr.Photog., CPP, ABI,API, is not surprised, though.

From growing up in a family of migrant workers to his introduction to photography, Horace shares the secret struggle to read that he faced and recently overcame. He made it through Bible college (where he met his wife, Yvonne), worked in a church, and even became the marketing director of Coca-Cola before opening his photography studio in 1982. But, as he says in the article, there was always a measure of shame and regret.

It was Horace's hope that his story (in author Ed Grisamore's article) would help encourage others in literacy programs. More than that, is a testament to human will and determination.

Below is the full article published Sept. 7, 2008, reprinted with permission from The Telegraph, out of Macon, Ga., and author Ed Grisamore:


Save $50.00 off the full registration price when you register by Tuesday, November 4.

Register online now at, or  call 800-786-6277, Monday-Friday, from 9am to 6pm EST.

Dear PPA Member,

If something is precious, you want to take care of it--and insure it in case something happens. Many of you wouldn't think of not having insurance on your camera equipment or studio, yet forget to insure something that is also precious to your business: images.

This week's article, "Protect Your Greatest Asset," discusses why copyrighting your images is important, what you can do to prevent "innocent infringements," and steps you can take right now to avoid the unpleasant experience of losing revenue because your clients don't understand what copyright means.

We want you to keep your money where it belongs: in your pockets, not left on the table because someone scanned an image instead of coming back to you for a reprint. Copyrighting your images and educating your clients can help. We here at PPA believe in education (and lobby for you and your copyrights in Congress), and we're happy to share articles like this with you.

Al Hopper
Director of Membership

Intellectual property owners can rest a bit easier knowing that the President signed The Prioritizing Resources and Organization for Intellectual Property Act of 2008, or the PRO-IP Act. With Orphan Works legislation looming, PPA is pleased to see that a bill tightening intellectual property enforcement was swiftly signed into law. PPA has worked vigorously through its involvement in the Copyright Alliance for the bill's passage.

"PPA has been a strong supporter of the PRO-IP Act," stated PPA CEO David Trust. "The passage of this important bill is a victory for photographers and all copyright holders."
As one of the great PPA member benefits, Broken Joey Records gives PPA members exclusive discounts on licensing their high-quality original songs. And they're always expanding their offerings! For instance, they listened to you at the last Imaging USA (January 2008) and have added new music in styles requested. They've also made finding and licensing their songs even easier with new technology and licensing terms.

New Music

First and foremost is always the music itself. President Joe Refano remembers his Imaging USA 2008 experience: "We spoke with hundreds of PPA members, and we received some very interesting requests for types and styles of music."

Dear PPA Member,

We don't need to tell you how the global economy impacts our daily lives and businesses. You already know what's going on; in fact, you're living through it right now.

Here's the reality we sometimes forget when the media is screaming about how bad things are: the world still turns, the sun still comes up, and we still go to work every day. We are all trying to focus on today and our future plans to stay in business. And your future plans, believe it or not, involve debt.

Debt. The word alone tends to churn the average business owner's stomach (and let's be honest-these days, our stomachs don't need any help in that department). But debt comes with business, and understanding how it works can help keep your business on track.

That's what this week's article covers: good debt, bad debt, and what we need to know to make the most of our current financial situations. We hope this helps you discover something new about your business, which is why we offer you Vital Signs each week. A strong foundation of business knowledge can help you avoid the "bad debt" that plagues many.

Here's hoping that better economic news is in our future. But no matter what the future holds, rest assured that PPA will be doing everything we can to help you weather any situation.


Al Hopper, Director of Membership

We have two webinars next Monday, October 20. The first program will be led by Jeff and Julia Woods. Partners in work and life, they will show you how they keep it all together.

Our second webinar is FREE to PPA members, and PPA's Copyright & Government Affairs staff will be joined by Sam Erkonen, from the law firm that handles PPA's Indmenification Trust. No one understands the legal needs of our members better than Sam, and members can listen in for FREE.

Join us for Sleeping With Your Business Partner, and Essential Legal Forms for Photographers, on Monday, October 20.

Jeff and Julia Woods

Sleeping With Your Business Partner
with Jeff, Cr.Photog. and Julia Woods, Cr.Photog.
Monday, October 20, 2008
12:00pm - 1:00pm EST
Cost: $49 PPA Members
Register online now, or call 800-786-6277.

Is it possible to live and work with the same person and be happy together? Jeff & Julia have been married for seventeen years and working together for 13. They will share from their own personal stories about the triumphs, the pitfalls, and the works in progress that help them put their marriage before their business.

Essential Legal Forms for Professional Photographers
with PPA's Copyright & Government Affairs Staff &
Sam Erkonen from the law firm of Howe & Hutton
Monday, October 20, 2008
4:00pm - 5:00pm EST
FREE, exclusively for PPA Members
Register online now.

You can't successfully run your photography business if you don't have the right contracts, releases, and forms to protect you and your hard work.

PPA invites you to attend this online seminar, available FREE to PPA members, so that you can discover who your client really is, what you must have in your legal form collection, and how to deal with client requests and resolve disputes.

PPA is pleased to have Sam Erkonen, an attorney with the law firm of Howe & Hutton, available to answer questions relating to legal forms at the end of the online seminar. Join us for this very important session - and remember that this is FREE to you - just another valuable benefit that is part of your PPA membership!

For more information on PPA Webinars, visit

Dozens of worry-inducing words have been used to describe the economic outlook for the rest of this year and into 2009. The financial crisis on Wall Street has only added to our unease: the seizure of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac; American International Group's (AIG) rescue; Lehman Brothers' collapse; Bank of America's buyout of Merrill Lynch; the bank fire sales; and the politically charged $700 billion federal bailout plan.

Yet, despite what we hear from the media pundits, many small businesses like yours are poised to weather the economic downturn and even grow. While the current economic climate is undeniably tough, entrepreneurs like you are extremely adaptable and tend to be optimistic. In a recent survey conducted by the National Small Business Association (NSBA), 75% of those surveyed said they're confident about the future of their own business.

These optimists aren't wearing rose-colored glasses; they're being responsible business leaders by avoiding the mistakes often made when times get tough. Here are some things you can do to keep your business on the right track:

  1. Don't panic (even though you may really want to). We've all seen the economy go through cycles - up, down, uncertain. Smart business owners manage their finances well and can usually ride out periods of economic uncertainty. Make smart choices about where to cut back and be smart about your spending at all times, regardless of how good the economic forecast is.
  2. Market, market, market. Don't cut your marketing spending now! By maintaining your marketing budget, or even increasing it slightly, you can stay visible and close to your customers (and prospects) while your competitors are tightening their marketing purse strings. You may not see growth in the down times, but you'll come out ahead in the long run.
  3. Don't lose focus. It's expected that people cut back their spending when they get nervous about the economy. For your photography business, that might translate into fewer bookings, smaller purchases, or both. No matter how tempting, don't add services to your business unless you intend to continue offering them long-term. For example, if you've intentionally stayed away from wedding photography, don't add it now just to generate more money. If you venture into something you really aren't passionate about, your customers will pick up on that and it will hurt your reputation.
  4. Learn from this financial crisis. The "good" that will come out of this is recognizing that excessive debt can be the downfall of even the most established and well-known business.
This week's article focuses on how you, as a business owner, should be managing debt. PPA members, click here to read Be Smart About Business Debt, by Ann K. Monteith, M.Photog.Cr.Hon.M.Photog., ABI, API, A-ASP, excerpted from the November 2008 issue of Professional Photographer, featuring the special "How to Do Everything Better" guide.

Stay positive, make smart choices about your business, and things will get better. We're here to help you be successful all the time. 

Al Hopper, Director of Membership, Copyright & Government Affairs

P.S. Don't forget there's a wealth of business and marketing resources available to you at

Professional Photographer Magazine Web Exclusive
By Joan T. Sherwood, Senior Editor

The new Epson P-7000 Multimedia Photo Viewer takes the same basic package of the P-5000, puts in a new screen (Epson Photo Fine Premia Technology), adds 80 more gigabytes of storage (160GB total), and includes a travel pack (case, viewing stand, car adapter, dual battery charger, cleaning cloth and a bit of clear film to protect the LCD). A new jog dial under the four-way navigator also adds convenience in menu navigation and browsing through large sets of images.  This review is based on a pre-launch sample unit.   Read more at>>

craft_dennis.jpgI always feel blessed to be a part of the photographic industry. This month's magazine is focused on commercial photography, an area of photography in which I have very little training or knowledge. But while I have chosen to concentrate my business on portrait photography, I do have the opportunity to tackle a few commercial jobs every year. One of my first commercial jobs--a job I accepted my first year in business--had a great impact on my life, or my almost lack of life.

What you must know is that I am afraid of heights, to the point where I don't even like riding in glass elevators. But I was hired by a company out of New York to photograph grain silos in a town close to Marshall, Mich. The day of the photo shoot I showed up at the airport with my camera to find a really young pilot and a very small airplane waiting for me. After takeoff, I realized that the window of the plane didn't open. I asked the pilot, "How am I going to photograph the grain silos?" His response was not reassuring--we would open my door when the time came.

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