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PPA Today: August 2007 Archives

August 2007 Archives New camera roundup


See what the writers at Professional Photographer have to say about the latest products from Nikon, Canon and Olympus.       

Go to for these and more Web Exclusives.

ASP Banquet at Imaging USA


Last year 36 people thought they could wait to order their American Society of Photographers (ASP) Banquet Tickets. WRONG! They missed all the fun…and so will you unless you order your tickets now. Non-ASP members can also attend, so don't be left out. On January 7, 2008, the event begins with the ASP Charity Photographic Art Show and Sale. The ASP Annual Banquet and Awards then starts at 8:30pm, following PPA's Super Program. Tickets must be purchased from ASP Executive Director Jon Allyn. Please call Jon at 414-871-6600, or mail your $50.00 check (per person) to 3120 Argonne Drive, Milwaukee, WI 53222.

Howard_portrait_3 On January 7, 2008, Howard Schatz, sponsored by EPSON, will present “The Joy is in the Journey,” the 2008 Imaging USA Super Program in Tampa, Florida. Among the most in-demand photographers working today, Schatz has published seventeen books, featuring underwater photography, actors improvising, the human body, and more. His fine art work has been exhibited in museums and photo galleries internationally; his editorial work has been published in countless magazines including Time, Vogue, Sports Illustrated, Life, The New York Times, GQ, Italian Vogue, The New Yorker, Forbes, and Vanity Fair. For complete information on Imaging USA, visit

Certification Exams at Imaging USA


Interested in becoming certified? The Professional Photographic Certification exam will be offered at Imaging USA on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday (January 6-8, 2008), from 9am to 11am . To register for the exam, go to and download the application. Once you have submitted the application, contact PPA via e-mail to David Mithofer and let us know on which day you wish to take the exam.

Can you imagine?


Can you imagine calling grieving parents to tell them that because of a computer problem, the beautiful photos you took of them with their deceased infant were lost?

Sandy Puc’ of Littleton, Colorado, faced that possible scenario last month. Sandy, one of the co-founders of the Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep foundation, experienced a hard drive crash due to an electrical storm…before any  backups could be created. After unsuccessfully using local resources to try and recover some data, she turned to PPA and DriveSavers. Thankfully, DriveSavers was able to recover the lost files, and Sandy didn’t have to face a heartbreaking conversation with those parents.

While Sandy’s data loss happened in conjunction with an assignment, DriveSavers can help you with a variety of seemingly impossible problems. You can get help recovering accounting records, client calendars or your customer mailing list...just don’t forget the PPA discount.

O'Reilly Media Star Shooters Make a Splash

Every year, thousands of Photoshop aficionados from around the globe flock to Photoshop World, excited to hear the latest and greatest from the industry's most qualified instructors.  This year's conference runs from September 6 to 8 and is located at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, NV.  This three-day event brings together Photoshop users of every shape and sort for intense training sessions and hands-on learning.

To add their own tips and tricks to the myriad that will be circulating, O'Reilly Media will be located at booth #220.  Present at the booth will be renowned photographers and O'Reilly authors Deke McClelland ("Adobe Photoshop CS3 One-on-One"), Eddie Tapp ("Practical Color Management" and "Photoshop Workflow Setups"), Mikkel Aaland ("Photoshop Lightroom Adventure" and "Photoshop CS2 RAW") and Derrick Story ("iPhoto 6: The Missing Manual" and "Digital Photography Pocket Guide"). 

Throughout the conference, Story will be conducting live interviews with McClelland, Tapp, and Aaland, as well as other industry notables.  These interviews will be podcasted on the O'Reilly Digital Media site:, as well as broadcasted so that attendees on the Expo floor can listen in.

Collages One of the most significant changes in the professional photography world began with the advent of the sharing professional images through online posting. Since the majority of professional studios offer all of their clients this highly desirable and highly-profitable service, it is more important now than ever to set yourself apart from the competition by building your brand through effective marketing techniques.

Professional photographers who have already successfully incorporated online posting into their businesses are now taking the marketing potential of this service to the next level. There are several key elements that are crucial to maximizing the brand-building benefits of online posting for your studio. These elements are as follows:

  1. Driving traffic to your event sites
  2. Increasing reprint orders and studio business
  3. Using event sites to market to potential clients
  4. Learning from others in the industry
  5. Using a studio logo to strengthen your brand
  6. Developing a competitive edge in your community

This week we answer the question, "How can I drive more traffic to my event sites?"

You’ve posted your images in an online gallery, and they look stunning. So how do you get more people to visit the site to view and to order them?

Do you know how your business name is being used in cyberspace? Because of a practice called “keywording,” it is possible that a competitor will also appear on a list of search results…even if your studio name was the one searched. 

Several PPA members alerted us to this practice after experiencing it firsthand. Some photographers will add a competitor’s studio name to their own website in order to appear when a search is done for that competitor. This is done via keywording and pay-per-click advertising, which are widely used by the three major search engines to help websites attract traffic. These practices allow a business to focus on keywords that pertain to their business. (For example, a photographer in Atlanta could focus on the keywords “Atlanta Photographer” and they would come up as a paid advertiser to the right of the search results.) This method has good intentions, but it also allows paid advertisers to appear next to the top-ranking websites…websites that are generally more focused on the keywords used.

Here are some real-world examples of keywording and pay-per-click misuse:

  • In several cases, PPA members had to contact studios that were using their name (the PPA member’s name) as a keyword. Luckily, they stopped the practice.
  • Last week, American Airlines sued Google for allowing air travel discounters to use AA’s name for pay-per-click advertising on their websites. 

When you attend school, you know that the smaller the class, the more individual and focused attention you will receive. The same goes for photographic classes. That’s part of the reason Professional Photographers of America’s (PPA) Super Monday programs have been such a huge success throughout the years.

Super Monday features educational programs around the country, hosted by professional photographers in their own studios. The next Super Monday happens around November 12, 2007. Tuition for a full day of learning is just $99 if photographers pre-register online by October 22, 2007.

Not only are there classes in most states and many cities, the programs feature a wide variety of topics to choose from. Course offerings typically range from seniors, children and weddings to marketing, workflow and digital software. An added bonus is the small class size…many are restricted to 15 students or less. This leads to a concentrated learning collaboration. The instructor shares personal knowledge and skills, and the students usually practice what is taught on the spot. Talk about in-depth, hands-on learning!

Photographers who attended similar classes in the past have raved about the new skills and improvements to their businesses. As one attendee of Jacqueline Hick’s April 2007 Super Monday program said, “Jackie pushed me to try something new! My confidence and enthusiasm has soared.”

To discover more about the November Super Monday programs, see the brochure inserted in the August Professional Photographer magazine and browse or register online at under “Super Monday.” You can also chat about the programs one-on-one with other photographers and instructors on the online forum, (under topic “Super Monday”).

In a joint statement, and Rocky Nook announced today they have joined forces. The international community of Nikon enthusiasts partnered with the Santa Barbara-based photography publisher to launch a new program of books for photographers geared toward both professionals and advanced amateurs. The project, under the Nikonians Press banner, will mostly cover Nikon equipment and books in the series will go well beyond the scope of technical manuals. Written by experienced photographers, they will help photographers become better at producing high quality images more efficiently, and to achieve consistent results.

Written in an easy friendly style, the books from Nikonians Press will cut through the technical jargon to help readers understand not only their camera, but also the wealth of photographic advantages it can deliver.

CAPIC Elects New President


The Board of Directors of CAPIC (the Canadian Association of Photographers & Illustrators in Communications) is pleased to announce the election of Michael Kohn, photographer, as President of the association.

Mr. Kohn, a native of Toronto, has previously served on the Board of Directors as Treasurer (2005-2007), VP Membership (2003- 2005) and Secretary (1985-1988).

A graduate of York University, Toronto (Applied Mathematics/Physics 1977) and Sheridan College, Oakville, Ontario (Applied Photography 1979) Mr. Kohn lives with his wife, cake designer Bonnie Gordon and two teenage children, in Toronto.

He started his business in 1982 and today specializes in food and beverage imagery for a range of North American clients. He has also been actively involved in the pursuit of copyright reform in Canada as it relates to commissioned photographic works. His work can be seen at

Mr. Kohn is represented in the US by Thomas Zumpano, Arte Conzorio Inc.

Email Marketing Basics


We often think of email as the free and easy way to market, but if you are not using it correctly you may be wasting your time, or worse yet, irritating your current and potential clients.

Russel Morgan, for offers some good advice for getting started in the world of email marketing, by examing mailing lists, spam, permission and collaboration in his article, "E-Mail Marketing 101."

"Whether your business delivers products or services to consumers or to other businesses, if you haven't started e-marketing, you are missing a real opportunity."

Read the full article here.

Keeping our eyes and ears open is one of PPA’s most important tasks in Washington, D.C. It may not sound important, but changes in copyright legislation can have a huge impact on your welfare, rights, and livelihood. As Congress is currently in recess, it’s a good time to update you on issues we are watching carefully.

  • PPA strongly opposes H.R. 1201 – “Freedom and Innovation Revitalizing U.S. Entrepreneurship Act of 2007” (sponsored by Congressman Boucher, D-9th VA). The title of this bill does not do justice to its contents. In fact, it’s a great example of how something that sounds good can turn sour. HR 1201 would expand the fair use of copyright-protected material and even make it possible to circumvent digital media’s encryption in certain instances. HR 1201 is currently in the hands of the Courts and the Internet and Intellectual Property Subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee. PPA has expressed our deep concerns on this copyright threat, but no action has been taken.
  • PPA strongly supports S. 522 – “Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Act,” introduced by Senator Evan Bayh (D-IN) and Senator George Voinovich (R-OH). It would increase federal law enforcement agencies’ coordination and commitment to copyright protection.
  • H.R. 3155 – “Intellectual Property Criminal Enforcement Act of 2007” (by Congressman Steve Chabot R-1st OH) was recently introduced in the House and is supported by PPA. This act would increase the penalties for committing acts of counterfeit and provides additional Department of Justice and FBI resources to prevent piracy.
  • We also support S. 548 and H.R. 1524 – “Artist-Museum Partnership Act,” sponsored by Senator Patrick Leahy (D-VT) and by Congressmen John Lewis (D-5th GA), Jim Ramstad (R-3rd MN) and Lloyd Doggett (R-25th TX). These bills would allow an artist to receive a tax deduction equal to the fair market value of a piece of art—like a photograph—donated to a charitable institution.
  • Based on conversations with Senate and House Judiciary Committee staff, we anticipate an Orphan Works bill this fall. When this bill was originally introduced last Congress, PPA gained significant protection for our members through hearings and meetings. We will carefully monitor this bill whenever it appears.
  • We are closely watching the Copyright Office’s email registration test and—with the help of PPA members in the test group—will ensure that you get a complete report of how it works and any changes in registration requirements.

Sometimes we speak out; sometimes we ask for you to speak out. But you can be assured that we are always watching out for your rights.

Al Hopper
Director of Membership, Copyright & Government Affairs

Michaelyamashita1 Modern adventurer and photographer Michael Yamashita steps into legend and history to explore the travels of 13th-century explorer Marco Polo, Chinese Admiral Zheng He's 15th-century voyages and, the Great Wall of China. "Silk Road and The Great Wall" opens September 27, 2007 at Hallmark Museum of Contemporary Photography. Yamashita's exhibit is a melting pot of modern and ancient worlds captured in vibrant color images from China, Venice, Iran, Iraq, India, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, and the Philippines. The exhibit continues through Sunday, December 16, 2007.

An Artists' Reception, with live music, hors d'oeuvres and book signing will be held at the museum from 1-5 p.m. on Saturday, September 29. Extra hours for viewing are offered on this date from 5-7 p.m.  An Artist's Talk by Yamashita, with slide presentation, will be held from 7:30-8:45 p.m. in the lecture hall at the Hallmark Institute of Photography Educational Center, Industrial Boulevard, Turners Falls, Massachusetts. Doors open at 6:45 p.m.; seating begins at 7:15 p.m. Refreshments and a book signing follow the talk.

Michaelyamashita3_2 Yamashita's images are vivid, and at times mysterious, seeming especially exotic to a western eye. Marco Polo's "Description of the World" served as Yamashita's guide as he traveled the ancient overland China trade route, The Silk Road. The Great Wall in Polo's time was in its beginning stages, only gaining its grand, fortified presence in later centuries. Zheng He's explorations, long forgotten, have only recently been recognized as being extraordinary for their time.

Certification exam opportunities


Are you ready to become a Certified Professional Photographer? Register for an upcoming certification exam. In September, the exam will be offered in Tulsa, OK on the 22nd, in West Virginia on the 24th and in Camp Hill, PA on the 30th. You must contact PPA at 800-786- 6277 to register for the exam. To download an application for the certification program go to

Cindy_hanser001 Several attendees from the 2007 Chicks Who Click photography retreat on Grand Bahama Island have submitted photos to share. You may view the images by going to

Image ©Cindy Hanser

PPMag Web Exclusives - Book ExcerptMikkel Aaland turned his experiences from a once-in-a-lifetime photography expedition to Iceland into a striking guided tour of Lightroom in "Photoshop Lightroom Adventure" (O'Reilly, $39.99). Along the way he shows readers how they, too, can use Lightroom to create exciting new images. More importantly, Aaland, an award-winning photographer and bestselling author, inspires readers by providing a far deeper experience than most instructional manuals. Part Icelandic road trip, part photo essay, "Lightroom's" photo-rich pages come packed with beautiful, exciting photographs from a dozen talented working photographers.

Read the complete story and download the excerpt here.

Last call for the Tampa Cruise


There are only a few rooms left on the Tampa cruise prior to Imaging USA. If you want to spend New Year’s Eve in the Gulf of Mexico, we recommend booking your space immediately.

The cruise departs Tampa on December 29, 2007, with stops in Key West & Cozumel, returning to Tampa on January 3, 2008, just in time for Imaging USA. The Grandeur of the Seas, a 2,446-guest ship comes equipped with a full-service spa, six whirlpools, an outdoor jogging track and a seemingly endless choice of bars and restaurants. You don’t want to miss it! Visit for more information.

Volunteer to share your knowledge at one of PPA's most successful education initiatives. Proceeds from Super Monday support PPA's education programs, and instructors earn two speaking merits toward a PPA degree. Submit your form by October 5, 2007 for inclusion in the April 7, 2008 Super Monday Program, or by May 2, 2008 for inclusion in the November 3, 2008 program. Visit for more details and the online application form.

Bring their marketing into the spotlight this year.  Enter the 2007 AN-NE Awards competition, which celebrates the creativity and impact of PPA members’ marketing activities. Entries must be postmarked by September 28, 2007. Rules and submission guidelines are online at

The Board of Governors of the American Society of Photographers recently elected Jon Allyn M.Photog.,MEI.,Cr.,MEI.,F-WPPA to the position of Executive Director of  the ASP.  He will be filling the position previously held by Doug Box.

Jonallyn Jon Allyn, a Past President of ASP, the Wisconsin Professional Photographers Association, and the SouthCentral Professional Photographers, brings extensive board experience, a vast educational background and knowledge of the profession and industry to the position.

The ASP founded in 1937 requires a degree from the Professional Photographers of America. The membership roster reads like a who’s who of the most successful and recognizable image-makers in North America and beyond. All PPA members with earned degrees are welcome to apply for membership.

Visit for more information.

PENTAX Imaging Company has opened the doors of to give PENTAX shooters around the world the opportunity to be represented in the gallery and share their most defining moments of photography. This virtual Photo Gallery is the first of its kind to offer space for passionate PENTAX photographers to exhibit their work, share and gain resources within an artistic community, create an online portfolio, and more.

"For decades, PENTAX collected the best images captured with our cameras and published the work annually in an historical, coffee table-type, book collection," said Ned Bunnell, Vice President Marketing, PENTAX Imaging Company.  "Now we are taking things in a new direction with the PENTAX Photo Gallery that offers 24/7/365 virtual access to the best photography captured by PENTAX photographers."

Nik Software Inc. today announced that its award-winning noise reduction software tool Dfine 2.0 is now available for sale from specialty camera retailers in the U.S. or direct from Nik Software ( at a suggested retail price of $99.95. Designed to improve image quality, Dfine 2.0 now includes Nik Software's patented U Point technology for selective editing control and a completely new user interface that is easier to use and improves workflow for busy photographers.

NEW YORK (Reuters)—English soccer's Premier League Ltd and music publisher Bourne & Co said on Monday that eight more parties have joined their lawsuit charging Google and its YouTube online service with deliberately encouraging copyright infringement.

The new parties include the National Music Publishers' Association, which is the largest U.S. music publishing trade association, the Rugby Football League, the Finnish Football League Association and author Daniel Quinn.,1895,2167597,00.asp?kc=PBWBPEMNL080707EOAD

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