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PPA Today: July 2007 Archives

July 2007 Archives

If you have not seen the Remarkable Marketing website it is definitely worth a visit. A recent article there on Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Offer Incentives for More Referrals caught my eye, and it is just one of dozens of marketing articles that can be useful for any small business. While you are their, check out the e-zine and blog for more useful information.

Inspiration with Instruction: A Journey to Iceland to Master Adobe's Lightroom 1.1

9780596100995_cat "Field testing in Iceland turned out to be a stroke of brilliance," enthuses George Jardine, pro photo evangelist for Adobe Systems, about Mikkel Aaland's new book, Photoshop Lightroom Adventure (O'Reilly, $39.99).

Aaland turned his experiences from a once-in-a lifetime photography expedition to Iceland into a striking guided tour of Lightroom. Along the way he shows readers how they, too, can use Lightroom to create exciting new images. More importantly, Aaland, an award-winning photographer and bestselling author, inspires readers--everyone from photography enthusiasts to working professionals--by providing a far deeper experience than most instructional manuals. Part Icelandic road trip, part photo essay, "Lightroom's" photo-rich pages come packed with beautiful, exciting, and emulate-able photographs from a dozen talented working photographers.

"Yes, it's a technical book. Yet it's not only a complete guide to the latest version of the application, but a pleasure to look at, too," explains Aaland. For this is not an update of previous Lightroom versions, but the first book written specifically for Lightroom 1.1. "And my new book honors photography through the beautiful images that fill every chapter," adds Aaland.

Both the title and most of the content of his new book emerged from Aaland's singular passion to road test Lightroom in a wild and light-filled setting. So last year Aaland convinced 11 colleagues, including Jardine, and five Adobe Lightroom team members to travel with him last July to Iceland, long known Nature's Lightroom. In July the picturesque arctic nation is suffused in various shades of dappled light for nearly 24 hours--making it the perfect landscape to test and experiment with Adobe's revolutionary, all-in-one imaging application.

Panoramic views of forgotten rural landscapes can be seen in the newest exhibit at the International Photography Hall of Fame and Museum. “Photography by Maxwell MacKenzie” will be on display July 14 through October 14 in the IPHF Main Gallery.

Evertstownshipschoolhousesummer19_2 On July 28 at 6 p.m., the IPHF will host an opening reception and “Markings” book signing for “Photography By Maxwell MacKenzie” with the artist as the special guest. The reception is free and open to the public.

“To me, this landscape and these buildings — sad, empty, silent houses and falling-down barns — possess a profound beauty, not merely for their spare, simple designs and weathered boards but as monuments to the men and women who, like my own ancestors, made long journeys and endured great hardships to reach this remote part of America and build in it a new home,” MacKenzie said.

MacKenzie’s exhibit features 27 images from four collections, several of which are published in three books: “Abandonings,” “American Ruins: Ghosts on the Landscape,” and “Markings.” The fourth collection is MacKenzie’s study of tobacco barns of the southern states, which are being demolished to make room for residential and commercial development.

Picture Perfect Color Seminars



Photographic Color from Input to Editing to Output
  From calibrating cameras to color management in Photoshop and LightRoom, Picture Perfect Color's Phil Nelson has a sharp focus on color for photographers. Presented by Mr. Nelson for X-Rite Color Services with support from Adobe, Epson and Fuji, this seminar is designed to show you how to get the best results from a digital workflow - from camera to monitor to final print: 

  • Digital basics & ICC color management 
  • Matching color to photographic printers 
  • Options for RAW processing 
  • Effective soft and hard proofing 
  • Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom 
  • Prepping files for clients and printers 
  • Getting accurate color on screen

The GIMP, an image editor whose power and ease-of-use rivals that of Adobe Photoshop, is one of the world’s most popular free software tools. Artists and designers rely on the GIMP to retouch photographs, composite multiple images, and create artwork from scratch. The Artist’s Guide to GIMP Effects (No Starch Press, August 2007, $44.95, ISBN 978-1-59327-153-4) is a beautiful 4-color book that shows how to harness all of the GIMP's powerful features. Author Michael J. Hammel's extensively illustrated, step-by-step tutorials are perfect for hands-on learning and experimentation.

After a crash course in using the GIMP's interface and core tools (such as brushes, patterns, selections, layers, and masks), readers learn:

  • Photographic techniques to create ripped edges or sepia-tones, swap colors, produce motion blurs, even fix rips in an old photograph
  • Web and interface design techniques to create patterns, navigation tabs, and fancy buttons and borders
  • Type effects to create depth, perspective, and neon- and graffiti-style lettering
  • Special effects to simulate clouds, textures, cracks, lighting, and underwater effects
  • And much more

The Artist’s Guide to GIMP Effects is sure to teach readers some new tricks, whether they are new to the GIMP or have been playing with it for years.

Additional Resources:
Table of Contents:
Sample Chapter:


Jack Reznicki Images

Software Cinema has announced a seven-city one-day workshop tour featuring Jack Reznicki, "Lighting and Digital Photography Training Camp." This is your opportunity to learn the secrets and techniques of the legendary Jack Reznicki. PPA President Jack Reznicki is one of the busiest commercial photographers around, and this is your only chance to see him reveal how he works from shoot to finish. You will learn the nuances of lighting, how to get great images in the camera, and how to protect those images. Learn how Jack increases productivity using Photoshop Lightroom. Rarely do you get to learn and ask questions of someone like Jack, and this is his only tour this year. We invite you to sign up early. The seats are limited, and the information is awesome.

Topics include …

  • Histogram, white balance and other camera essentials
  • Lighting overview
  • Basic one-light portrait lighting with live model
  • Pro lighting techniques with live model
  • Importing, processing, printing files in Adobe Photoshop Lightroom
  • Masking in Photoshop
  • Copyrights & ‘Copywrongs’

Cities on the tour:

The one-day seminar is $99. Go to Software Cinema for more information.


Familyportrait You photograph smiling faces every day.

But what about those who can’t smile? Those who find it difficult to even speak or eat? You can help them smile, too.

Participate in Family Portrait Month, a national fund-raising effort in October to benefit Operation Smile, which provides free reconstructive surgery to children and young adults around the world suffering with cleft lips, cleft palates and other facial deformities.

Those who join pledge to contribute a portion of each October Family Portrait Month sale to PPA Charities, which has chosen Operation Smile as its charitable partner. What a chance to do cause-related marketing—it really boosts your reputation! And besides helping children in need, this fund-raising effort gives families a good reason to have their portrait created with the holiday season coming up. 

When you participate in Family Portrait Month, you will change the lives of children who would otherwise face a lifetime of pain and rejection. It is hard to understand the true problems such children face. Last year, Angela Weedon, a participant in Family Portrait Month, was able to travel
with Operation Smile to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. "It was a privilege to document the mission...these precious children received their new smiles from a team of incredible medical volunteers, and it was an honor to join them," says Weedon.

But October is coming quickly, too! There’s still time to implement your marketing campaign for Family Portrait Month with help from the membership kit…but you’ll want to get started soon. Just sign up with the annual membership fee and get your kit, full of success stories, photographer-led
marketing designs, before and after images of children, and a video from Operation Smile. Sign up today and help create a smile!

For more information about Family Portrait Month, please visit, or contact Bert Behnke at (708) 267-0657 or bbehnke(at) To sign up, please visit

The recently launched provides the creative community with a free online tool to access information on U.S. Copyright Law…in plain English. The articles—written primarily by the website’s creator Bill Hadley and his colleagues—provide tips on how to secure a copyright attorney, keep costs low, and explain common misconceptions of copyright law. also includes links to free tools and tutorials to guide you in protecting your copyright and securing a trademark. While the website touts itself as being a tool primarily for writers, the information on copyright and other intellectual property topics is helpful to any audience.

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