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PPA Today: March 2007 Archives

March 2007 Archives

Video recap of new products from Mitsubishi Photo Imaging announced at the 2007 PMA Show in Las Vegas in March.
Robert D. Lloyd

The International Photographic Council (IPC), a non-governmental organization(NGO) of the United Nations, has announced the recipients of its 9th annual IPC Professional Photographer Leadership Awards. The winners will be recognized at the IPC’s “International Professional Photographer’s Month” luncheon at the United Nations in New York City on Thursday, May 10th at 11:30 a.m.  Laurent Dartoux, General Manager, Film Capture Business and Vice President, Film Products Group, Eastman Kodak Company, is scheduled to be the keynote speaker.

The awards are presented each May, designated International Professional Photographer's Month, by the International Photographic Council. Winners are selected by each of five professional photography organizations from among their members: the Advertising Photographers of America (APA); the American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP); the Professional Photographers of America (PPA); the Professional School Photographers Association International (PSPA); and the White House News Photographers Association (WHNPA). Each organization decides which of their members receives the award based on the standards they use within their organization. 

The 2007 IPC Professional Photographer Leadership Award recipients are as follows:

  • Advertising Photographers of America (APA): David Langley
  • American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP): Susan Carr
  • Professional Photographers of America (PPA): Robert D. Lloyd
  • Professional School Photographers Association International (PSPA): James Fletcher
  • White House News Photographers   Association (WHNPA): John Harrington

STOP Initiative

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The Strategy for Targeting Organized Piracy (STOP), an initiative announced by the Bush Administration in October of 2004, unites the White House, the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative, the Department of Commerce, the Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security, the Food and Drug Administration and State Department officials in the fight against piracy and counterfeit.

In June 2006, a report was released addressing the progress of the initiatives that have been launched by this joint effort.  One such accomplishment was the launch of  This website provides toolkits and helpful information regarding the protection of intellectual property (IP).  As an extension of this online initiative was launched as a resource geared toward the small and medium-sized business community.

In tandem with a toll free hotline (1-866-999-HALT) is available to counsel businesses on IP issues.  Attorneys at 1-866-999-HALT will work with callers to resolve problems and will assign a “trade compliance team” should an individual or company have properly registered their rights.

For more information on this initiative or to download a free IP toolkit, we encourage you to visit either or

Finding the Right Photographer


Whether you are looking for someone to capture your wedding memories or illustrate your products, choosing the right photographer has never been easy…until now. The Find-a-Photographer search engines on,, and allow you to find professional photographers who match your criteria. And you can now view samples of their work at the search sites!

Powered by, the Find-a-Photographer search engines increase the power consumers wield by helping them be better informed. Seeing actual images is one of the most essential factors in a customer’s buying decision, so we are even in the process of ranking those photographers who have uploaded image samples ahead of those who have not.

Imagine that you feel the sand squish between your toes with the sun warm on your face and the gentle lap of water playing melodies in your ears. A dream vacation? No, it’s a dream education! Professional Photographers of America’s (PPA) Chicks Who Click™, a retreat for women in photography, flies to the Bahamas for educational programs and fun June 25-27, 2007.

Chicks Who Click™ promises no-holds-barred conversations about women’s role in the photography industry, combined with laughter, lessons, and memories. “The truth is women approach business very differently from men, and Chicks has provided an invaluable resource for networking, learning, sharing, support, and friendship,” says Ann Monteith, former PPA Chairwoman and Chicks Who Click™ speaker. With topics on niche marketing, boutique studios, digital art, and understanding your strengths and weaknesses, the wealth of wisdom keeps coming from experts such as Ann Monteith and Helen Yancy.

“Health insurance reform has been discussed for over ten years—it is time to stop talking and do something, even if that something is not perfect. People, especially small business owners, need help now.” 

That was the core of the message delivered Wednesday, March 14, to the House Small Business Committee hearing on Challenges and Solutions to Health Insurance Coverage for Small Businesses. This message was brought by four photography associations, Professional Photographers of America (PPA), Society of Sports & Events Photographers (SEP), Commercial Photographers International (CPI), and Student Photographic Society (SPS), not the usual proponents for health insurance in many people’s eyes. Many picture photographers as only being concerned with copyright issues.

“Health insurance and health care are some of our member’s top concerns,” stated Jack Reznicki, PPA President.  He added, “one of the most important things we do for our members is voice their concerns and ensure that our elected representatives understand how important this and copyright protection are to professional photographers.  Working with our partner organizations, we are able to deliver a louder and firmer message.”

Monte Zucker, in memoriam

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MontecopyWe regret to inform you that Monte Zucker, M.Photog.Cr.Hon.M.Photog., of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, passed away March 15, 2007 from pancreatic cancer.

Just the mention of Monte’s name inspires memories for many professional photographers. Scores have studied under and modeled their careers after this legendary photographer. He redefined wedding photography and his posing and lighting techniques are part of basic photography lessons.

But more than that, his love for life and people carried through in his work and teachings, leaving behind everlasting footprints in the hearts of those who knew him. Despite the sorrowful news of his illness, Monte never let it slow him down or hamper his spirits. Just a few short months ago, he appeared at Imaging USA to personally accept the Honorary Master of Photography degree, honoring his impeccable career and strength.

Perhaps one way to remember him is to consider his view on photography. Monte once said, “Your images should be a lasting testament long after you are gone.” Monte’s testament, though, is not only in his beautiful work, but also in the lives he has touched. After all, he once commented that “Success as a person is to affect people’s lives in a positive way.” Going by that statement, Monte Zucker was a very successful person and will be sorely missed.

PPA has set up a forum on for photographers and friends to post remembrances of Monte. If you wish to post a comment, go to

Rules for the 2007 PPA International Print Competition are now available for download at Along with the new rules this year, PPA has also moved to a paperless entry form. Beginning in April, competition entrants will be able to go online to complete their entry forms and pay their entry fees. The new electronic system is intended to speed up the entry process,  reduce data entry errors and save money.

PPA members have until June 8 to submit their entries for this year's judging which will be held July 22-25, in Daytona Beach Florida. Late entries will be accepted with an additional fee until June 29.

Visit for more information.

Fma_2 A new era in creative expression is about to unfold, freeing us to color outside the lines, to think in multiple dimensions, to engage audiences like never before. On March 27, 2007, at 3:30 p.m. Eastern time, Adobe Systems will host a webcast of the official launch of Adobe® Creative Suite® 3, live from New York City. To participate,  join us here on March 27.

Calendar Reminders


Here is a listing of upcoming PPA and PPA Affiliated and merited events. For a complete calendar, please visit:

MARCH 2007

12-13 C: CHEAHA Professional Photographers Society, Sheraton, Birmingham, AL.    Featured speakers David Peters and Louis Tonsmeire.  Contact: Michael Howton, Treasurer;; or Christian Michael Bouldin;

12-14 C/E: “Raw Workflow”, H&H University; Contact: 800-821-1305, ext. 833

15-17 M: PEC Meeting, New York (NYPPA)

16-17 C/E: Advanced Business Modules,  Contact: Quinn Hancock and Aletha Speaker;    785-883-4166;;

17 C/E: Grillin’ With Mitche! ; Decatur Conference Center & Hotel, Decatur, IL;   800-838-APPI or

17-21 C: PPSNYS Annual Conference - "Image-makers of the New Frontier,"   The  Conference Center Niagara Falls;;

18-22 C: APPI Associated Professional Photographer of Illinois, Spring   Convention,  Holiday Inn, Decatur IL. 800-838-APPI,

19 S: TCPPA  Spring Seminar "Creativity" featuring Rod Evans, 2-8pm, HTC Eden Prairie   Minnesota;,

20-22 C/E: Corel Painter Retreat;

21 C/E: “The Heart of a Child” with Dennis & Lori Craft; Decatur Conference Center &   Hotel, Decatur, IL; 800-838-APPI or

29 C/E: Corel Painter Beginners Salon;

30 -April 3 C/E: PP of Washington, 2007 Education Conference and Western States   Print Competition, Quinault Beach Resort Casino, Ocean Shores, WA.  Contact: Jeff Fulks, Chairman,

30 -April 4 C: Heart of America Regional Convention, Expo and Affiliated Judging,    Kansas City;;

31  Certification Exam; Ocean Shores, WA Contact: Gary Jentoft.  Call PPA at 800-786-   6277

In February, Representative Rick Boucher, (D-9th- VA) introduced HR. 1201, “Freedom and Innovation Revitalizing U.S. Entrepreneurship Act of 2007” to promote the development of new technologies to archive creative works and expand the parameters of “fair use.”

If passed, this bill would make it increasingly difficult to protect your copyright. It would require a copyright owner to demonstrate that a retailer acted under circumstances which no reasonable person could think was lawful in order to recover statutory damages.  For instance, if a retailer had a notice that warned customers against copying copyright-protected images, it is likely the retailer would not be held liable for infringement.

Additionally, a maker or distributor of copyright infringing technology or devices could not be pursued for copyright infringement so long as it was capable of non-infringing uses. For example, a company would not be held liable for creating a technology that allowed photographs to be scanned into an archive, despite the fact that some users will purchase the device to reproduce copyright-protected photographs.

Lastly, the circumvention of technology would be allowed for the purpose of scholarship, comment, or criticism. This act would simply legalize previously established fair-use exemptions already on technology reviews held every three years, as outlined by the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). By legalizing some of these exemptions and not others, HR. 1201 adds to the confusion, making it more difficult for consumers to distinguish between legal and illegal acts of infringement. The DMCA itself would hold less weight and consumers may just expect everything to be legal.

Phtgrphy21stcentury_1 This pioneering book, Photography for the 21st Century,  bridges the gap between traditional and digital camera and darkroom techniques, easing the transition from one system to the other while developing an understanding of the scope and importance of the evolution. Photography is investigated as a visual art throughout and cultural references provide a solid understanding of the power and significance of the medium. Readers learn not only how to make photographs, but also how to evaluate their photographs from both technical and aesthetic viewpoints.

Purchase of Speedway Albums Strengthens Marketing Potential

Chilcote The Chilcote Company Cleveland, Ohio, has acquired Speedway Albums Inc., an officially licensed NASCAR supplier located in Shawnee, Kansas. Speedway Albums is a marketing and distribution company specializing in the design and sale of NASCAR photo albums and related products.

The president of Speedway, Greg Pyka, will continue to lead the company. Greg is committed to its continued growth and success. The Chilcote Company intends to increase Speedway’s revenue by expanding its product offering and investing in additional licensing agreements with NASCAR drivers.  Although the Chilcote Company operates as the parent company for several other businesses, it is the hope that this latest acquisition will not only strengthen its marketing opportunities but also enable the continued growth and services to its valued customers nationwide. 

Tampa_convention_center_14_hi Host hotels for Imaging USA, January 6-8, 2008 in Tampa, Florida have been announced. This year's headquarter hotel will be the Marriott Tampa Waterside Hotel & Marina Downtown. We also have additional room blocks reserved at the Embassy Suites Hotel Tampa-Downtown-Convention Center and the Hyatt Regency Tampa Downtown.

Once again, we are encouraging our guests to book their hotel rooms early. If our room block is sold out before the cut-off date (see below), room availability and rates are not guaranteed, and reservations will be subject to prevailing availability and rates. Without the special rate, you could be paying double or triple the rates listed below.

Marriott Tampa Waterside Hotel & Marina Downtown
700 South Florida Avenue
Tampa, FL 33602

Image Trends, the provider of innovative digital imaging tools, announces today both DustKleen, an automatic dust removal program with manual touch up controls for scanned images from both film and prints; and SensorKleen a semi-automatic SmartBrushâ„¢ that removes artifacts created by dust and debris on the Digital Single Lens Reflex camera (DSLR) sensor cover.  Initially these products will be Windows based stand alone applications (no other image editing program is required), the Mac versions will follow.  Both applications will be priced at $49.95 US each and are available now for a free “try before you buy” download at   

"When we talk to individuals that scan their negatives, slides, and prints the most common complaint is visible defects in the scanned image.  They tell us they want a simple, fast, automatic way to correct these images without having to learn a complicated image editing software program”, said Dan Sullivan, president and CEO of Image Trends, Inc.  “Regardless of the scanner used or the media being scanned DustKleen will automatically remove most of the image defects including those on black and white and Kodachrome images.” 

Photographers need look no further for professional training, beginning and continuing education, and networking, for the state and regional professional photography associations step up to the plate each year. These local groups, affiliated with Professional Photographers of America (PPA), the world’s largest photography association, deliver unsurpassed education through the PPA Affiliate School Network.

The Affiliate School Network started out small enough…the Professional Photographers of North Carolina first held classes in 1957 in Southern Pines, NC, at a Howard Johnson Motor Lodge. Photographers can now receive weeklong courses throughout the year in various regions, thanks to dedicated association volunteers and instructors. From the Bahamas to British Columbia, California to North Carolina and everywhere in between…professional instruction fulfills photographers’ desires to increase their skills and business knowledge.

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