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PPA Today: February 2007 Archives

February 2007 Archives

PPA’s RECON program is investigating FedEx Kinko’s – and it  needs your help.  

As a copyright enforcement driven by volunteer participation, PPA is asking its 17,000 members to get involved by placing an investigative order with the retailer.

The process is simple:
Take a clearly marked photographic print (or CD of images that is clearly marked as containing copyrighted material) and ask to have some copies made. Then, report the results of your test to PPA – it’s that simple.

If the store associate refuses to make the copy, thank them. If the store associate makes the copy, or allows you to make the copy please keep a copy of your receipt and your filled order. Regardless of the outcome, contact PPA by e-mail at and  let us know how it went.

Wedding photography is a lucrative business in a large market. We’re pleased to announce that PPA and Bridal Guide magazine have teamed up to help PPA members overcome the first hurdle in wedding photography: reaching new clients in a unique and cost-effective way during 2007 and 2008!

PPA wants to help you reach your target audience. Working together, Bridal Guide magazine and PPA will create a regionalized full-page, four-color ad encouraging engaged couples to select a PPA photographer for their big day. And we all know that the first thing an engaged woman does is pick up a bridal magazine. That moment becomes your chance to win her attention before she's made any decisions.

Six OnAsia contributing photographers were selected to participate in a prestigious book project which brought together 55 of the world’s top photographers to create a comprehensive photographic portrait of the Kingdom of Thailand in just nine days.

“We were thrilled to have so many of our member photographers working on this project,” said Peter Charlesworth Managing Director and Co-Founder of OnAsia. “The photographers selected for this book represented a roll call of the world’s leading talents. The selection of so many OnAsia members for this project underlines the importance we attach to working with this region’s top photographers.”

Entitled ‘Thailand: Nine Days in the Kingdom’, the book is being produced by Singapore publishing house Editions Didier Millet (visit the project’s website at: The project will be a contemporary update of a similar book called ‘Seven Days in the Kingdom’ that was produced by Editions Didier Millet in 1997.

Photoshop_lightroom_box_shot Adobe Announces Adobe® Photoshop® Lightroom™--the professional photographer’s essential toolbox provides one easy application for managing, adjusting and presenting large volumes of digital photographs so you can spend less time in front of the computer and more time behind the lens. From its elegant, uncluttered interface to its carefully tailored tools and features, Lightroom was designed specifically to meet photographers’ needs.

With Lightroom you can quickly import, manage, adjust, and present large volumes of digital photographs—from your latest shoot to your entire library—with one flexible and easy-to-use application.

  • Adjust, rename, and apply metadata to photographs as you import them
  • Enjoy support for more than 150 camera raw file formats
  • Make your selections with fast, flexible viewing and comparison features
  • Nondestructively adjust color, exposure, and tone curves
  • --Track changes automatically and return to any image version with a single click
  • --Tag photos with keywords and you'll always find the image you need

With the wealth of digital-toting amateurs around, it is becoming apparant that the quality of a photograph does not depend only upon the newest camera. In a post on his New York Times blog, David Pogue received help from Professional Photographer Technical Editor Ellis Vener, busting the “megapixel myth” that sends people scrambling for the latest, greatest equipment.

Read the entire article at Professional Photographer’s website, which includes a link to the original New York Times’ blog article.

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