Professional Photographers of America Releases Business Malpractice & Murphy's Law Documentaries

September 30, 2015

Short films tell story of real photographers who survived malpractice lawsuits with PPA’s help

ATLANTA, GA (September 30,2015) - The word "malpractice" can strike fear into the heart of any photographer. That's why Professional Photographers of America offers malpractice protection to its members who find themselves in a bad situation. To help show how the benefit works, PPA created three mini-documentaries featuring three different photographers whose experiences with dissatisfied clients and data loss led them to make use of PPA's Indemnification Trust (the Trust).

"We actually hope that PPA photographers never have to use this benefit, but they're happy to have it when something happens," said Kristen Hartman, PPA's Director of Member Value & Experience. "Being accused of negligence or facing data loss is an incredibly nerve-wracking situation for a photographer, and as small business owners, the result can be crippling.

Hartman adds, "these short real-live example videos show photographers don't have to go alone through the legal process. The Trust can save them lots of money, and more than that, it can help protect their reputations."

For PPA Professional Active members, the Trust is a benefit that protects them in instances of data loss, equipment malfunction, and errors or unsatisfied clients (like when the infamous Bridezilla hires a lawyer to come after a photographer). Through the Trust, a PPA member who is facing such issues or accusations can report a claim and then receive advice from an attorneys appointed through the Trust. If litigation cannot be avoided, PPA members are guided through small claims proceedings and, when necessary, are even assigned a local attorney who is paid for by PPA to defend the photographer. PPA's Indemnification Trust compensates for settlements and judgments awarded to the photographer’s client, while the PPA photographers in question never pay an attorney's bill for Trust claims and are only responsible for a small deductible.

PPA's Indemnification Trust has paid more than $1 million toward protecting PPA members in less than six years. In 2014 alone, it paid out roughly $192,462 on behalf of PPA members and saved dozens of photographers from having to file for bankruptcy.

U.S.-based PPA members who identify themselves as wedding or portrait photographers are automatically enrolled in this PPA program when joining the organization; however, given the large lawsuit risks at stake, it is recommended for photographers from all specialties to enroll and be more protected.

For more on the Indemnification Trust, visit Join the more than 28,000 photographers who are backed by PPA with its Indemnification Trust, equipment insurance, copyright protection and many more benefits at

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