Happy Holidays in July

Happy Holidays in July

Coopyright Forester PhotographyWhen it comes to holiday promotions, response is often contingent upon getting clients in the spirit well in advance of the holidays. Key to generating holiday enthusiasm in, say, July is good imagery. After all, you are running a photography business, and the images should ultimately speak for themselves.

Color Scheme
The first thing you should consider is the color scheme. Beth Forester, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, of Forester Photography in Madison, WV, says that she's experimented with different color combinations, but nothing sells quite like red and green. "When I'm putting together my card designs to show clients, I experiment with different colors, but I always have a red and green option," she says.


Special Products
In November, just before Thanksgiving, Forester runs a three-day holiday special. It books up months in advance with new and old clients who line up for a series of specialty theme products, such as custom-made ornaments and holiday cards. The cards, in particular, are a big draw and feature heavily in any promotion she does for the event. She makes sure to vary the styles of the cards, offering choices for different tastes, including whimsical, cute and classic.

Copyright Forester PhotographyScenes That Sell
As for the images that resonate most with her clients, Forester says that pictures of Santa with the kids are popular, but not the most profitable because people are conditioned to think of Santa photos as an inexpensive mall product. Other sets, like an elegant Christmas tree set or "holidays in the country," tend to yield higher sales and inspire more business.


Damian Battinelli, of Damian Battinelli Photography in Plattsburgh, NY, has had success staging holiday-themed images by partnering with a local furniture store. Using the store's show room as the background, he added some holiday decorations to create a couple simple sets: a bedroom scene in which kids posed in their pajamas and a traditional family room scene in front of a fireplace. In addition to providing a great win-win marketing partnership with the furniture store (the store loved the additional traffic through their show room), the resulting images have provided the ideal promotional shots for future holiday events. "My clients enjoyed the idea," he says. "We created holiday cards from the images, and we were very happy with the response."

Copyright Damian Battinelli Photography

So if you want to push a holiday promotion, start planning and priming your clients now with images that resonate with the holiday spirit.







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