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PPA Helps Photographers Protect What Matters Most

Professional photographers rely rather heavily on their good reputations as business owners and artists. So, what do they do when something goes wrong on assignment and their reputations are about to get smeared? If they are Professional Photographers of America (PPA) members, they turn to the Indemnification Trust.

The Indemnification Trust (or simply, the Trust) is a unique program offered exclusively to PPA members. It is not insurance, but rather a unique trust fund that was established to help protect photographers from allegations of negligence while on an assignment. You might even say it's like Kevlar for their reputation! However, the PPA Indemnification Trust is not business liability insurance, and situations that are not considered negligence are not covered. Some examples of what situations the Trust does help resolve are as follows:

  • Digital image data loss (corrupt media card or hard drive failure) relating to a paid contracted assignment
  • Failure of the photographer to be at the event or assignment at the specified time
  • Missed or missing images
  • Client dissatisfaction with services rendered during an assignment or as contracted

The Trust provides enrolled members with expert advice and guidance from specialized attorneys to help defuse issues or potential problems with clients. Many times they can help successfully resolve a situation without ever going to court (but they are there to help in that case, too). If the photographer needs more than just sound advice, there is a deductible that applies. The deductible helps cover expenses like data recovery services, limited re-stagings of events and court judgments.

Members who register themselves as portrait or wedding photographers with PPA are automatically enrolled in the Trust (others may opt in). And these members enjoy the peace of mind that comes from being backed by the Trust. 

"I had no idea how much assistance I would actually receive," says Kelly Brown of J.A.Y.S. Photography in Ohio, a PPA member who used the Trust. "I simply can't imagine how things would have ended up for me if I didn't have that protection and assistance."

No one plans for catastrophes to happen, but they are a fact of life.  Luckily, PPA members have support to help them overcome these situations. It's just one more step that PPA takes to protect our members and your customers.

Learn more about PPA's Indemnification Trust here:

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