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PPA Buys Equipment Insurance for Most Members - Industry Insider

PPA Buys Equipment Insurance for Most Members

New benefit gives members a $15,000 policy covering photographic equipment and computers.

In the beginning of October, PPA made a landmark decision that will help protect its members' businesses and put hundreds of dollars back into their pockets each year. In a move never before seen in the industry, PPA released a new benefit to pay for $15,000 in equipment insurance coverage for each of its Professional Active and Life members living in the United States. The decision adds yet another unmatched membership benefit to a list that already dramatically outpaces any other photographic organization. 

The policy, called PhotoCare, covers photographic equipment losses up to $15,000, including up to $5,000 for certain computer equipment. PPA members can also purchase additional equipment insurance and general liability policies through Lockton Affinity, PPA's exclusive insurance partner. That coverage will come at a significantly reduced rate negotiated by PPA. However, no additional insurance purchase is necessary to receive the initial coverage paid for by PPA. 

"Most photographers have tens of thousands of dollars wrapped up in gear and computer equipment that is critical to their businesses," says Don Dickson, PPA president. "This PhotoCare benefit helps photographers protect their livelihood and is absolutely essential. Our members need this." 

Read the full press release about PhotoCare here.

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