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A PPA Benefit that Helps All Photographers Protect Their Work & Businesses - Industry Insider

A PPA Benefit that Helps All Photographers Protect Their Work & Businesses

Together, PPA and our business partners like you make the entire industry stronger. One way PPA does this is through our member benefits, and your support is a large part of how we're able to offer such comprehensive programs and services. Take our full-time, dedicated Copyright and Government Affairs department--it helps protect and speak up for our photographers (and the industry in general), and we are the only professional photographic association to provide such help.

Helping photographers protect copyrights & their businesses
PPA's Copyright and Government Affairs department provides a wealth of resources to help members protect and defend their copyrights, which helps them successfully secure their images and their livelihood.  In addition, we maintain a regular presence on Capitol Hill, discussing copyright and small business issues as they directly affect pro photographers.

For example, we're excited about two key pieces of online copyright enforcement legislation that were introduced in the U.S. Senate. The new PROTECT IP Act would give law enforcement the tools needed to target operators of sites engaged in for-profit trafficking of counterfeit and unlicensed copyrighted products. In addition, the other new Senate bill (S.978) would establish harsher penalties for illegal streaming.

PPA's Copyright and Government Affairs department also helped develop the Artists Against Digital Theft website to unite all creators who suffer digital copyright theft: This new site explains digital theft problems and solutions, allows visitors to share stories, and provides direct links and ideas for taking action.

Spreading awareness on Capitol Hill
Through our advocacy on Capitol Hill, we also work to ensure the general public understands the importance of copyright laws pertaining to the photographic industry. That's why PPA and the Copyright Alliance co-hosted the "Recording Our History: Faces Behind the Camera" briefing for congressmen and their staff.

The event was the first of many Capitol Hill briefings focusing on photography and the copyright community at large--an effort by PPA and the Copyright Alliance to educate legislators on the importance of maintaining strong copyright laws.  Building on its success is a September 2011 photography exhibit to be hosted in the Russell Senate Office Building. This exhibit will feature images contributed by photographers Denis Reggie, PPA President Don Dickson, M.Photog.Cr., CPP, and PPA member Peter Lik, M.Photog., among others.

PPA works hard to protect and educate its members regarding their copyright "rights" to help them remain successful image-makers for years to come. And that only helps your business, too!

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