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Industry Insider: March 2010 - Industry Insider

Industry Insider: March 2010

Getting your prospects' attention and keeping their interest is getting increasingly more difficult. That's why this month's articles focus on getting them to your website, keeping them there longer and bringing them back again and again until they connect with your services and products. The thread that ties these articles together revolves around ways to cut through the ever-increasing volume of noise that surrounds your customers. The days of using a single medium to hit customers over the head and drag them to your product are gone. They need to be tapped on the shoulder 6 to 9 times to cut through the noise. Coming at your audience from many angles will benefit your website and your overall marketing strategy; it will help you shout loudly enough for folks to hear you above the din that surrounds them every day. It's one of the things we did to bring you the best Imaging USA in our history.

Enjoy the this month's articles,
Scott Hersh

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