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Catch Attention at Imaging USA

If you want to engage the decision makers in your industry, you first need to be where they are. Then you then need to catch their attention. Your opportunity to do just that is coming up at Imaging USA, the convention and expo for serious professional photographers.

Since Imaging USA is where professional photographers--your customers--go to soak up the best business and artistic ideas for success, it's the perfect place to show how you can help them. It's your chance to stick in their minds as the ideal solution, product or service. And since you want them to remember you all show and all year long, don't limit your exposure to your exhibit space. Raise your brand above the rest with a sponsorship that keeps your company top of mind.

The next Imaging USA event will be held in Atlanta, Georgia, January 20-22, 2013. For more show details, visit And ask your sales rep for the best ways to get your name recognized and remembered!

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